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British newspaper The Sun is in hot water today because it accidentally got ahead of itself after rumors of an emergency meeting for staff of the royal family. How far ahead? Very. The Sun actually published a story claiming Prince Phillip had died. Major problem with that report… Prince Phillip is not dead. He is indeed

Earlier this morning we reported that according to Korea Times, China had allegedly sent North Korea what amount to a final warning over its military provocations. The rumor cited the May issue of Hong Kong monthly news outlet Dong Xiang. It said a Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs junior minister invited Park Myung-ho, an official

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has never been one to hold back with his opinions. It’s one of the characteristics that millions of Americans connect with and appreciate. And Robertson certainly isn’t holding back with his recent Facebook post blasting the liberal left for its constant attacks on Ivanka Trump. He took to Facebook with his

(ANTIMEDIA) Agrochemical giant Monsanto hired internet trolls to combat negative perceptions about their brand on social media and across the internet, according to a lawsuit filed by U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit organization “working for transparency and accountability” in the American food system. The company has also been accused of manufacturing scientific research to

(ANTIMEDIA) On April 10, Anti-Media published an article titled “Google Putting CNN, Washington Post, NYT in Charge of Fact-Checking News.” The title says it all. Through its new Fact Check feature on news stories, Google has put the job of informing the citizenry of what’s true and what’s false — on Google searches, at least —

He doesn’t look like Spiderman and he can’t shoot webs from his wrists, but he can certainly scale walls and climb buildings! Who is it? A dude in Canada training parkour, of course. From the YouTube page: “A friend and I were out training parkour. We were scanning the alleys for unique architecture to interact

You’re here for the ink video right? You’re probably expecting a simple quick video of ink flowing through water, right? Well, some YouTubers designed this video to exceed your expectations with an amazing view of what happens when ink is shot into water with various objects involved. Very, very cool. Enjoy!  

As we pointed out earlier today, Reuters cited US military officials who said that the U.S. military’s THAAD anti-missile defense system has “reached initial intercept capability” in South Korea, although they added that it would not be fully operational for some months. Just hours after the announcement, Beijing lashed out at DC and demanded an

Pennsylvania’s Downingtown STEM Academy Assistant Principal Zach Ruff is in hot water after he was filmed attempting to censor two students practicing their 1st amendment right to voice their opinions on the pro-life issue. Worse, Ruff berated, insulted and cursed at the students while they peacefully stood on a public sidewalk with their pro-life signs.

As the Facebook post comment on the video below says… play stupid liberal games, win stupid liberal prizes. A mob of left wing activists recently tried to block a highway and quickly found out this wasn’t the best idea they’ve ever had. One of the vehicles they blocked attempted to pass through and was heavily

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