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It’s a great honor and pleasure to write the first OFFICIAL post of the upcoming Liberty News Network. This post now appears on the “temporary” site in place for the coming “Campaign Trail Report,” the soon to be official campaign trail HQ for the Patriot Action Network and What will be covered here? This

First, the problem. Apparently financial institutions have been and are tossing around mortgage loans like hot cakes in an effort to package them with others and make a quick buck. This is known to most, but not known by many is through the greed of these actions many of these banks are not going through

Never mind the fact the Constitution is what enabled a once free-market society to produce a show like “The View,” along with all the companies who purchase advertising during the show… allowing it to profit. Never mind the Bill of Rights that ensures idiots like Joy Behar can then trash the document that brought her

Fellow Tea Partiers, PLEASE work over time to call lawmakers, members of the media and “leaders” within the movement out on this one. Read on… According to, the word Fraud means the following: According to the Collins English Dictionary 10th Edition fraud can be defined as: “deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence,

Huh… first we learn that Wall Street Bankers used government to make it legal for them to scam America and steal trillions of dollars right out of our pockets. Now we learn that union bosses are using the international labor movement to ignore U.S. law in organizing new labor unions across America. How do we

I gotta say… the latest video in a spree of random beatings is giving me chills. I can’t for the life of me understand why some within our society have stooped to the level of tolerating such activity. The following video is the latest in slew of videos showing a group beating an individual in

Consider this post one of MANY to follow yesterday’s post about the greatest theft in the History of mankind. For those who haven’t yet read it, please take a moment to read “The Real Housewives of Wall Street” at the Rolling Stone. (Hard to believe I’m linking to an RS article…) But if you want

Yesterday, while taking a break from a client’s project and stepping away from the Mac for a few hours, I ended up watching “Inside Job,” a documentary about the events that led to the 2008 financial collapse. First, let me say there is much in this documentary I find off-putting. As is the case with