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A Mississippi gun dealer sparked controversy after posting two brutally honest signs at the Jackson Gun Show last weekend and we think you are going to love them… Following recent anti-law enforcement rhetoric in which Jackson councilman Kenneth Stokes openly advocated violence against law enforcement by telling community members to throw rocks and bricks at police officers, Downrange

Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson recently visited The Blaze studios and opened up about a topic that not many have heard him discuss in great detail. Robertson was asked about his beard and the answer provided a full lesson on what to expect should you decide to try it out yourself. Jase explained that week

Sometimes ignorance is painful… Pro-immigration filmmakers Maaike Engles and Teun Voeten have released video of a horrifying incident that took place at a French refugee camp as the duo attempted to gather footage for their coming documentary “Calais: Welcome to ‘The Jungle.'” Reportedly, Engels was filming for the documentary which aimed to portray these peaceful individuals in a positive light

Ice skating is a hugely popular thing to do in winner. Here in the upper midwest ice skating rings are a dime a dozen. They’re a lot of fun and a good break from the grind. But often times they get over-crowded, making the constantly circling of the rink a bit cumbersome. A group in

There are strong dudes and then there are the world’s strongest dudes. Two completely different classes of strength that are worlds apart. As can be seen in the video below. In the video below Game of Thrones actor Thor Björnsson takes on “World’s Strongest Man” winner Zydrunas Savickas in a challenge unlike any other. The two must

It’s winter now and with that comes the viral winter videos. We’ve posted a few already but this one might be the funnest yet. In this video you get a first hand view of what happens when a group of snowboarders convert a closed waterpark into a snowboard park. The riders use pretty much every

Phil Robertson, the iconic patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan has just made a game changing announcement about the 2016 presidential election and we think many of you are going to love it. While the Robertson’s had previously rallied behind Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the Duck Commander himself has now made it clear that America’s

You cannot make this stuff up people… An Ohio man wanted in connection to several open cases including vandalism and arson has reportedly taken taunting law enforcement to the next level. Unhappy with his ‘terrible’ mugshot currently being used by the Lima Police Department in a Facebook post seeking the public’s help to locate him, 45

Ricky Gervais is famous for not holding back on the PC front. His opening monologue for the Golden Globes followed that spirit with perfection. In the opening bit Gervais went after Sean Penn, Bruce Jenner and pretty much everyone else on the front pages of Hollywood’s magazine circuit. Some people love it, some hate it.

Anyone who has shipped a package knows it can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Sometimes it’s better to just pay extra and have the customer service agent do the packaging for you. And even then sometimes they seem to take their time and show no sense of urgency. In China, however, one packing