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The most prominent American political consultant, Dick Morris has become well known for his probing, insightful, hard-hitting and clear commentary on the FoxNews channel. With his wife, Eileen McGann, Dick has written fourteen books, including ten New York Times best-sellers.

In the aftermath of the Oct.15 debate, Senator Bernie Sanders closed the gap between himself and front-runner Hillary Clinton. The average of the last six national polls, as reported by, stretching over a three-week period before the debate, Hillary’s vote share in a Democratic primary was 44 percent. In the CNN/ORG poll right after

The filings last week of campaign finances reveal that Sanders has $27 million cash on hand, just slightly short of Hillary Clinton’s $33 million. When funds earmarked for the general election are subtracted from each total, the gap will probably be even narrower. Clinton has outraised Sanders by more than 2:1, but she has spent

The rapid rise and equally rapid fall of Carly Fiorina deserves our attention. Before the most recent debate, she was languishing in the polls with only 4 percent of the vote (CBS, Sept. 9-13). After a smashing performance in the second debate, she soared into second place with 15 percent (CNN, Sept. 17-19). Now the

While all the insider pundits proclaimed a Hillary Clinton victory, it is evident to those who truly understand the Democratic electorate that Bernie Sanders is the one who actually won. The result of the debate will be evident soon enough: Look for Sanders to move up in the polls and close much of the lead

The first Democratic presidential debate, scheduled for Tuesday, Oct.13, will likely boost each of the candidates who participate — largely at the expense of Hillary Clinton. The debate will be a contest of four versus one, as Senator Bernie Sanders, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee and former Virginia Senator

It’s time the Republican leadership of the House stopped eating their young. Ever since the coup of 2010, when almost 70 new Republicans powered their way up to Congress, overturning longtime Democratic incumbents, the established House leadership — elevated to power by the triumph of their youngsters — has disregarded, disrespected and disappointed them. Now

The last fundraising report indicates that the Sanders-Clinton match has all the hallmarks of the Obama-Clinton race of 2008, with Hillary Clinton making the same mistakes: —As her momentum slows, so has Clinton’s fundraising. In the winter — second quarter — she raised $48 million. But in the third quarter, this past summer, she raised

The latest NBC/WSJ poll, conducted Sept. 20-24, has Hillary Clinton only slightly ahead of Bernie Sanders in the national sample of registered Democratic voters. Clinton polls at 42 percent, Sanders at 35 percent and Joe Biden at 17 percent. With Sanders a bare seven points behind the former secretary of state, her candidacy is in

John Boehner needed resigning. His leadership has consisted of acting as an intermediary in the ongoing surrender negotiations of the conservatives we elected to Congress and the president we were trying to circumscribe. If Donald Trump wrote a book on “The Art of the Deal,” Boehner could write one on “The Art of the Sellout.”

The sight of a woman like Carly Fiorina — like that of an African-American like Dr. Ben Carson — vying for the Republican nomination for president is enough to make all our pulses beat faster. It is, after all, only by breaking the Democrats’ condominium over blacks, Latinos, single women, gays, and young voters that

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