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Rand Paul is saying Republicans don’t have the votes to pass the disastrous Obamacare amendment. And in saying such, he’s sticking with his constant call for a full repeal followed by a stand alone replacement. That much we should all already know. None of us should be surprised by Rand Paul’s position. He’s one of

While many hilarious stories about Amazon’s ‘Alexa‘ have surfaced since the device’s initial release ranging from the smart speaker system accidentally ordering items such as cookies and dollhouses, the following story is no laughing matter. According to Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III, the ‘amazing technology‘ is being credited with saving the lives of a woman

An illegal immigrant living in Laredo, Texas accused of striking three women with a vehicle in back May has reportedly admitted to authorities that intentionally targeted them because he was ‘just upset with women in general’ according to a criminal complaint. As reported by the Laredo Morning Times, the suspect identified as 24-year-old twice deported illegal alien Lorenzo Alonso

Friday, 31-year-old Dane Powell of Tampa, Florida was sentenced to four months in jail for his participation in Washington D.C.’s inauguration day riot which left six police officers injured and caused thousands of dollars in damages. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff, Powell came to D.C. with intent to incite violence and was ‘among the most violent‘ of

A couple that recently moved from their home in Hollywood, CA to Portland, OR is alleging that they were told to ‘move back’ in the form of vandalism after a brief confrontation regarding another driver speeding down their new street. According to the couple identified as Preston Page and Jessica Faraday, they believe that the individual

CNN is facing a massive, historic public relations crisis. It’s not a crisis started by a silly satire meme. It’s not a crisis started by a random reddit user. It’s a crisis CNN created by acting as a propaganda machine for the deep state. And it’s a crisis they somehow manage to keep making worse.

A California news reporter turned into the story herself while reporting live from the annual Ironman Run-Paddle-Chug competition in Hermosa Beach after one of the event’s participants clearly overdosed on #Freedom. In this epic moment showcasing just how quickly things can go wrong during a live broadcast, KTLA reporter Wendy Burch stood surrounded by individuals engaging in

Despite being outnumbered 15-1, ISIS forces swiftly captured the Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014, before declaring their monstrous caliphate. It was the victory that put them on the map, and it left hundreds of thousands of refugees in its wake. But three years later, Iraqi forces have nearly finished retaking the city, and are

Senator Elizabeth Warren and her ilk in Washington are constantly claiming Republicans want people to die. Republicans throw granny off the cliff, block people from getting organs, ban women from birth control… you know the drill. Remy and Reason teamed up to draw attention to this verbal madness and it. is. hilarious.  Very, very well done.

Just about as stupid as you can get… An Oklahoma man identified as 22-year-old Michael Prince Myers is now facing a shiny-new felony charge after allegedly calling in a bomb threat to the Muskogee Police Department from a pay phone in the station’s lobby. In this Guinness Book of World Records level fail, Myers reportedly called