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Two border ranchers recently appeared on Fox News to respond to Nancy Pelosi’s ignorance about the border. In the segment the two made it clear they’ve invited Pelosi to visit their property, an invitation that has yet to be responded to. But they also said something that will have your jaw dropped. During the segment

A billion. That’s what Trump wanted in the funding bill. A billion is a LOT of money to you and I, but in the grand scheme of a huge government it’s nothing. Yet for Paul Ryan and the rest of the cowards who constantly follow him off the political cliff it appears just too damn

An Oregon engineer set out on a mission to work with local media, state agencies and anyone who would listen to provide one simple solution. Making an outdated traffic light system more logical. More logical in a way that makes it all safer and helps citizens avoid unnecessary traffic light camera tickets. Mats Järlström is his

I’m going to tell you something many of you probably already know, something all of you don’t want to hear. If Paul Ryan is successful in delaying border wall funding until 2018 he will successfully delay it well beyond 2018. And likely indefinitely. Paul Ryan doesn’t want the border secured. He never has, he doesn’t

While I’m generally no fan of a progressive tax plan, Donald Trump’s 2016 Tax Reform Plan released during the campaign was one I could get behind. This because it took a knife to our horrendous tax structure and brought down taxes across the board. We all win. Not just the rich and the poor. I’m

The 2018 campaign cycle will kick off towards the end of this year and Republicans are terrified of voter backlash. For years Republicans promised a full repeal of Obamacare. Last year we were told a border wall would be funded. We were told massive tax reform for ALL (not just businesses) would happen. We were told

I work in conservative social circles. Conservative social environments that my libertarian streak sometimes puts me at odds with on a small range of important positions. For example, I do not support war with North Korea or Syria. No, I’m not an isolationist. Not at all. If one of those two nations were to fire

Back in October of 1996 Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of the then startup Fox News Channel, hired Bill O’Reilly as anchor of The O’Reilly Report. What a run it has been since that hire. What a run. Now more than 20 years later and many, many years as the nation’s highest rated cable news

Many of President Trump’s biggest supporters haven’t been thrilled with the way he seems to have let Clinton get away with a lot of the legal trouble she was in towards the end of the 2016 campaign. During the campaign, I’ll remind you, Trump essentially said that if he was President Hillary Clinton would be

Let’s face it. A growing number of American universities are caving to political correctness, ignorance of free speech and a cowardly approach to individuals incapable of dealing with the realities of the world. This is dangerous in the long term because students, at a time when their mental strength should be fine tuned for entry

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