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Oh my… this could mix things up a bit. A Texas pol who is close to Perry has been telling a few key strategists that the nation’s longest-serving governor sees a vacuum and is waiting to be summoned into the race. This source believes that could happen by late summer. Without fellow Southerners Haley Barbour

I’m hoping to make this my last post on the Newt Gingrich self-implosion going on as a result of his terrible choice of words last weekend regarding Paul Ryan’s budget plan. We’ve already written about it several times (see this , this and this) so it’s well covered here at the Campaign Trail Report. This

In 2006 then Republican Incumbent Senator John Ensign fought off an onslaught of Republican losses and held the Nevada Senate seat with 55% of the vote. Now that Ensign resigned, opening the way for Dean Heller to be appointed and begin mounting a big Senate campaign to keep the seat in 2012, the chances of

Both Steve Foley (Steve and I write most of the posts here) were in New York’s 23rd Congressional District in 2009 during the special election that should have yielded a win by conservative candidate Doug Hoffman. We both remember very well two factors that played a role in the loss that year. 1) Terrible campaign

News that Democrat Senator Herb Kohl is retiring and will not seek re-election in 2012 has the political world spinning to figure out what will happen with the seat moving forward. Kohl’s decision to step down open’s up the seat for possible GOP takeover and puts Democrats in a very tough position defending it. 2012’s

As the GOP primary begins to kick into gear, much is happening across the board and a lot of dust is in the air. Trump and Huckabee are out, Bachmann appears to be closer to a run, and Newt Gingrich is imploding before he hits his first debate. At the end of the second quarter

Yesterday I wrote about Newt Gingrich waving the white flag with movement voters over his strong support of mandates and opposition  to serious entitlement reform. Since then, Gingrich has found himself squarely in the middle of a political firing squad. House Republicans are sure to step back when it comes to endorsements, and now both

Some strange news is hitting the scene today with regards to Newt Gingrich and his political strategy going into 2012. Apparently he’s waving the white flag when it comes to working for conservative voters, and instead making his campaign all about moderate Republicans. At least, this is the only conclusion I can come up with

The only surprise about Donald Trump not running for President is that some are surprised he’s not actually running. Be that as it may, here’s the news… Donald Trump is not running. After a roller-coaster flirtation with a presidential bid, Donald Trump bowed out of the 2012 contest in true Trump fashion, sayng that while

On Friday I posted about the coming weekend announcement by Mike Huckabee on his plans for 2012. As suggested in that post… I didn’t think he would run for President. As it turns out… I was right. The bottom line is fairly simple to understand. Like so many others “looking” to run in 2012, the

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