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The Traverse family dog is being hailed as a hero after alerting the family to a dangerous intruder early Sunday morning. According to Kimberley Traverse, the family dog “was barking like he’s never barked before” which prompted her to investigate. Once Kimberley reached the kitchen, she noticed the intruder rifling in the cupboard. Realizing exactly

Isiah James, a U.S. Army Veteran that served his country for nearly 10 years was absolutely shocked when a trip to Walgreens turned into a heated confrontation with the law, all over a disabled parking space. After surviving two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, James acquired numerous injuries that impact his daily

Miley Cyrus, America’s most dysfunctional former childhood celebrity has just waged war against Taylor Swift for using firearms as props in her latest music video Bad Blood. You read that correctly, Cyrus who is well known for downright pornographic music videos and instagram photos is now attempting to claim the Swift is a bad role model

Ghost pranks aren’t new. A simple search on YouTube reveals tons of them. Many are hilarious, some are stupid. But they get views so channel creators keep making them. The guys behind the channel “Papa Crazy” tried to add a new twist by throwing in a second ghost. One ghost jumps out in front of

A documentary crew got quite a ride while filming a fishing show in the Amazon. The crew was trying to catch a giant prehistoric Arapaima and they got exactly what they went looking for. They released footage via YouTube so now we can all enjoy watching the great catch. Here’s the short description from the official

In the following video a wood-chipper truck operator can be seen visibly disappointed after installing what he describes as a ‘low-tone’ horn on the vehicle. In all honesty, after this ‘upgrade’ a Prius would seem far more intimidating. Enjoy: H/T LiveLeak

Some oceanfront homeowners got quite a surprise the other day when an iceberg made its way into the coastal water in front of their deck. One of them grabbed his cell phone and started recording just in time. In the footage you can see the iceberg begin moving to do what appears to be a

Nearly all of us have experienced that moment in which you take the first bite of an attempted culinary masterpiece only to discover that something is horribly off. In that moment the mind helplessly wanders onto various factors in effort to discover what exactly went wrong… Did I forget to add salt? Did I add too much

It’s summer, it’s Saturday and what better way to enjoy a little lunch break video than to watch a man reel in a massive 7ft grouper from his paddleboard! We’ve seen a lot of viral big fish videos, but this one might take the cake. Video below.

There is no question Fox News host Megyn Kelly is taking significant heat for her brutal, unnecessary question to Donald Trump on his tweets to Rosie O’Donnell. Kelly ripped into Trump in a manner set up to position him as a man who doesn’t respect women, but the question seems to have backfired on Kelly