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Steve Elliott is a husband, father, author and co-founder of Grassfire. Steve launched the concept of Grassfire in 2000 and today heads up one the nation’s largest, and fastest growing online grassroots citizen action networks with more than one million active team members, an affiliated news website ( and a social action network ( A guest on dozens of radio and television programs, Steve has appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, CNN, CNBC, Alan Colmes, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck and Janet Parshall. He is the author of The Grassfire Effect: How One Small Spark Can Change Your World (2005: Broadman & Holman) that outlines a fundamental principle of individual and organizational growth. A graduate of Regent University (M.A. Public Policy), Steve is also the author of 21 Supreme Court Issues Facing America (2006), The Book On Obama (2012) and Thriving In Exile (2012).

Four More Years…of exile. But there is hope. Please read my thoughts on where we go from here. –Steve I’m writing to you to explain why, even after a late and discouraging evening that stretched past 1am on the east coast, I was back at the office before 8am this morning. And why the sinking

The real impact of the VP debate could be a further erosion of Obama’s support in many Midwestern states, even states that should be solidly Obama. And it’s something that can only be understood by those who have lived in the Heartland (or happen to be married to a Heartlander, like me). The general thinking

The news that conservative media activist Andrew Breitbart passed away last night was sobering and challenging. It is sobering that life is so fragile. We are each one breath away from eternity. Breitbart was 43 years old and by all accounts just hitting his life stride. About three years ago, he assumed a more visible

Liberty News’ Eric Odom has posted an excellent “Delegate Tracker” report that explains the GOP presidential lay of the land post-Michigan. According to Odom, the news for Romney is good. As Odom points out, the GOP race is “shifting away from perception and into reality.” In other words, symbolic victories in early states are being

In assessing what he calls Obama’s “contraception misdirection,” Mark Steyn of National Review exposes the Obama team’s failed moral, political and economic philosophy in one essay. Steyn notes that we have a President who is intentionally picking a fight over birth control in an effort to portray Republicans as cultural Neanderthals — but in doing

One could argue that President Obama’s just-announced budget is a great, big, 256-page lie. But let’s be specific. Here are three lies (quotes come from Obama’s speech on Monday): Lie #1 — $4 trillion in deficit reduction “If Congress adopts this budget, then along with the cuts that we’ve already made, we’ll be able to

Heritage Foundation has published its “2012 Index of Dependence on Government” and is reporting “a level of dependence on our government that has never been seen before.” Heritage reports that 67.3 million people depend on the government for assistance and 70% of the federal budget now is dedicated to “individual assistance programs.” Plus, Heritage reports

UPDATE 2/10 — It’s Happening Obama has announced his “compromise” on this issue. We’ve been “Stupaked.” See my original post from 2/8 below. Here are Action Items: Action #1 — CALL TALK RADIO Call national and local talk radio shows today and say, “WE ARE BEING STUPAKED.” When asked to explain, say: “Obama’s compromise is

The entire 2012 presidential election could well hinge on one number: the unemployment rate. Here’s my prediction: Some time around July or August, the official unemployment rate will dip below 8.0%. At that point, Obama will say that “unemployment is lower than when I took office” and will ride this one statistic to re-election. That

Yesterday was one of the most bizarre days in my 11 years here at Grassfire. I started out the day thinking that one of the biggest stories and scandals of the entire Obama administration was about to break wide open. I ended the day concluding that Donald Trump helped “wag the dog.” Allow me to