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Free gender-transition therapy for terrorists? Now that is in idea the left could really embrace… Speaking on the quality of care Guantánamo Bay’s detainees receive, a newly posted senior medical officer was asked about his thoughts in regards to offering gender-transition therapy to detainees during an interview with Miami Herald and his answer will leave you shaking your head.

A Brooklyn brewing company is gearing up to launch their new ‘Gender Neutral‘ craft brew lager at this year’s NYC Pride March ‘Human Rights are Gender Neutral’ party in an effort to capitalize on the thirst of LGBTQ+ individuals. The Brooklyn-based craft brewer, known as Threes Brewing is set to release the new flavor on June 22

A Pakistani man has been accused of posing as a woman to lure a young boy out of a mosque in Abu Dhabi following afternoon prayers to rape the child according to Abu Dhabi authorities. As explained by The Sun, the horrific incident took place after young Azan Majid Janjua was lured away from the mosque following afternoon prayers

The weather is warming up and so are the back yard grills. And once those grills are heated the juicy steaks begin to sizzle. To get to the cooking stage, however, you need to remove the packaging. And for a lot of people that means dealing with a sometimes bloody mess as the meat is

With a name like the “National Democratic Institute” (NDI) one might expect the US State Department-funded, corporate-financier chaired front to be the premier proponent of freedom and democracy worldwide. And although it poses as such, it does precisely the opposite. It uses principles like free speech, democracy, press freedom, and human rights as a facade

Have you ever been frustrated by local officials refusing to take your problem seriously?  A Maine man disgruntled over a bed bug infestation and the response from local code enforcement has found a very unique way of getting his message across after being denied assistance… by bringing the problem to city officials. Reportedly, the unidentified individual

Monday, Genesee County Land Bank sales manager Phil Stair tindered his resignation following shocking audio of him purportedly blaming African-Americans for the lead contamination of Flint, Michigan’s public water supply. In the disturbing audio clip, Stair can be heard using a racial slur to describe African-Americans while allegedly blaming the black community’s failure to ‘pay their bills’ as

UPDATE: During a press conference Monday, authorities announced that following an act of workplace violence at the hands of a disgruntled former employee five individuals have died including the shooter. Reportedly, three male victims and a female were pronounced dead on scene while a fifth died at a nearby hospital. Sheriff: The shooter was carrying a gun

A dog recently decided he wasn’t going to let a news anchor have the show all to herself. Nope. This guy had plans of his own. And they involved him taking over the program. Which seems to have worked. Without the dog this clip wouldn’t get any attention at all. Now it is viral with

Yet another reason to stay in school kids… Clearly crime doesn’t pay. Authorities in Everett, Washington are investigating a World’s Dumbest Criminals style attempted robbery at the Coastal Community Bank on 19th Ave SE following reports of a fire at the location Tuesday morning. According to reports, authorities and fire personnel were notified of a possible