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  • Sheriffs Saw Anti-Cop Super Bowl Halftime Show And Instantly Took BOLD Action

    ...start doing a better job in the future... […]

  • What Teeth Whitening Companies Don’t Want You to Know About Coconut Oil

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  • Rudy Giuliani SLAMS Beyonce For Attacking Cops During Super Bowl Halftime Show

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  • Trump Got Bored Watching The Super Bowl And Interrupted It With An Important Message

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  • What Casey Anthony Just Did Will Make You SICK

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  • Insanity: Look who liberals want to PAY to reduce crime…it’s worse than you think

    Your tax dollars at work. […]

  • New Hampshire Veterans Charity Turns Down Trump Donation Due to Politics

    Another brilliant move by someone who feels more strongly about politics than the cause he supposedly cares about. New Hampshire ... The post New Hampshire Veterans Charity Turns Down Trump Donation Due to Politics appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. […]

  • Russia’s Syria Strategy Is Paying Off: Anticipated Fall Of Syria’s Largest City Will Be Turning Point In The War

    Since the Russian intervention in Syria... […]

  • ‘I Forgave ISIS': A True Example of Forgiveness and Love

    “I forgave ISIS.” An Iraqi Christian in Jordan sitting in what looks to be a church auditorium gives her testimony. “We love our enemy, even the ones that hurt us.” Her videotaped testimony is part of an exhibit recently on... […]

  • Israel Issues 30,000 Permits to Enable West Bank Palestinians to Work in Israel

    JERUSALEM—Israel’s defense establishment has decided to combat the Palestinian terror wave of recent months by issuing 30,000 more work permits that would enable West Bank Palestinians to find employment in Israel. The post Israel Issues 30,000 Permits to Enable West Bank Palestinians to Work in Israel appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Pro-Abortion Radicals Have Lost Their Hearts and Minds

    Two tweets in the last week, one from Cosmopolitan and one from NARAL, reveal the depravity of these radical pro-abortionists. Although the tweet has now been removed, Cosmopolitan sent out this message on February 4th: "Texas women are having more... […]

  • Revealed: Ted Cruz Walked Up To Ben Carson During A Debate Break And Told Him This

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  • Chris Matthews Goes to War

    The post Chris Matthews Goes to War appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Here’s Why Beyoncé’s Halftime Show Has Conservatives LIVID

    Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl half time show has some people outraged. The songstress decided to make Black Lives Matter a theme. […]

  • Northwestern students upset burlesque cast didn't represent 'oppressed' groups

    Students at Northwestern University (NU) are protesting the school’s annual burlesque show, which typically includes a variety of stripteases where students get “ pretty close to naked.” Protesters, however, are not upset with the slightly pornographic content of the show but are “hurt” because the initial casting decisions did not sufficiently represent “marginalized experiences.” “If we’re claiming to be the most diverse show on campus, we need to be better at representing the groups oppressed in our society than the rest of society,” said student Taylor Cumings, who is in her third year with the NU burlesque cast. Directors of the show told The Daily Northwestern that they received a number of complaints from students after they posted their casting decisions. “It was brought to our attention that there are people in our community who feel that those solos and duets and trios are not best representing what the Burlesque community is. We do have a very inclusive and representative cast at large and we’re taking that criticism into account and really trying to reestablish a safe space,” said co-director Avril Dominguez. As a result, directors are holding a second round of auditions to recast the show so that it is more inclusive. Some students, though, were too offended with the decisions and decided to drop out of the show even after the directors announced a recast. Genesis Garcia, a student at NU who called the show one of the best things she has done, said she considered leaving the cast because she could see that her fellow students were hurt. “I decided I’ll stay because I want to see changes being made – I want to make sure people are being held accountable and to be held accountable myself. The biggest thing from here on out is accountability.” “I decided I’ll stay because I want to see changes being made – I want to make sure people are being held accountable and to be held accountable myself. The biggest thing from here on out is accountability,” Garcia said. Other students were upset they were not given a lead role or a solo in the show but directors said they stand by their initial decisions. “It’s upsetting to us that people not getting a solo or small group piece makes them feel excluded from the Burlesque community,” said co-director Alaura Hernandez. Hernandez pointed out that students are unfairly basing their criticism on a list of names, and may not actually know the students who were casted in lead roles. “People are upset because they don’t think we have diversity in our small groups, but they don’t know the people who got solos — all they see is a name, so they might have made an assumption based on those names. We see the diversity in our acts because we saw the auditions, but it’s not our place to broadcast what these acts represent,” she said. The directors did, however, establish “a constitution” to ensure casting decisions are more inclusive at the outset moving forward. Co-director Lauren Hamilton said the show has never had an issue with casting decisions in the past but agrees the show needs to be more inclusive. “Even though this is something new that we’re being confronted with, that doesn’t make it any less valid,” she said. “It’s very important that we are always consciously thinking of deliberate ways to uplift people that are not uplifted in society.” Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @AGockowsk […]

