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The most prominent American political consultant, Dick Morris has become well known for his probing, insightful, hard-hitting and clear commentary on the FoxNews channel. With his wife, Eileen McGann, Dick has written fourteen books, including ten New York Times best-sellers.

The sight of a woman like Carly Fiorina — like that of an African-American like Dr. Ben Carson — vying for the Republican nomination for president is enough to make all our pulses beat faster. It is, after all, only by breaking the Democrats’ condominium over blacks, Latinos, single women, gays, and young voters that

Some are born great. Others achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them. William Shakespeare might have been thinking of Joe Biden. While the Democratic world ruminates on whether the vice president has the emotional strength to run for president, the political realities are such that he may have to run. Ready or not.

I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears when Ben Carson was asked about what his response would have been had he been president on 9/11. I couldn’t believe his answer. He said that a better response than sending troops to Afghanistan to hunt down al-Qaida would have been to make an all-out effort to achieve

The most recent poll to chronicle Hillary Clinton’s collapse — this one by the Washington Post/ABC News — shows that there is no difference between her vote share among men and among women. No gender gap. Clinton gets the support of 42 percent of Democratic primary male voters and an identical percentage among female voters

Yesterday, I did a lunch alert video called “Hillary Collapsing”. It was based on a poll showing her at only 42 percent among Democratic primary voters. Now, a new CNN poll has her at 37 percent with Bernie Sanders 10 ten points behind at 27 percent. And against Republican rivals, she is either behind or

How did a populist uprising create such enthusiasm and support for two polar opposite insurgent candidates — Donald Trump, the glitzy billionaire, and Bernie Sanders, the self-effacing Socialist Senator? There’s a bipartisan revolt going on. The rank and file of both parties have said a resounding no to the dynastic dinosaurs, Hillary Clinton and Jeb

In its debate coverage, Fox News’ recent desire to be accepted into the fraternity of leftist-leaning journalists was on full display. Having built its audience by being fair to conservatives, its anchors now seek to pivot to the left in order to satisfy their professional peers. It is very revelatory that CNN praised Fox News

If Joe Biden decides to run, it will trigger a split between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Neither side will necessarily be looking to split from the other, but the inevitable dynamics of the race will tend in that direction. Here’s why. Both Clinton and Biden have a tricky path to navigate. Each has to

I have polled Hillary Clinton’s national favorability for the past 25 years and I have never seen it drop to its current level of 40 percent. Not ever. Her recent crash (to 40 percent favorable, 51 percent unfavorable in the July 30 Quinnipiac Poll) means that she is essentially in free fall, having lost a

As Bernie Sanders creeps up on Hillary Clinton — closing to within 8 points in New Hampshire and holding her to 52 percent in Iowa — handling this new and unanticipated threat presents an important challenge to Clinton. Unfortunately for her, she has no good choices. Her current strategy of ignoring Sanders has failed abysmally.