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Another perfect example of the lengths some will go to save a life… A Milton, Wisconsin police officer is making headlines following her selfless decision to donate one of her kidney’s to a little boy she never met after reading a post from the child’s mother on social media. The heartwarming story reportedly began back in

As Venezuela continues to plummet into chaos, reports now indicate that at least 42 individuals have died as a result of clashes between government forces and those in opposition of President Nicolas Maduro’s failed leadership. As reported by U.S. News, the death toll increased Monday following outbreak of violence across the country as those in

Following the latest provocative story from the Washington Post earlier suggesting that Trump shared “highly classified information” with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during their White House meeting last week, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster just spoke to reporters outside the White House to offer an unequivocal denial of the story:

There is a lot to go over on this story and we’ll provide updates later as the story develops. But first we want to remind you of how serious the DNC email leaks were last year. Do not forget the seriousness of those email leaks. They exposed left wing powerhouse John Podesta for trashing Hillary Clinton,

His name is Kenny George and you’re tasked with trying to get a rebound on a missed shot when he’s in the game… well… it’s just not gonna happen for you. George is 7 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 370 pounds. Yeah, he’s a big dude. Sadly, George had a rough time playing college ball

Well, this isn’t something you hear everyday… An illegal immigrant in the state of Florida has been arrested and charged with the misdemeanor crime of misusing the emergency services number after he called ‘911‘ to request his own deportation. As explained by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the individual identified as 29-year-old Cesar Sanchez called 911 to

A massive ransomware worm shut down computers all over the world over the weekend, in part by appropriating a National Security Agency (NSA) exploit that the mysterious group called Shadow Brokers released to the public last month. The virus encrypts user files and demands a ransom in Bitcoin to release them. ArsTechnica reported last Friday:

Gun paranoia remains at ridiculous levels in US schools. This case is disturbing not only for the gun hysteria, but for the social media spying aspect. A middle school student in Trenton, Ohio, narrowly dodged a lengthy suspension and possible expulsion from school because he did something people do every day: he “liked” a photo on

When Albert Einstein unveiled his theory of relativity, it must have been a mind blowing bombshell for people at the time. It’s still pretty incredible today. The idea that time may be experienced differently for objects traveling at different speeds, can be difficult to grasp and appreciate. Still, for all practical purposes, time is pretty

Those participating in a school trip to the stunning mountains of Geiranger ended up seeing a lot more scenery than initially planned. Scenery in motion. Very, very violent motion. The group was taking pictures and admiring the beauty when they suddenly we heard loud noises. Soon large rocks were  falling down into the Fjord and then

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