When Low-Budget Advertising Goes Viral: ‘Get a Roof, Get a Gun’ Marketing Campaign Takes Internet by Storm (VIDEO)

Faced with a low budget and a need for new creative marketing for their company Digital Roofing Innovations, owners Zach Blenkinsopp and Chris McGuire have released pure media gold while outraging liberals across the country.

Creating one of the most viral and outlandish commercials the internet has seen since that of the ‘Texas Law Hawk,’ Blenkinsopp and McGuire decided to offer prospective roofing customers a free AR-15 rifle with every completed roofing installation in celebration of Independence Day.

Watch the Texas Law Hawk below:

Speaking on their controversial ad which features owner Zach Blenkinsopp shamelessly strutting shirtless in a pair of star-spangled women’s size 11 shorts from Walmart and American flag sunglasses, co-owner McGuire explained that the idea for ad came as the duo was “going back and forth on what can we do that’s polarizing.”

Additionally stating that creating a stir on the internet “was the goal,” McGuire explained that “In order to reach your audience, especially with the days of the internet. If you can provide just a little bit of shock value, the world’s your oyster.”

In deed…

“Get a roof, get a gun!”

Watch below:

Following the release of the ad some were quick to call the duo irresponsible, claiming that the video promotes violence and the idea that consuming alcohol while shooting firearms is an acceptable practice. However, Navy Veteran Blenkinsopp stated the following on the matter:

“Obviously I’m a responsible gun owner, so all the shots that we had of me actually shooting was prior to us consuming alcohol and then if you actually look closely on the video, the magazine’s actually empty.”

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Using only a $100 budget, an iPhone 7 plus and a little creativity, two young entrepreneurs have thrust their company onto the world’s stage. With all that attention is coming a lot of praise, and a little controversy.

Zach stars in the commercial. He says his outfit was all Chris’s idea.

“He said, if we’re going to do this, it’s gotta be big, loud, over the top,” says Blenkinsopp.

Then there’s the issue of distributing these carbines.

Despite what the commercial may look like, you’re not just going to be handed an A-R 15., It’s actually a multi-step process. First, you’re going to have to actually come to a gun store , fill out all the proper paperwork, and then pay with a 500 dollar cash voucher.

“We really feel strongly that the gun violence question is not our target audience in North Alabama, we’re giving firearms to responsible gun owners that are family people that care about the community and they support the second amendment,” says Blenkinsopp.

Watch the duo discuss their ad below:

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  • Kevin Guillory

    A very, very good video. One of the best. They didn’t have a lot of money for a commercial, but they did good.