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(ANTIMEDIA) A majority of American police officers now believe cannabis laws should be relaxed, and nearly one-third support full legalization of the plant, according to a new survey. A Pew Research survey released on Tuesday combined the results of two surveys that questioned nearly 8,000 police officers across 54 police departments and over 4,500 private citizens.

Actress Meryl Streep’s political diatribe at the Golden Globes awards isn’t the only surprise attention-getting provocation from the event. Nominee film “Hidden Figures,” a box-office hit about the true story of three black women mathematicians who played important roles at NASA in the early days of the space program, is also generating unexpected controversy. The

(ANTIMEDIA) San Diego, CA — Long-simmering social tensions in Mexico are threatening to boil over as failing neoliberal reforms to the country’s formerly nationalized gas sector are compounded by open corruption, stagnant standards of living, and rampant inflation. The U.S. media has remained mostly mute on the situation in Mexico, even as the unfolding civil unrest has closed

(ANTIMEDIA) If you had happened to Google the term ‘pathological lying’ on Sunday evening, you would have been met with none other than the bright, smiling face of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Before Wikipedia administrators put a temporary lock on the entry early Monday morning, the top Google result for the term was a link to the Wiki

(ANTIMEDIA) Across the United States, police departments receive data pertaining to possible local shootings from a company known as ShotSpotter. The technology, which according to the company is used in “more than 90 cities across the country,” functions as a high-tech surveillance system. In order for a gunshot to be heard and registered, ShotSpotter uses a network

(ANTIMEDIA) An email leaked from John Podesta’s email account in the newest WikiLeaks data dump seems to confirm what many already suspected: Hillary Clinton will flip flop again and support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The controversial free trade agreement, which was initially drafted in secrecy, has been voraciously criticized by economists, information rights activists, environmentalists, and

(ANTIMEDIA) Maryland — On Wednesday, the New York Times broke the story that a former NSA contractor had been arrested in a “possible new theft of secrets.” Shortly after, The Daily Beast reported that the man, who was arrested in August and is already being billed the “second Snowden,” worked with a group of the NSA’s

(ANTIMEDIA) A new report revealing another dirty side to America’s rapidly growing poultry industry claims workers are being denied bathroom breaks and are forced to soil themselves to keep up with production. Lifting the veil on the billion dollar industry while pointing to the human cost of cheap chicken, the new report has revealed thousands

(ANTIMEDIA) “Originals are nonconformists. People who not only have new ideas, but take action to champion them. They’re people who stand out and speak up. Originals drive creativity and change in the world. They’re the people you want to bet on. And they look nothing like I expected,”explained organizational psychologist Adam Grant in a recent

(ANTIMEDIA) As privacy advocates celebrate the FBI’s decision to stop harassing Apple over the San Bernardino shooter’s encrypted iPhone, other tech giants seem to have finally noticed that what consumers want is privacy. But for privacy to prevail, the government must stop snooping. With that idea in mind, Google decided to change how the game is