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Editor’s Note: The following was posted on Saturday but is very relevant today. The truth is the federal government is not only spying on Trump, but actively spies on all of us. Trump’s call for an investigation is likely very legitimate, but his call should go a step further to include a call for spying

The left-leaning mainstream media has spent the last 24 hours marginalizing yesterday’s Tweets from President Donald Trump indicating that the Obama administration was actively wire tapping phones in Trump Tower ahead of the November election. Jokes, insults and spin have been the order of the day as popular liberal mouthpieces have trashed the President, his

At this time, we can only speculate what was weighing upon banker Kevin Bell before he jumped. Short of a note, or any direct evidence, the powers that be have determined he was simply depressed. It may also be, that the closer we all come to a set of devastating events that will wipe out

Though many financial pundits make the argument that the U.S. economy is booming as a result of millions of new jobs, a healthy housing market and record stock market levels, former Reagan budget director David Stockman  says that the next few months will see fiscal, financial and economic upheaval. In a recent interview with Greg

According to longtime White House correspondent April Ryan, President Donald Trump is a racist. She directed her comments at White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. In the exchange Ryan says Trump made racist claims while still a candidate when he used the word “we” to describe Americans: Ryan: When he was candidate Trump, he said

*** The video in this report may contain disturbing content for some viewers*** If there’s one thing we’ve learned about countries that have allowed large immigrant populations from Islamic nations to enter their borders, it’s that once these “political refugees” and asylum seekers get a foothold, they actively work to instill the laws of Sharia rather than assimilating

Earlier this month Senator Bernie Sanders joined CNN’s Erin Burnett for an interview and was abruptly cut-off after he made a joke about the network disseminating fake news. CNN and their mainstream media support group immediately went into crisis response mode, issuing statements countering the claims, but the video clearly showed that Sanders lost audio

Anyone who feels like the American Dream is dead can now cite solid evidence of its abrupt end. It seems that eight years of life under Comrade Obama was not only difficult economically, but was fiscally difficult for most American families because his administration had done so much to restrict economic freedom – until his

Embattled Venezuelan leader Nicholas Maduro is following in the footsteps of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump – in dissing CNN and calling them out as “fake news.” Indeed, it seems that world leaders are now officially onto their tricks. Only weeks ago, President-elect Trump denied a CNN reporter a question at his first press conference,

Is it sweet revenge, or just desserts? Gen. Michael Flynn resigned suddenly from Trump’s cabinet after it came to light that the National Security Advisor had not told the Vice President or President about his conversations with Russia regarding sanctions. A scandal has since unfolded, and will continue in the media; Gen. Flynn has fallen

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