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You can’t possibly be serious. The screamfest over Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord is amusing beyond words.  Among the complainers is Tim Cook who I remind you makes his iPhones in China which was immune from mandatory carbon emission cuts.  If Tim Cook cared about carbon emissions he would make them somewhere else. But he hasn’t and he doesn’t. Then

The last few days have brought into extraordinarily-stark relief why I believe there’s no saving this nation.  Not personally for nearly everyone, and not collectively either. I’ll start with the “newsy” part of it, because it’s topical and important.  Let’s begin here: It’s easy to use numbers to define health realities, but life is far different

There is this ugly and pervasive “political” view that Islamic Terrorism is some “new thing.”  It usually comes with some line of crap about how we’ve “created” these monsters by invading their nations and displacing “their” people, and that “we” (the western world generally) are responsible. This is a bald lie. Islamic terrorism dates back centuries.

I have tried to warn young people and their parents. Not only do they not want to hear it, they make excuses — like “oh, I can work for the government for 10 years and no matter how much I rack up in loans they’ll forgive it.” That appears to be going away: Trump is

Let’s take three at once here. First, the alleged Comey Memo.  If that memo is real — that is, if there really was a conversation between Trump and Comey in which he tried to talk Comey out of investigating Mike Flynn then there’s real trouble brewing.  What’s worse is that from reports thus far it appears the memo does exist. That’s impeachable.

The topic line says it all.  It’s the way both sides of the political aisle shut down discussion on any particular topic they don’t want to have a civilized debate on, especially when money is involved and someone’s scamming someone else. Take the abortion issue generally.  What always comes out at a pro-life march?  Photos of an aborted fetus. Why?

I saw an interesting statistic the other day that put into stark relief what technology does. Photographer ‘day rates’ at major publications have crashed — from $3,000 or more a day to under $300. And that’s for the really good photographers. Why?  Because print media is gone and digital media is increasingly “free” online – although there

The Leftside screamfest on Comey’s firing is amusing. Let’s look at this, and what I’ve said before on Comey and the email issues. First, for the FBI director to issue what amounts to an indictment in public and then recommend no indictment is something that I had never seen before — and said so.  That was clearly a political decision, not a law-enforcement

If you want to know why fixing “health care” is so difficult you need only read this article. From Akron to Youngstown and Canton to Cleveland, as in cities and towns across the country, workers who once walked out of factories at the end of each shift now stream out of hospitals. While manufacturing employment

Editor’s Note: The following is by Karl Denninger of Market Ticker.  The lies are ridiculous. “Obamacare” has not been repealed, nor replaced. Deductibles and premiums will not come down, because exactly nothing has been done to address the underlying cost of medical care, and that is, of course, what drives the cost of “health insurance.” It also probably won’t pass the