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Republicans and their allies in media deceitfully call what just passed the house a “repeal and replace” bill. The bill is not a repeal or a replacement of Obamacare. It is merely an amendment that provides an avenue for states to work towards waivers that create high risk (pricier) pools of pre-existing condition customers and

A healthcare collapse storm is on the horizon and it’s going to be ugly. Bad news for folks in Iowa who get coverage in the individual marketplace. As Iowans probably already know, two of the three largest individual plan providers recently left Iowa, a move that left tens of thousands of Americans without coverage. The

I realize that YouTubers don’t need backstory on this so I apologize ahead of time for putting you through it. But for most of our readers a little context is needed up front. Yes, as the title suggests, YouTube is definitely using the ‘ad boycott’ as a mechanism to shut down conservative YouTubers. There is

Let’s start out with what a social justice warrior student yelled at a scientist during a panel discussion. “I can’t take anything you said seriously because you said that washing machines were more liberating than the birth control pill,” and “You don’t know anything! You are the least credible human being I’ve like ever encountered in

Goldberg’s book title ‘Crazies to the Left of Me and Wimps to the Right’ is a profoundly accurate description of where we are as a nation today. The Republican party is a party of cowards in terms of its leadership and elected officials, and the left is just downright delusional on all fronts. In this

Apparently President Trump is ‘very happy’ with a bill that not only excludes funding for his border wall, but goes so far as to completely ban any funds from being used on it. For those curious about whether or not Trump supports Paul Ryan’s mega-government trillion dollar spending bill… let you’re curiosity come to an

President Trump is in damage control mode now that Paul Ryan has betrayed the Trump base on the big government spending deal. Trump has two choices on the horizon and he can’t run from the decision he’ll have to make. Option one is veto the disastrous Paul Ryan/Nancy Pelosi spending bill and option two is

Many of us are getting sick and tired of this bunk narrative Republicans (and many in conservative media) are spewing about their healthcare bill. It’s not a repeal. Let me spell that out again and let’s all say it together. THE GOP HEALTHCARE BILL IS NOT AN OBAMACARE REPEAL. It’s an amendment. It’s an amendment

We’re only 3 months into the Donald Trump Presidency, but with Paul Ryan and the GOP leadership refusing to fund his agenda he’s having to do some early leg work on the 2020 campaign trail. Indeed, President Trump’s campaign operation just launched a $1.5 million ad buy to air a spot called ‘First 100 Days.’

With Republicans like Paul Ryan, who needs Democrats? That’s a question many of us who actually pay attention have been struggling with for the better part of a decade now. Paul Ryan and his GOP ilk have betrayed us time and again. So why does he continue getting elected, you might ask? Simple. He represents