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(ANTIMEDIA) Puerto Rico — For the first time in American history, a territory claimed by the United States is filing for what is essentially bankruptcy. On Wednesday, the New York Times reported that Puerto Rico, which the U.S. appropriated following the Spanish-American War, has just claimed in a New York federal court filing that due

(ANTIMEDIA) The opioid epidemic is a real tragedy. It has been devastating states like West Virginia, Vermont, and Maine — among others — and it’s been the number one factor in a major incarceration shift that is still seldom discussed by the media. But as soon as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released

Here at we’re finding ourselves a bit confused. Under no circumstance was the bill passed through the house a repeal. Not in any way, shape or form. It is, by literal definition and as stated in its own language an amendment. But for some reason many of conservative media’s largest outlets seem to be going

We’ve had a diverse range of thoughts posted here at today. The consensus here is that the GOP Obamacare amendment is a pain killer when surgery is needed. Too little at a time when monumental action is needed. But until this post most of the commentary has focused on the fact that Obamacare stays

Can you image what would happen if people were saying that a beauty pageant winner wasn’t ‘white’ enough? While many of the comments slamming biracial 22-year-old Miss Black University of Texas winner Rachael Malonson has since been removed, the disturbing nature of the reaction on social media remains in full effect. Following Malonson placing first

Ivanka Trump loves her kids, is a proud mother and no one, no matter what political background they derive from, can try and dispute that. There is plenty of evidence to support this simple fact but one of the latest exhibits has gone super viral the instant it was posted to Instagram. Ivanka came home

A veteran racing greyhound once dubbed a “wonderful patriarch of the industry” has found his license revoked by Florida officials following that discovery of cocaine in the systems of five dogs under his care. According to reports the sickening discovery came after state employees collected a urine sample from a dog named Flying Tidalwave following a

Back on April 26th a bus filled with Oklahoma high school students was just seconds from disaster and it was all caught on camera. The incident took place in Oklahoma city and involved three vehicles, including the bus. Fortunately for the students, the bus was only barely bumped at the end of the rollover crash.

This morning Gateway Pundit alerted us all to a flashback video that proves President Trump’s distrust of fake news media isn’t something that only started happening over the past few years. Trump has, in fact, always despised drive-by media tactics and has always been blatantly willing to call them out on it. In the 1990

For those still confused as to whether or not you’re an elitist, a brilliant mind over at MSNBC has solved the puzzle for us. It’s not a big complex algorithm. The question doesn’t have a difficult answer. It’s really simple according to an MSNBC contributor. If you depend on the federal government you’re not an

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