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It is no secret that the mainstream media will attempt to justify the senseless violence of the hate-group Black Lives Matter anyway they can, however, the following story is sickening beyond words… Following a recent officer involved shooting of ‘unarmed black male’ that proved fatal in El Cajon, protesters have once again taken to the streets in

It’s Thursday evening and thanks to Deutsche Bank the news tonight isn’t all that great. Which means it’s time to break out something a little lighter for a change. Tonight’s funny vid comes via the Gregory Brothers on YouTube. Their crew did some nifty editing (Edited by Amelia Burger) and patched Donald Trump into footage

The United States is allowing hundreds of thousands of Muslim ‘refugees’ to enter the country, some of whom likely have intent to cause massive harm to Americans. These individuals come from Muslim countries with no fingerprint or record database. There is no DMV type of database in these countries, for example. There is no way

To kick this post off and set the stage for you we’re going to post the exact quote that sent several students into a fit of uncontrollable rage. All of which was caught on camera. “We believe in freedom of thought, we believe you should be able to voice your opinion without being shut down

There isn’t a single living black American who doesn’t have equal opportunity and an ability to prosper here in America. Nor is there a living black American who has experienced slavery. But that isn’t stopping a United Nations panel from claiming the United States taxpayers must pay reparations to black Americans. The proclamation comes via

Wednesday, United States defense officials told media that a chemical agent may have been used against both American troops and Iraqi forces near Qayyara air base in Iraq. While the defense officials explained that they are still trying to determine what the substance found on the remnants of the projectile fired at troops during the attack Tuesday is, it

Following the death of 43 year old Keith Lamont Scott, the city of Charlotte has begun to witness the disastrous consequences of false narratives being spun on social media in regards to fatal officer involved shootings. While the incident is currently still under investigation, what we do know, is that like the deaths of Michael Brown and

It is no secret that news today is filled with bias stories vilifying our law enforcement community as nothing more than trigger-happy killers searching for innocent unarmed individuals to murder in cold blood… However, this is not one those stories. The following body camera footage depicts the humanity behind law enforcement and shows how finding common ground with a stranger can save a life.

“The president does believe it is important that his successor is somebody who recognizes that our country is safer than it was eight years ago, that we enhanced our standing around the world, that we’ve strengthened our alliances — that we have refined and improved and strengthened our homeland security…” – White House spokesman Josh

Donald Trump was recently speaking at a church in Flint, Michigan when, after criticizing Hillary Clinton, he was abruptly confronted on stage by the pastor. The pastor apparently didn’t like the fact that he was being critical and wanted to enforce her rule of keeping the speech non-political. Which is a little absurd considering the man is running