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Many of us have experienced hail and we know it can be brutal for vehicles. Broken glass and dented bodywork can be the norm when it hits hard. How do you prevent such damage? Well, for one you can keep informed on the weather and park accordingly. Or, like the guy the video below, you

Barack Obama and his allies in the Muslim world constantly attempt to project that false narrative that Islam is a religion of peace. And every time he does it new evidence counters him proving otherwise. One of the latest pieces of proof that Islam is dangerous is an interview with Mullah Krekar in Norway. The

Video has surfaced online of a frightening incident in which a driver goes into panic while traveling on the highway after realizing that a can of ‘bear spray’ had deployed in his vehicle. Amazingly, no one was injured during the incident despite the fact the driver of the vehicle is forced to immediately travel from the far

Pretty sure this is a wedding etiquette don’t… When Jessica Baker of Golden Valley, Minnesota found herself without a sitter for her child she had no choice but to miss her friend’s wedding. Disappointed she was unable to attend but understanding that instances like this come with being a parent, Baker quickly moved on with

Fox News reporter David Medrano Mora was reporting live post-game after rival teams Chivas and Club America played a match soccer in Jalisco, Mexico when the he was stuck by a vehicle. The incident occurred as Mora was reporting from the parking lot of Guadalajara Airport and seemingly lost his situational awareness. Via TellMeNow “But what

We’ve posted several of these videos and they’re always a hit. The first one showed a red hot nickel ball burning it’s way through floral foam. The second one showed a ball of red hot nickel melting through a cell phone. Next up… an ink cartridge! Enjoy!

Monday is often times a rough day as we all boot up for the week ahead. So sometimes a good palate cleanser is needed to help bring about a smile. What you’re about to see is perfect for just that. The video shows what happened when a hippie bought 1,000 flowers for some kind of

In what is easily the dumbest story you will read all day, a Michigan man has earned a Darwin Award for attempting to kill a spider and lighting a gas station on fire in the process. According to Fox2 Detroit, the man has a ‘deadly fear’ of spiders and when he noticed one at the pump

It’s Saturday and the mainstream media is stuck on the Pope. With that being the case we thought we would throw in a video that has gone super viral with nearly 2,000,000 in less than a week. The video shows a tiny lion cub firing off his first few roars. As you might imagine, these

Reportedly, the anti-Islamic State group known as the Mahdi Army turned the tables on a hopeful Jihadist planning a suicide mission by arranging an unexpected bombing in his honor. According to the Conservative Tribune, the group built their very own IED (improvised explosive device) and patiently waited for the Islamic State fighter to drive by. Via

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