Marine Veteran Allegedly Discriminated Against by Employer, States Cincinnati Bell Threatened to Fire Him Over PTSD Service Dog

A Marine Corps veteran diagnosed with PTSD is making headlines after sharing a heartbreaking story regarding alleged discrimination in the workplace after reportedly being threatened with termination over his service dog.

According to Purple Heart recipient Yaunce Long, after receiving a professionally trained service dog from a veterans organization, the telecommunications firm Cincinnati Bell told him he would be ‘fired’ if he brought the dog to work.

“Basically, they’ve treated the dog as if it’s an option,” Long stated to Fox & Friends Saturday.

Via FoxNews

Long said he installs phone lines for Cincinnati Bell in Ohio. He has a service dog, named C4, to help him control anxiety caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He was diagnosed with the condition after a 10-year stint in the Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was with counter-intelligence.

Long said that each day for a week he was sent home without pay when he showed up with C4.

Long said he has requested an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“I’ve pleaded with the company,” he said. “I’ve gone through all the necessary paperwork. I provided everything that they asked for and I even followed up with them to make sure I had everything in proper order because I wasn’t sure of the process either.”

However, despite Long’s efforts to resolve the issue and provide all the documentation requested by his employer, Cincinnati Bell claims the following:

“Despite repeated efforts, we have yet to receive any information regarding the current status of Yaunce’s condition and its effect on his ability to perform his job. We have encouraged and continue to encourage Yauncey to report for work and perform his job duties, which entail on-site, residential telecommunications installations.”

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    same thing happen in the Airport a Veteran was refused service because she brought a dog that was important towards her.

  • M.A.Rue

    Assume this company is union. Go to them, file a complaint & send it to arbitration if necessary. Also get the Americans With Disabilities Act people involved. And keep spreading this story on social media.