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Note the nostrum here…. One of Donald Trump’s few universally welcomed campaign promises was to do something about the prices of pharmaceutical drugs. Most Americans recognize that prices are too high, and are bothered by the rise of pharmaceutical price gouging….. The key power is found in the “import relief” law — an important yet unused provision

I claim no special power here, nor any inside information.  This is simply arithmetic coupled with logic.  I’ll give you a “decision tree” sort of format with the critical points outlined. Note that if you’re going to mitigate any of what I see coming around the bend you need to do it right damn now, not wait.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the latest incident of corporate thuggery on a United Flight. United, you see, had a full plane.  They also had failed to plan and needed to get some of their employees to a location where said plane was going.  Having offered up to $800 for people to give

Let’s lay out the parameters for a bill, a fairly-modest update to my two previous missives on this point here and here (note the dates) and which can be easily turned into formal legislative language: All providers must post, in their offices and on a public web site without any requirement to sign in or otherwise

Friday afternoon the Republicans “pulled” the AHCA without a vote. This is the common way that the party in power makes sure you never get a recorded answer these days as to who opposes and who supports some piece of legislation: If there is no majority to pass it, they never vote at all. If you think about

I had an “interesting” debate on Twitter last night with someone who is involved in the health insurance game in some way and apparently has cancer patients as clients.  He is a strong shill for the “Obamacare Repeal/Replace” process. The debate was plenty fun and decent right up until I pointed out that on the math the

Health care is not about “coverage” or “insurance.”  It’s about price. Therefore any discussion about “coverage”, “insurance” or similar is an intentional deception until and unless price has been addressed. The facts are that the federal government spent $1,417 billion dollars last fiscal year between Medicare and Medicaid.  In 1998 the federal government spent $379.95 billion dollars on the same programs.  That approaches

Where is the discussion of facts when it comes to health care? Why do we keep talking about the cost of “health insurance” when that’s a symptom and not the problem? Why do we keep talking about “subsidies” (tax credits, etc)? If you’re coughing incessantly because you have lung cancer do you simply take a cough suppressant and call that a “fix” when you

There’s a polemic going around that the “reform” we need with H1b visas, which are issued to “smart people” from other nations, is to greatly increase their numbers. That is a damned lie. The H1b allegedly allows employers to fill jobs that there are no Americans to fill with a given set of skills.  It’s a goal that is

What more needs to be said? In Bangalore, India, heart surgeons perform daily state-of-the-art heart surgery on adults and children at an average cost of $1,800. For the record, that’s about 2% of the $90,000 that the average heart surgery costs in the United States. And when it comes to the quality of the heart