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Steve Elliott is a husband, father, author and co-founder of Grassfire. Steve launched the concept of Grassfire in 2000 and today heads up one the nation’s largest, and fastest growing online grassroots citizen action networks with more than one million active team members, an affiliated news website ( and a social action network ( A guest on dozens of radio and television programs, Steve has appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, CNN, CNBC, Alan Colmes, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck and Janet Parshall. He is the author of The Grassfire Effect: How One Small Spark Can Change Your World (2005: Broadman & Holman) that outlines a fundamental principle of individual and organizational growth. A graduate of Regent University (M.A. Public Policy), Steve is also the author of 21 Supreme Court Issues Facing America (2006), The Book On Obama (2012) and Thriving In Exile (2012).

Historians may mark the third week of July, 2017, as the date the Republic died. I’m talking about the BETRAYAL that is about to happen, disguised as an ObamaCare repeal. This is not a repeal. In fact, the Senators couldn’t even call it a repeal in the official name of the bill, which is called

Barack Obama fooled us. And now we’re being asked to play the fool for House Speaker Paul Ryan and his RINO-led ObamaCare 2.0. How did Obama fool us? + + How Obama Fooled Us… Think back to the ObamaCare debates of 2009 and 2010. What dominated the talk shows? The employer mandate — how dare

Dad, you matter. You really matter. In many ways, you are the hinge of our society. The demographic data makes this plain. If you doubt it, just ask your kids. On Father’s Day, fully embrace who you are and the vital role you play. And enjoy your day! (A devotional version of the same message

Here’s the “good news” buried in the sequester showdown: The Big Lie of Big Government is about to be exposed — if members of Congress will stand strong and not be bullied by Obama. Despite the President’s posturing to the contrary, the entire sequester “crisis” is a fabrication of Obama himself. The idea originated in the

This weekend, I was confronted by a startling revelation. In Europe, America is the Nanny State. I know here on this side of the pond we view our European cousins as the true socialists. We think Europe is further down the slippery slope of statism and we look to them as the (bad) example of

One-hundred-and-two years ago, Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, and the world has been a better place ever since. Little-Known Fact About The Gipper… In honor of the Gipper’s birthday, Grassfire is releasing a special Video Tribute that highlights a little-known fact about Reagan’s journey to the White House. Please share this with your

President Obama’s second Inaugural Address amounted to a collectivist creed — a clearly delineated expression of his worldview based on a self-perceived divine mandate that is disconnected from the Founder’s vision of fundamental truths. He managed to convert a fundamental principle of our American way of life into a divine mandate for massive expansion of

I want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts and comments on my reflections on the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy. Many agreed with my thesis that the breakdown of the family is the prime cause of the cultural chaos we see so prevalent around us. Some thought I was partly right. And a few thought I

I will make no attempt to “make sense” of the horrific tragedy that devastated the community of Newtown, Connecticut, and has shaken our nation. How can we make sense of the senseless murder of twenty children and seven adults? How can we make sense of one deranged individual who was in such a dark place

Five weeks ago, I shared with you some lessons I had gleaned from a 2,500-year-old letter to exiles that helped me wake up the morning after the election, shake off the discouragement of defeat, and immediately start building and planting. That letter has inspired many people to break free of the sinking feeling of being