  • Senior Palestinian Official: Do We Have to Hijack Your Planes Again to Make You Care?

    The man who served as the Palestinian Authority's first-ever foreign minister and currently sits on Fatah's Central Committee asked on Feb. 1 if people need to resume hijacking planes and attacking airports to make the world once again care about the Palestinian cause for an independent state. The post Senior Palestinian Official: Do We Have to Hijack Your Planes Again to Make You Care? appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Cruz Control: Our Churchill?

    He is a threat to the status quo. […]

  • NH Voter: Clinton Isn’t Believable

    The post NH Voter: Clinton Isn’t Believable appeared first on Washington Free Beacon. […]

  • Peyton Manning Seen Doing THIS Minutes After Winning Super Bowl

    On Sunday night, Peyton Manning won his second Super Bowl, and liberals are furious about the fact that he gave all the credit to God after the game. […]

  • What flew right over the Super Bowl stadium last night should TERRIFY you

    Not good. […]

  • While Thousands Gathered At Super Bowl, N. Korea Did Startling Thing Directly Overhead

    Strongly condemned... […]

  • Yale admin. may leave to teach preschoolers who 'don't try to get you fired'

    A Yale University administrator who has gone on sabbatical to avoid the opprobrium of students who object to her defense of free speech says she isn’t sure she wants to return to the school. “I’m toying with going back into an early childhood classroom in some capacity,” Erika Christakis told The New York Times Sunday, joking that preschool students “don’t try to get you fired.” Christakis, a lecturer and associate master at Silliman College, came under fire in October for sending a critical response to a mass email from the school’s Intercultural Affairs Committee reminding students to avoid potentially wearing offensive Halloween costumes, ultimately leading both her and her husband to cancel their courses at the university this semester. [RELATED: Yale administrators succumb to anti-speech activists] In her response, Christakis complained that “we seem afraid that college students are unable to decide how to dress themselves on Halloween,” musing “Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious… a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?” Christakis argued that while she “[doesn’t] wish to trivialize genuine concerns about cultural and personal representation, and other challenges to our lived experience in a plural community,” the initial email raised concerns that the drive to avoid offense has begun to supersede the more important principle of free expression. The email prompted student protests on campus calling for Erika to resign, leading at one point to a confrontation caught on video in which her husband, Silliman College Master Nicholas Christakis, was surrounded by a mob of hostile students demanding that he apologize for defending the content of his wife’s missive. Mr. Christakis explained that he unequivocally supports freedom of speech—“even when it’s offensive” and “even when I don’t agree with the content”—but failed to mollify the students, one of whom complained that Erika’s email had made her feel that Yale is no longer a “safe space” for her. [RELATED: Yale student protesters allegedly spit on free speech advocates] Although more than 70 faculty members later signed an open letter supporting the Christakis’ right to free speech, an even greater number chose to side with the aggrieved students, leading to their decision to cancel course offerings, though both will remain in their administrative roles at Silliman College. [RELATED: Yale faculty sign letter defending controversial email] “It was a painful experience,” Ms. Christakis recounted to The Times, adding that she was particularly disappointed to see that so many students would actually defer to Yale on the question of how they should dress. “Should we be talking more transparently about when it’s appropriate for administrations to insert themselves into issues that arise in students’ lives?” she asked. “I think students are more capable than we give them credit for being to manage social norming.” Follow the author of this article on Twitter: @FrickePet […]

  • WATCH: How Israelis React To Blind Man Asking For Help With Changing Money

    ...not a rare phenomenon. […]