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Steve Elliott is a husband, father, author and co-founder of Grassfire. Steve launched the concept of Grassfire in 2000 and today heads up one the nation’s largest, and fastest growing online grassroots citizen action networks with more than one million active team members, an affiliated news website ( and a social action network ( A guest on dozens of radio and television programs, Steve has appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, CNN, CNBC, Alan Colmes, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck and Janet Parshall. He is the author of The Grassfire Effect: How One Small Spark Can Change Your World (2005: Broadman & Holman) that outlines a fundamental principle of individual and organizational growth. A graduate of Regent University (M.A. Public Policy), Steve is also the author of 21 Supreme Court Issues Facing America (2006), The Book On Obama (2012) and Thriving In Exile (2012).

Barack Obama’s faith is misplaced. At today’s National Prayer Breakfast, Obama once again established his personal theological basis for everything from ObamaCare to taking on Wall Street to bombing Libya: “[P]art of that belief comes from my faith in the idea that I am my brother’s keeper and I am my sister’s keeper; that as

George Will’s excellent column on the real-life impact of ObamaCare on jobs sent me on an Internet “wild source chase” for one specific quote. In the column Will says: Barack Obama has written that during his very brief sojourn in the private sector he felt like “a spy behind enemy lines.” This is powerful stuff

At least two moments in this week’s Tea Party debate exposed Rick Perry and damaged his standing with the conservative base. 1. His statement in defense of mandatory HPV vaccinations that ““I am always going to err on the side of life” was the definition of Pandora’s statist box as several commentators have noted. Mandated

Rick Perry may have had one of those debate moments that leaves a lasting impression on core GOP voters and he had very little to do with it. If you watched to the end then you heard Brian Williams’ trap question on the number of people who have been executed in Texas under Perry’s watch.

An 18-year old shows up on the campus of one of the nation’s most respected public universities and within hours is confronted with the modern American university’s moral dilemma. Over the summer, the school has required her (and her parents) to complete an online “test” to ensure that she understands the dangers of drug and

Seven members of Congress were just in essence given the power to raise your taxes. Allow me to explain. As you know, earlier this month the Big Spenders in D.C. passed the Dirty Debt Deal which created a 12-member “Super Committee” charged with identifying $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over the next 10 years before