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Rush Limbaugh hit the nail on the head when he discussed the CNN collapse and the viral Trump meme the network is panicking over. America has, for decades, complained about mainstream media. And American voters elected a man who pledged to do something about it. That man is doing exactly that. Trump is fighting the

MSNBC contributor Wendy Sherman turned a lot of heads Tuesday with a strange proclamation about the 2016 Presidential election. In a townhall style discussion Sherman talked about communication from our leaders and how society makes decisions on who we elect. Her take on it all was very bizarre, and unfortunately, not based on any facts whatsoever.

Dear California, I know there are a lot of good folks out your way. I’ve met many and yes, I have good friends in California. Why they remain in the unfriendly confines of your state borders is a mystery to me. I don’t, however, believe everyone out that way is rotten. That said, you get

The Supreme Court will hear and decide on Trump’s travel ban, an executive order designed to temporarily halt travel from several countries that support terrorism. But not only will they hear the case, they have decided to allow the travel ban to be enacted while the full outcome is being determined. As we all know

Work for conservative media and call for violence against Democrats… your career will quickly come to an end. Work for leftist media and call for violence against Republicans… you’ll do well in your writing career. Such is the case for HuffPo writer Jesse Benn. Benn recently put out a tweet that has many rightfully quite

The anti-gun liberals just don’t get it. Let’s put it in the simplest of ways to explain the reality they just can’t seem to embrace. Law abiding gun owners by definition do not commit gun crime. Seattle politicians are perfect examples of this bankrupt, backwards thinking. They recently passed a massive gun tax, $25 per

ESPN show host Max Kellerman might have just provided one of the most obvious reasons thousands upon thousands of Americans are bailing on the network. ESPN just can’t knock it off with their anti-America rhetoric and nonsense. And they clearly have no clue who their market is. I’m guessing the vast majority of ESPN’s market probably

Last night’s Congressional baseball game provided a rare few hours of bipartisan fun for our nation’s seemingly broken government. There was no fighting. No arguing, no name calling and no hate. It was just baseball. Republicans vs Democrats. The night kicked off with a moving moment of prayer. A prayer specifically designed to show unity

When Paul Ryan pushed through his non-repeal, waste of time Obamacare amendment we knew it was going to be problematic in the Senate. We knew the Senate wouldn’t do much to actually fix all the problems Obamacare created. All the problems Paul Ryan and his House GOP refuse to address. The fact that the GOP

If Puerto Rico has its way two new Senators and five new House Representatives, most of which would likely be Democrat seats, will be added to Congress in the near future. And Puerto Rico would become the 51st State as a part of our United States Republic. Indeed, Puerto Rico voters decided in a non-binding referendum