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Goldberg’s book title ‘Crazies to the Left of Me and Wimps to the Right’ is a profoundly accurate description of where we are as a nation today. The Republican party is a party of cowards in terms of its leadership and elected officials, and the left is just downright delusional on all fronts. In this

Apparently President Trump is ‘very happy’ with a bill that not only excludes funding for his border wall, but goes so far as to completely ban any funds from being used on it. For those curious about whether or not Trump supports Paul Ryan’s mega-government trillion dollar spending bill… let you’re curiosity come to an

President Trump is in damage control mode now that Paul Ryan has betrayed the Trump base on the big government spending deal. Trump has two choices on the horizon and he can’t run from the decision he’ll have to make. Option one is veto the disastrous Paul Ryan/Nancy Pelosi spending bill and option two is

Many of us are getting sick and tired of this bunk narrative Republicans (and many in conservative media) are spewing about their healthcare bill. It’s not a repeal. Let me spell that out again and let’s all say it together. THE GOP HEALTHCARE BILL IS NOT AN OBAMACARE REPEAL. It’s an amendment. It’s an amendment

We’re only 3 months into the Donald Trump Presidency, but with Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership refusing to fund his agenda he’s having to do some early leg work on the 2020 campaign trail. Indeed, President Trump’s campaign operation just launched a $1.5 million ad buy to air a spot called ‘First 100 Days.’

With Republicans like Paul Ryan, who needs Democrats? That’s a question many of us who actually pay attention have been struggling with for the better part of a decade now. Paul Ryan and his GOP ilk have betrayed us time and again. So why does he continue getting elected, you might ask? Simple. He represents

In our earlier story titled Top U.S. Navy Officer States North Korea Threat ‘Worst I’ve Ever Seen,’ Warns Crisis is ‘Real’ it’s made clear the North Korea situation is getting worse, not better. And as we’ve said before, war with North Korea would not be a walk in the park. It would, in fact, be

Much of the midwest and south was dealing with heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms for the better part of the day yesterday. But the Texas town of Canton took the worst of it. Three tornados ripped through Van Zandt and two surrounding counties east of Dallas. Canton appears to have taken the worst blow with five

The Multnomah County Republican Party registered for Portland Rose Parade this year and for the pro-fascist group ‘antifa’ that move is simply unacceptable. The antifa group appears to want our world ruled by a bizarre mix of anarchy and fascism, so having a Republican group opposed to their agenda out in public is just not

We here at LibertyNEWS have covered the global war drums for years. We’ve spent a good deal of time on the ground in the Middle East and we heavily covered Russia’s moves against the west in Eastern Europe. Many of our stories were ahead of their time and often times turned out to be spot on

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