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Wednesday, Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, was evacuated following the stabbing of a police officer which is being called a possible act of terror. According to witness reports, an individual allegedly stabbed a police officer in the neck while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar,’ leaving the officer identified as Lieutenant Jeff Neville seriously wounded. While details surrounding the attack are currently scarce, authorities

It’s no secret. The liberal Democrats of Illinois have completely and totally destroyed the state. They like to try and blame newly elected Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, but let’s not kid ourselves… This disaster has been in the making for decades. Decades under which tax-and-spend Democrats have been in charge. What’s the solution? According to

After receiving news that would be enough to bring any pet parent to their knees, Army veteran David Broido refused to allow his limited budget mark the end for his faithful PTSD service dog ‘Bones’ and instead raced across the country to provide his canine companion life-saving care. Bones, whose full name is actually ‘Dr. Indiana

The anti-gun crowd will always stoop to new lows when pretending good guys with guns are the ones we should all worry about. This even in the face of facts suggesting scenarios where bad guys with guns do bad things, good guys with guns often save lives. Ten states have legislation in place that protect

It’s ironic that a nation with an amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms is governed by a body of Americans not allowed to keep and bear arms when traveling to and from work. This because Washington D.C. does not acknowledge the 2nd amendment. The carrying of firearms in the district is unconstitutionally

Most outdoor enthusiasts probably feel our public lands should be kept under the control of We The People, not federal bureaucrats. Yes we all want our lands kept clean, preserved and beautiful. No question there. But do we really want fed agents telling us we can’t ever have access to them or actually use them?

Shortly after Russia’s deputy foreign minister slammed the US downing of a Syrian Su-22 jet as an “act of aggression” and “support for terrorists”, Russia announced that starting June 19 it was halting all interactions with the US under the framework on the “memorandum of incident prevention in Syrian skies”, the Russian Defense Ministry said

10,000,000 people. That’s more than watch any cable news program. Bill O’reilly, the former king of cable, would draw less than 5,000,000 on his biggest nights. And, of course, Fox News spent tens of millions annually on his show alone. But 10,000,000 people watched a 13 year old girl named Callista Clark cover Vince Gill’s “Go

Louisiana residents woke up this morning to terrible news that a member of their House Delegation had been shot. GOP Representative Steve Scalise survived his injuries, but fears are mounting as it appears the shooting was intentional and part of a larger multiple shooting event. CNN has more. Rep. Steve Scalise was shot Wednesday morning in

Where was the devastating revelation about Trump’s crimes during James Comey’s Congressional testimony yesterday? “Who produced this stinker? Find out and fire him. I thought I was the head of a movie studio. Apparently, I’m marketing sleeping pills. I conked out after watching five minutes of Comey…” If James Comey’s testimony before Congress yesterday were