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Jaws dropped when a Black Lives Matter Facebook page said “When we say ‘The People’ we mean Black People. Being intentional around[sic] being around Black People is an act of resistance. *This is an exclusively Black Space. So if you do not identify as Black and want to come because you love Black People, please respect the

Guns save lives. This fact simply cannot be disputed with any sane level of logic. If your life is in danger your chances of survival are significantly increased if you are armed and able to defend yourself. That should be common sense. And it is common sense for Kim Kardashian. She admits as much by

Just moments before James Comey began his testimony on alleged Russian involvement in the U.S. elections Nancy Pelosi sent out an email with a whopper of a suggestion. In the email, which was obviously timed to start false national media narratives, Pelosi said there was a scandal at play that could be the “biggest scandal

You might have seen the headlines. Google, the search engine enjoying a huge advantage in the online advertising world, recently made a jaw dropping announcement that it will introduce a sophisticated ad blocker in its Chrome browser. A browser, we’ll remind you, that is currently used by up to HALF of all internet users in

Today former FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on alleged Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections. The highly anticipated and very controversial testimony is being broadcast live beginning at 10:00 AM EST via CSPAN. Watch the testimony live by clicking the video above. Scroll down for a list

According to Joy Behar you can threaten and insult a President, you can make incredibly racist remarks and you can generally be as divisive as you want… provided you’re fighting against the President. No joke. Behar made comments defending Maher and Griffin on The View and she made it very clear where she stands. Oppose

Hollywood, New York elites, DC’s most powerful, the billionaire clubs, Michael Moore, Al Gore, Barack Obama and just about anyone who thinks liberalism is the answer is losing their minds right now as a result of Trump pulling back from the Paris climate scam. As a result of this you’re going to see a LOT

We’ve now written two different posts showing how big liberal companies, media properties and activist groups are successfully silencing conservatives on YouTube. In the case of YouTube, big advertisers used the excuse of a couple possibly offensive videos showing their ads as a reason to want their ads yanked from virtually any videos that could

Back during the primaries when Glenn Beck started lashing out and insulting those who supported Trump he knew his position was going to anger the very customers his business empire relied on. He even said as much on multiple occasions. But he may have underestimated how much damage would been done in the months and

What good is $36,000 in tuition if it doesn’t also teach you how to fail at life?  Students attending Butler University now have the option to learn everything they need to know about being non-productive in society, how to be triggered and how to retaliate against a President when doing so (for no good reason)