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James Kallstrom is a former FBI Assistant Director who led the investigation of the explosion of TWA flight 800 and many other high profile cases. He was with the FBI for 27 years and has loads of credibility when discussing the inside story of what goes on at the FBI. Which makes his comments on

Unless you’re living under a rock you know President Trump shocked the world last night with a surprise move to immediately fire now former FBI Director James Comey. While there was much controversy surrounding Comey, no one expected this move to occur. At least, not now. But, of course, President Trump is not one to

(ANTIMEDIA) Tennessee — In a strange and unfolding story, three men in Tennessee have been arrested and are facing charges after authorities caught them holding “patients” against their will in heavily secured secret facilities in the woods. The Cannon Courier reported on May 3 that officers were dispatched to the location when someone inside of

(ANTIMEDIA) According to statements from both the FBI and Europol, a wide-ranging investigation into a “darknet” pedophile ring has been highly successful — even as their methods are harshly criticized as government overreach. From an Agence France-Presse (AFP) article on Friday: “Nearly 900 suspected pedophiles have been arrested and almost 300 children identified or rescued from

For the past few days we’ve been running a poll for our readers that asks a simple question… Do you support the GOP’s Obamacare amendment? During the 2016 election our readers were, by a 95% majority, strongly in favor of a full repeal. A slightly smaller majority was opposed to making minor changes to Obamacare, favoring

Following the massive PR nightmare in which a Dr. David Dao was violently removed from a Chicago flight to make room for United Airlines staff, the embattled airline’s quality of customer service is once again being called to question. Not even two weeks after CEO Oscar Munoz emailed customers a public apology promising United’s “actions

We’ve documented the southern border and members of our team have spent significant time exploring miles and miles of wide open border territory. We’ve had law enforcement escorts to remote areas where there is no fence, no federal agents and people can cross all day long without a single American having any idea it’s happening.

17-year-old New Jersey high school student Megan Flaherty wanted attention and was ready to do what it takes to get it. Her method of getting it was, shall we say… a little unorthodox. Flaherty, who reportedly wants to become a funeral director once she enters the full time workforce, decided to arrive at her prom

Hezbollah is a dangerous, powerful, well armed and well funded terrorist organization. The group sort of began back in 1985 with a public political manifesto pledging complete and total allegiance to Iran. Since then Hezbollah has received political guidance, weapons transfers, military training and funding to the tune of at least $200,000,000 a year from

The media world is buzzing with news that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are engaged. It’s a move that many saw coming for some time now. Rumors have been flying of a relationship between the two so the announcement wasn’t a huge shock. And, of course, with the two morning hosts planning to tie

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