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As the terrorist attack in San Bernardino played out on national television and pundits were trying to decide whether or not to call it work place violence it was reported that there may have been explosive devices used by radical Islamic terrorists Farook and Malik. It turns out that those explosives had actually been improvised

Back in 2011 we facetiously noted that innocent Americans were being added to terror watchlists and No-Fly lists at an alarming pace. So much so, we opined, that by 2020 every person in the United States would be deemed a terrorist and that the entire world would be on a government watchlist by 2025. We

The debt avalanches. Once it accumulates enough mass, and momentum is not sufficient to stop its collapse, it overwhelms its host, and will come crashing down on the rest of the system, too. Across the planet, there are hundreds of governments – local, state and national – as well as business and households who are

The Islamic State loves to share propaganda videos of beheadings and mass murders of innocent victims, including children and those whose only crime against Islam is that they are Christians. Thus, it is with great pleasure and a smile that we share the following short video clip from the Syrian border in which an Al-Queda

Are we alone? For decades the government has denied that beings of extraterrestrial origin have made contact with humans. But a wide body of evidence suggests otherwise, including some recent statements from NASA insiders. The latest comes from none other than astronaut Scott Kelly who has spent more time in space than any other American. Kelly

The price of oil has long been a key indicator of economic health and stability. And that index is tanking fast. In the last few years, dramatic overproduction of oil has become a major tool of geopolitical conflict. As prices have plummeted from $110/barrel to $40, Americans have tapped huge sources of fracking and flooded

Never mind who poked at the hive and stirred up an angry storm. Those are lessons of blowback for those with memory and perspective. Right now the reactionary fervor is all that matters. Indeed, it is difficult to focus on much else. In hindsight, the nation became sick and tired of the wars and the

The threat of an ISIS attack on U.S. soil has become a tangible possibility and a perhaps an inevitable one, with the Paris attacks demonstrating how easily terrorists can infiltrate Western nations and target public areas. The political chaos that is enveloping the globe with the demise of the dollar and the eruption of war

Job losses across America continue to mount, housing is topping and recent reports from some of the nation’s leading retailers show that there has been no real, sustainable recovery since the crash of 2008. This, according to trend analyst Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends, is why nothing the Federal Reserve does with interest rates in

As political tensions heat up it is becoming clear that the world’s super powers are vying for control of resources like oil, water, metals and food. And though developed nations have thus far avoided any significant clashes with each other, the proxy wars being waged in the middle east and Europe are a slow burning fuse that will

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