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A Humble Request

Readers, Subscribers, Friends and Patriots,

We started publishing to LibertyNEWS.com many, many years ago. You can go back to 2011 and two posts that kind of started it all to see how we began (much of the original content came from our other “blogs” to what would become LibertyNEWS.com).

Since then we’ve published more than 15,000 stories. And while we aren’t Breitbart or the New York Times, we’ve had months where more than 3.5 MILLION Americans read our stories in a 30 day period. Heck, we’ve had million reader DAYS here at LibertyNEWS.com.

Not too shabby for a small crew of a very dedicated few in a quiet office in southeast Wisconsin. Our team has learned a lot over the years. The news business is a very tough business. The changes in digital media are constant. The business model itself must be able to transition with these changes and it’s a constant battle to stay on top of the game.

Fortunately for us our parent company (Grassfire) has had our backs when times were tough. They’ve stood strong with the project and have financially supported us at every turn. We’re grateful for that beyond what words can describe.

But there comes a time when decisions have to be made. We indeed have to make decisions here at LibertyNEWS.com and we’re asking you to help us make them.

You see, LibertyNEWS is at a point where it can either expand and strive to grow in the publishing space, or we can scale back and be a quiet blog. Those are the two options we now face.

Sure, we could overwhelm our site with pop-ups, auto-play video ads and a bunch of awful revenue gimmicks, but truth be told that kind of user experience is revolting for us when we see it on other sites. We just don’t really want to go there.

So our option is to go to you, our subscribers and readers, and humbly ask if you can pitch in to help us build for the remainder of 2017. If you like what we’re doing, you support our efforts to combat mainstream media and you want to see us grow, please consider throwing in a few bucks to back our cause.

We’re in a very humbling situation here at LibertyNEWS.com. And we’re asking for your help.

If we can get 500 readers/subscribers to pitch in, we can do great things moving forward. Will you be one of them?

Use the contribution form below to support our cause.

Thank you in advance.

-Eric Odom & The LibertyNEWS Team


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