When The Republic Died

Historians may mark the third week of July, 2017, as the date the Republic died.

I’m talking about the BETRAYAL that is about to happen, disguised as an ObamaCare repeal.

This is not a repeal. In fact, the Senators couldn’t even call it a repeal in the official name of the bill, which is called the “Better Care Reconciliation Act.”

We didn’t give the GOP control of both houses of Congress to give us something called “BETTER CARE.” We sent them to D.C. to REPEAL ObamaCare!

This allegedly “Better Care” act is an ENDORSEMENT of Obama’s statist vision for healthcare and health insurance. It may be WORSE. As Sen. Rand Paul points out, this new bill actually FUNDS BIG INSURANCE with taxpayer dollars and is the worst form of crony capitalism! Yes, the bill includes some “good” elements, but it’s just dressing up the pig. This bill stinks and it enshrines a “right” to not only healthcare but health insurance that would cause our founders to launch another tea party revolt.

But why am I saying this could be the end of the Republic?

Because if the GOP passes this bill that ENDORSES and ENSHRINES Obama’s statist healthcare vision, then there will be no stopping the expansion of the Leviathan state. Did you know that the federal government has NEVER BEEN LARGER — spending $400,000,000,000 in a month for the first time in history — and this is with a Republican in the White House and Republican Congress?

And now this GOP Congress cannot do the simple thing we sent them to Congress to do — REPEAL OBAMACARE! Why? Perhaps they are ignorant of the destruction they are causing by not standing up to the entitlement class and saying, “NO MORE!” More likely, they are cowards or just… slimy politicians.

Yesterday, my 14-year-old son asked me what this meant. I told him it means his generation will have to pay the bill, but the bill will be impossible to pay without sacrificing whatever remnants of freedom and liberty remain. By endorsing Obama’s statist vision and perpetuating the entitlement state, the sellout to the socialist state is all-but complete. In exchange for yet another “entitlement” that others must pay for and government gets to provide, we are selling our children and grandchildren into servitude.

Let this NOT be the month the Republic died. Let us stand up and demand that these alleged “public servants” do what they said they would do, and do what we sent them to D.C. to do and actually REPEAL ObamaCare. 100%. Then we can talk about a replacement.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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    Just be sure to tell your 14 year old that he will be paying for two mismanaged wars as well.

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