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Uh oh. Looks like mainstream (fake) media may soon be eating crow. The mainstream media has, for weeks now, absolutely hammered Trump over his tweet suggesting Trump tower had been “wiretapped.” They’ve worked overtime to paint him as a dishonest President who isn’t fit for command. But an explosive new report is out suggesting Trump

For nearly a month back in 2011 Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker waged political warfare against unions and as many as 100,000 protesters. Protesters who literally took control of the state Capitol. Protests that saw multiple liberal Senators flee the state to hide in Illinois in an attempt to keep from voting on Walker’s collective bargaining

House Speaker Paul Ryan is in panic mode, doing everything possible to sell his poisonous #RINOcare amendment. He’s running a massive PR campaign with huge earned media operations, he’s strong-arming conservative house members and he’s lighting up email inboxes with propaganda designed to conceal reality. Just minutes ago, for example, Ryan sent out the following

North Korea. It’s a nation and topic we haven’t talked about much here at This because, like many of you, we generally find ourselves rolling our eyes when the small communist nation does something provocative. And truth be told we’re generally opposed to conversation that includes scenarios of necessary war.  Most wars of our time

As I painfully wrote yesterday, Donald Trump is all in for #RINOcare. I mean, he’s not just tinkering with support for the bad law, he’s one of the two top salesmen. Indeed, Trump and Paul Ryan are using up a ton of political capital trying to sell the Obamacare amendment known as the American Healthcare

Thanks to dishonest messaging on the part of house leadership there is a lot of confusion as to what exactly is at the core of the problems the conservative movement has with #RINOcare (also known as #SWAMPcare, or #RYANcare). House leadership will reference the amendment as a repeal, for example, when the Ryan legislation is

If you’re like me you’re probably constantly puzzled at the words verbally vomited from Paul Ryan’s mouth when it comes to his dishonest explanation of his Obamacare amendment. It’s the repeal they promised, he claims. It’s exactly what America needs, so he says. It’s the solution that will solve all of Obamacare’s problems. But it

Paul Ryan and his leadership team have drawn their line in the sand. It’s a done deal for them. They will betray the American electorate on Obamacare and we all know it. Their amendment of Obamacare is not a repeal. And their replacement is pretty much more of the same. Big government controlled, taxpayer subsidized

Neil Gorsuch was chosen for the Supreme Court for good reason. The man is an incredible case in integrity, honor and respect for the constitution. He’s a superb pick. And if you missed his opening statement as the confirmation hearings began you need to take a few moments to watch it in full. This is

The media is tripping over itself trying to convince Americans that Trump’s budget will kill off Meals on Wheels. This isn’t true, of course, but you wouldn’t know that if all you do is watch the fake news networks. Will some funding end up being cut? Sure. That’s because funding is being cut across the