Watch as Senator Dick Durbin Argues That Concealed Carry Laws Prevent Free Speech On College Campuses (VIDEO)

The anti-gun crowd will always stoop to new lows when pretending good guys with guns are the ones we should all worry about. This even in the face of facts suggesting scenarios where bad guys with guns do bad things, good guys with guns often save lives.

Ten states have legislation in place that protect concealed carry on college campuses. Never mind that the 2nd amendment should already do this. In these ten states concealed carry students/teachers have not caused problems.

Additionally, places where shootings occur, more times than not, are places where legal concealed carry is not allowed.

Anti-gunners know this. So they’re constantly scrambling for new arguments. And Senator Durbin has come up with quite a whopper.

He’s actually now arguing that concealed carry prevents free speech from taking place. This because there might be someone present who is concealed carrying, and that reality might be intimidating by just knowing it’s possible.

Or something…