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A Michigan elementary school has found themselves at the center of controversy following their decision to cancel a ‘completely optional‘ off-campus bible class after receiving a complaint about the program from a local civil rights organization. To the outrage of parents and caregivers that had already signed their children up for the optional class at the Fremont

Infamous internet entrepreneur and hacker Kim DotCom raised a lot of eyebrows over the weekend after he tweeted saying he knew DNC employee Seth Rich and he knew Rich was the Wikileaks contact. He’s not only saying he knew it, he’s saying he’ll go as far as testifying that Rich was the Wikileaks contact. Kim

(ANTIMEDIA) Social media erupted with grief Thursday upon news that Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell passed away. Though a medical examiner quickly ruled the death to be a suicide, his wife issued a statement Friday adding speculation to the circumstances surrounding his death. After expressing her deep sense of loss, the fact that “[h]is world revolved

Russia-Gate remains in full swing, and the latest bout of hysteria is related to President Trump’s alleged sharing of intelligence with Russia. The original report about the supposed leak came from The Washington Post. The Post reported that the leak put a source of intelligence on the Islamic State at risk. But the spokeswoman for the

There is zero evidence President Trump tried to stop the Flynn investigation. Yes, the media claims there is a memo written by Comey, but the former FBI Director was legally required to raise a flag if he believed Trump was attempting to apply pressure. Comey did not. So when some lefty blogger for Buzzfeed tries

Thursday morning it was announced that the founder of Fox News, Roger Ailes has died at 77-years-old. The breaking news was confirmed by his wife Elizabeth Ailes who released the following statement: “I am profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband, Roger Ailes, passed away this morning. Roger was a loving husband to me, to

Chris Cornell, the 52-year-old lead singer of the rock band ‘Soundgarden’ was found dead in his MGM Grand Detroit hotel Wednesday night to the complete shock of family and friends. As reported by Fox News, the singer’s death which is being called “sudden and unexpected” has authorities looking into the possibly of suicide according to Detroit Police spokesman

Let’s face it, Mondays can be hard and depending on your activities over the past weekend, when that alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning you may be feeling a mixture of emotions ranging from: ‘Where am I?’ to ‘What happened?‘ or ‘Please just a few more hours.’ If this is a feeling you

Another perfect example of the lengths some will go to save a life… A Milton, Wisconsin police officer is making headlines following her selfless decision to donate one of her kidney’s to a little boy she never met after reading a post from the child’s mother on social media. The heartwarming story reportedly began back in

As Venezuela continues to plummet into chaos, reports now indicate that at least 42 individuals have died as a result of clashes between government forces and those in opposition of President Nicolas Maduro’s failed leadership. As reported by U.S. News, the death toll increased Monday following outbreak of violence across the country as those in

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