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Neil Gorsuch was chosen for the Supreme Court for good reason. The man is an incredible case in integrity, honor and respect for the constitution. He’s a superb pick. And if you missed his opening statement as the confirmation hearings began you need to take a few moments to watch it in full. This is

The media is tripping over itself trying to convince Americans that Trump’s budget will kill off Meals on Wheels. This isn’t true, of course, but you wouldn’t know that if all you do is watch the fake news networks. Will some funding end up being cut? Sure. That’s because funding is being cut across the

UPDATE: Meals on Wheels Got THIS Shocking News Going Into the Weekend (Click here for full update) For the mainstream media sending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to support terrorists organizations in the middle east isn’t worth covering. But God forbid Trump dare propose cutting $250K from Meals on Wheels. A budget move that,

#RINOcare is leading the news cycle and for good reason. The entire bill is built upon a network of blatant lies and broken promises. And of course we all have a right to know what impact the bill will have on our lives before congress tries to shove it down our throats. But if there

#RINOcare = Repeal in Name Only Incredible. Absolutely astonishing. After years and years of full, clean repeals, years of campaign promises and no past mention of “repeal and replace” in campaign literature, Paul Ryan somehow thinks we’re all going to buy into the snake oil he’s peddling. This is exactly what they promised, he claims.

Sales of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line were supposed to slump according to the desires of the American left. The brand has been slammed by boycotts and countless controversies, all fueled by a hatred of anyone in any way connected to Donald Trump. Efforts all designed to cause economic harm to the brand. The boycotts were

Those who follow what I’ve written about Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 know my feelings on the matter. I believed his proposed legislation would be a betrayal long before it was presented to the public. I predicted this time and again, knowing full well where Ryan’s campaign cash comes from and where his real loyalties are.

If you haven’t already done so I highly recommend you read our earlier story about Paul Ryan’s Obamacare 2.0 to get a rundown on the bill and what it does in its current form. You can read the bill (American Healthcare Act) by clicking here. One of the most prominent narratives Ryan’s PR branch is

Paul Ryan and his leadership team appear ready to deliver one of the biggest betrayals voters have seen in decades. After eight years of the House passing full repeal bills and running on campaign promises of full repeal, Ryan is ready to yet again move against the will of those who put Republicans in power. Let it

Judicial Watch isn’t waiting to see what Congress comes up with in any future investigations of the deep state intel leaks slamming Trump’s administration. The non-profit government watchdog just announced a blistering lawsuit aimed at gaining access to information they previously requested through FOIA, but have so far been ignored on. Here’s what the lawsuit

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