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I work in conservative social circles. Conservative social environments that my libertarian streak sometimes puts me at odds with on a small range of important positions. For example, I do not support war with North Korea or Syria. No, I’m not an isolationist. Not at all. If one of those two nations were to fire

Back in October of 1996 Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of the then startup Fox News Channel, hired Bill O’Reilly as anchor of The O’Reilly Report. What a run it has been since that hire. What a run. Now more than 20 years later and many, many years as the nation’s highest rated cable news

Many of President Trump’s biggest supporters haven’t been thrilled with the way he seems to have let Clinton get away with a lot of the legal trouble she was in towards the end of the 2016 campaign. During the campaign, I’ll remind you, Trump essentially said that if he was President Hillary Clinton would be

Let’s face it. A growing number of American universities are caving to political correctness, ignorance of free speech and a cowardly approach to individuals incapable of dealing with the realities of the world. This is dangerous in the long term because students, at a time when their mental strength should be fine tuned for entry

UPDATE: A couple other media outlets are beginning to cover this since we first published it on Monday, April 12th. It’s important that this gets out so please share it far and wide! Paul Ryan may be planning to completely betray the Republican base yet again. This time on a continuing resolution that once again kicks

Last week after President Trump ordered a 60 missile strong attack on a Syrian airbase many of us immediately began to question whether or not we were swatting at a hornet’s nest in the middle east. This because both Russia and Iran are deeply involved in funding and fighting against stated U.S. Interests in Syria.

As our good friend Ken Crow notes in his column today, a paraphrased closing statement from then candidate Donald Trump says it all. “We will be respected again, we will be feared again, and we will Make America Great Again.” Indeed, Donald Trump has just proven that when he says don’t cross a line he

The eight years of Obama’s fake “red lines” that, when crossed presented zero consequences, are over. President Donald Trump just days ago warned lines have been crossed and there would be response. He wasn’t bluffing. Last night the United States fired 59 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in Syria. The attack, according to reports,

Well, for those wondering which side Trump was really on during the disastrous #RINOcare battle, you now have your answer. Big government, over-regulated, price gouged, government controlled, socialist healthcare is what Trump supports. And if you don’t support the same, you’re not on “the team.” At least, this is what Trump very much implied this

“We just pulled it” President Donald Trump delivered those four words to the Washington Post just minutes ago following the end of a disastrous few weeks of Paul Ryan’s mismanagement of an amendment to Obamacare. Indeed, the American Healthcare Act is dead on arrival. The entire multi-week scenario is shocking. But the past 24 hours