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Crisis… crisis, CRISIS! Constitutional crisis! That’s what some Democrats are crying over the legal, reasonable and arguably very necessary firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Somehow, even though there is nothing unconstitutional about the move, firing Comey presents a constitutional crisis. We can’t explain the claim and sadly, those crying it can’t either. Exhibit

In the spirit of ‘diversity‘ and ‘inclusivity‘ an elementary school in British Columbia has officially cancelled both ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day’ in an effort to spare children with ‘non-traditional’ family units the ‘trauma’ of creating holiday crafts. Yes, you read that correctly… In a letter sent home to parents, Albert McMahon Elementary School in Mission,

Nations are beginning to take more seriously the control of their respective information space after years of allowing US-based tech giants Google and Facebook to monopolize and exploit them. Vietnam, according to a recent GeekTime article, is the latest nation to begin encouraging local alternatives to the search engine and social media network in order

Two days after Trump’s termination of James Comey, more details about the circumstances of Comey’s departure continue to emerge and the most dramatic highlight from this morning’s news wrap comes from the WaPo, which reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – the man who was instrumental in arranging Comey’s termination – may not stay

It would appear that “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is losing touch with his audience… Following Tuesday’s groundbreaking announcement that President Donald J. Trump had FBI Director James Comey, Colbert quickly lost his cool with the studio audience who actually cheered in response to the decision, leaving the Late Show host visibly rattled and struggling to rebuke them.

It was a return to the old, familiar routine on Wednesday morning, when President Trump went after Democrats on Twitter for their reaction to his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey. “The Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Comey, including the fact that he should be fired, but now they

Weeks after a cross-border invasion of Syria by U.S. forces under the guise of rescuing moderate terrorists from the grips of extremist terrorists in southern Syria, there are signs that a much bigger invasion is set to take place in the near future. Damascus is now on high alert after footage gathered from a drone

Two dudes were recently enjoying a nice bike ride through the woods when a heart stopping moment forced its way upon them. And it was all caught on camera. In the video below you see the ride going smoothly, flowing down a trail with beautiful scenery at every direction. All is going well until out

Democrats are crying foul, suggesting Trump fired Comey for political reasons. Some Democrats saying he’s hiding something, others say its personal and based on campaign implications. Are they getting this all wrong? Absolutely, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Gingrich joined Sean Hannity for an analysis of the situation and lays out a case

Until yesterday CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was not a fan of James Comey. Toobin has repeatedly criticized Comey’s actions as FBI Director. Many times live and on air at CNN. But that criticism came to a screeching halt yesterday following Trump’s move to fire Comey. All of a sudden Toobin is upset, calling it

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