‘Violent Coward’ from Florida Sentenced to 4 Months in Jail for D.C. Inauguration Day Riot

Friday, 31-year-old Dane Powell of Tampa, Florida was sentenced to four months in jail for his participation in Washington D.C.’s inauguration day riot which left six police officers injured and caused thousands of dollars in damages.

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff, Powell came to D.C. with intent to incite violence and was ‘among the most violent‘ of the 234 people were arrested during the riot. Calling Powell a ‘violent coward,’ Kerkhoff explained that ‘He initiated violence’ during anti-Trump protests while hiding his face with a mask.

“He came to the District of Columbia to engage in violence by hiding his face, throwing rocks and running.” Kerkhoff stated Friday.

Via Fox

“He was throwing rocks and bricks at windows where people, customers and children were inside,” [Kerkhoff] said. “He charged the police line with bricks.”

Powell asked Judge Lynne Leibovitz for “leniency” and asked for “forgiveness for anyone who was scared, hurt or felt threatened,” the Times reported.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Powell pleaded guilty in July to assault on a police officer and inciting a riot, which are considered felony charges.

Authorities said 234 people were arrested during the riots and of those, 198 cases are pending.

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  • Flipperj

    Another libtard judge should have sent his ass to prison for 20 years

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Four months? And how much were his fines? He should have been found guilty on felony charges and received a much longer prison sentence. His fines should have been big fines. He should have been forced to pay restitution for the damages he caused. If we want the riots to stop, the consequences have to be enforced. And people like this should have the weight of law brought down on their heads strongly enough to make them think before they act.