Florida Man Arrested After Calling Clearwater Police Dept. 98 Times in 6 Hours Demanding ‘Money’

A Florida man has been arrested for misusing emergency services after calling the Clearwater Police Department an astonishing 98 times over a 6 hour period while demanding that the department return money seized during his previous drug arrest.

You read that correctly, the individual identified by the department as Michael Mott was arrested in January for dealing drugs to an undercover police officer and subsequently decided that the money seized during his arrest should be returned.

Calling the department’s Communications Center nearly 100 times, Mott shouted expletives at dispatchers demanding that his drug money to be returned, while refusing to prove his name or location.

Makes perfect sense…

Speaking on the matter, police communications manager Tracy Squitieri stated that dispatchers have no choice but to answer the phones because they must “treat every call as if it is an emergency until we know otherwise.”

Via FoxNews

Here are how some of the calls went:

CPD: Hello? Hello?

Mott: Who is this?

CPD: Clearwater Police Department

Mott: Who is this?

CPD: Nikki.

Mott: Nikki what?

CPD: Sir, can I help you? Do you need the police?

Mott: No. I need my money. But ya’ll holding onto it.

He hung up. Then, he called again and again, saying things like, “Ya’ll give my money back,” and, “Ya’ll (expletive) better give me my money.”

During the series of calls, he went so far as to call the chief’s office, berating the person who picked up. Police were eventually able to locate and arrest him.

“He used at least two phones for the calls and I’m told by one of our officers that he even made a couple of the calls in the presence of one of our officers, even after we showed up and confronted him about the misuse of the system,” said Shaw.

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