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Check out this crazy footage taken in Bozeman, Montana on Wednesday (Dec.9, 2015) by amateur videographer Thomas Forwood Jr. A big storm moving in caused temps to drop dramatically; 19F in about 15 minutes and winds to gust around 50 MPH, creating this MASSIVE tumbleweed migration across field and pond. Thousands of tumbleweeds were blown

Straight shooter. Hughes Springs Texas Police Chief Randy Kennedy has a lot to say and he is not afraid to say it. The most powerful of which is: “You are not our potentate, sir. You are our servant.” “If you try to disarm us sir, then you will cause a revolution in this country to

Knowing this I believe it is safe to say that Good Samaritan Peter Gold saved the woman from not just being kidnapped but from being raped. The good news is the perp; Euric Cain has been arrested. I bet Gold didn’t get a call from Obama praising his unflinching heroism (at the risk of his

An African muslim migrant by the name of Ebou Bah is so incensed over Trump’s call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the US: “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” That he has

A freak without a leash. Via MRCTV: Forget being transgender like Caitlyn Jenner or transracial like Rachel Dolezal, there’s a new “trans” frontier: people who are transage. In an interview with the gay news site The Daily Xtra, Stefonknee (formerly Paul) Wolscht details his struggles with being a male-to-female transgender person. The Daily Xtra video,

Obama has been the number one gun salesman of the year for 7 years running, and for good reason. So what better way is there for a gun shop owner to boost sales than to put up a sign saying; “Want to P*ss off Obama? Buy a gun!” Why, the response would be almost Pavlovian.

The ‘Zombie Nativity Scene’ creator John ‘Jasen’ Dixon believes that the controversial theme is to blame for the zoning code violation while Sycamore Township Administrator Greg Bickford insists that it is not the theme but the instead the height of the structure which stands at 15ft, exceeding the maximum allowance of 5 ft. Haunted House

I have been unable to confirm if Medina is an illegal alien but the fact that St. Paul, Minnesota is a sanctuary city and the failure of the press to mention his citizenship status referring to him only as “man”, the odds are he is an illegal. Omission is admission, more often then not.. On

It all began with smack talk over knowledge of football stats, which escalated into a scuffle that had already been broken up by the time suspect Fon’Tae O’Bannon went after the student who had been fighting his younger brother. The younger O’Bannon brother who jumped into the violent melee his older brother started has also

I am daring the attorney general of the U.S. to arrest me for spreading the truth about Muslims. Arrest me Ms. Lynch! Cmon do it. — Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) December 5, 2015 When push comes to shove. In defense of the United States Constitutional right of Americans to express themselves freely without fear of reprisal,