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Turns out a show about a transgender man who calls himself a women isn’t a guaranteed hit after all. Transgender Americans represent, according to the CDC, less than half a percent of all Americans. So the idea a show about one of their default spokespersons would attract continual consistent large audiences was flawed from the

YouTuber ‘JoeySalads’ has conducted a social experiment to remind parents of just how dangerous it is to leave children in a hot car, even for a few minutes.  In the video Salads asks several adults to participate in the experiment by sitting in a hot vehicle for as long as they can. Unsurprisingly, all of

What do you get when someone loves Lamborghini’s, loves thermochromatic paint jobs, loves America and has a LOT of money? You get this sweet round of awesomeness. Enjoy!

The Government of India has ordered ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to block 857 pornographic websites in the name of “morality.” The country’s telecommunication department stated to CNN that the ban had been issued accordance with India’s information technology act. India’s telecommunication department released a 17 page document listing the websites they believe to be in

The following video captured by a witness at the park depicts an incident in which man and his daughter are being harassed and accosted by a young black female. The situation which appears to escalate quickly shows the man standing in shock next to his daughter as the young assailant snatches a water bottle before

This video is making its way around the web and we understand why. It shows what happens when a tractor/trailer rig goes completely airborne at full speed and flies off of a bridge. The crash happened in 2014 in Texas and it’s a terrifying thing to watch unfold. Can you imagine seeing that come out

Ever wonder what happens when a red hot ball of nickel is placed on top of a block of floral foam? Yea, neither have we. But now that someone did it we couldn’t help but watch the outcome unravel before our eyes. The viral video below shows how the red hot metal doesn’t actually burn

This might be one of the tallest human pyramids we’ve ever seen. They don’t usually get this big and for good reason. At some point gravity takes charge and gravity is something not easily defeated. As the folks who attempted this massive human pyramid quickly learned. Video below.

Earlier today a Russian airshow was held to celebrate Russia’s Airborne forces. Part of the airshow included four of Russia’s mighty Mi-28 Assault Choppers and, unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned. During the show the four choppers shot out flares that added a bit of drama to the scene in the sky. At some

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner has, in a lot of ways, become the default spokesman for the transgender community. And for the most part the LGBT crowd loves it because of Jenner’s ability to command headlines and drive media narratives. But now some are taking issue with Jenner’s new position as the face of the movement. Why? Because

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