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We have no idea why it happened, but it happened. A Killer Whale was involved in a feeding frenzy and apparently decided to play with its food. In this case its food was a seal. A seal that the whale felt needed to go airborne for a bit. As in… 80 feet in the air!

Friday evening on Jeopardy, one of the game show’s contestants gave a wrong answer so perfect, we can’t help but that at the expensive of the left. In what appeared as a flawless set up for the insult, players were asked during the Final Jeopardy round to name a flower that is also used to describe

For the past few days buzz has been building about images that show what appears to be a city floating in the sky. Rumors and theories have been all over the map. Some say it’s a secret NASA project. Some say it’s a Chinese project in the works for years and some say it’s Heaven.

Those vacationing in Puerto Vallarta are about to have their plans brutally derailed. And those living on the West coast of Mexico are bracing for impact for what is described as a historic storm headed their way. Indeed, Hurricane Patricia is just hours away from slamming Mexico’s coast and it’s a nasty storm. In fact, it’s

Hammered on Wild Turkey and behind the wheel a man named James found his car completely thrashed and stuck on a curb. You don’t have to use much brain power to imagine how it all happened. But when police arrived James used an interesting tactic. He hopped over to the passenger seat and claimed he

Joseph Greenwood, a 45 year old New Jersey man is now facing felony charges for doing what many individuals joke about doing after receiving a police summons. Taking a simple joke people use to commonly express frustration of receiving a ticket and making it a reality, Greenwood allegedly took the summons he was issued and used

The bond between a working canine and its handler is something that few can truly comprehend. While many individuals grow tight bonds with their pets, there is a truly unique relationship that develops between these types of partners that rely on each other for their ultimate safety. In Hidalgo County, Texas one canine hero found himself at

It’s 2015. We all fly or have flown. Air travel is extremely common and most of us are now comfortable with it. That is, until you see parts of the engine flying off during take off. Which is exactly what passengers witnessed yesterday as evidenced by the video below. The plane was an Airbus A319

An Oregon man could not believe his eyes while ordering his Subway sandwich at Lincoln City location last Tuesday. As Jay Armstead ordered his Italian sub and walked over to fill his beverage, he turned around to see the stores employees standing in complete disbelief staring at the sandwich. Armstead looked down to see what the employees

Halloween is coming and with it comes themed pranks and videos. We’ll be posting more up as Halloween gets closer, but to kick things off here’s a video showing a creating use of a drone. In the video you’ll see how someone converted a drone to create a creepy flying ghost. Enjoy! – Watch More

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