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Jenna has covered many live events in very dangerous live situations. These include the Border Patrol/DHS blockade, the Ferguson riots, the open southern borders and many similar scenarios. She has published explosive, exclusive stories uncovering dark plots behind Agenda 21, Obama’s corrupt Middle East agenda and more.

When 52-year-old Nigerian immigrant John Alabi moved to Canada over 20 years old ago to provide his family a better life, the last thing that he imagined was that his new country would be eventually ruled by Sharia Law, however, that is exactly the scenario he is now facing. Heartbroken and ‘humiliated,‘ landlord Alabi explained to Canadian media

A Marine Corps veteran diagnosed with PTSD is making headlines after sharing a heartbreaking story regarding alleged discrimination in the workplace after reportedly being threatened with termination over his service dog. According to Purple Heart recipient Yaunce Long, after receiving a professionally trained service dog from a veterans organization, the telecommunications firm Cincinnati Bell told him he

Faced with a low budget and a need for new creative marketing for their company Digital Roofing Innovations, owners Zach Blenkinsopp and Chris McGuire have released pure media gold while outraging liberals across the country. Creating one of the most viral and outlandish commercials the internet has seen since that of the ‘Texas Law Hawk,’ Blenkinsopp and McGuire

An illegal immigrant accused of stabbing her husband and four children to death at their Georgia home put on a sickening show in court Friday, smiling for the media’s camera and giving them two thumbs up.   According to reports, 33-year-old Maria Isabel Garduno-Martinez had been living in the United States illegally with her husband

A self-professed “aging hippie with a weed habit” has been exposed as nothing more than a race-baiting hack after attempting to turn a routine traffic stop in a sensational example of police “arrogance” and the fear that minorities experience on a daily basis. So what happened exactly? On June 30th, Bill Clark, a longtime Columbia

A British woman has been convicted of ‘perjury and perverting the course of justice‘ for fabricating 15 sexual assault allegations against innocent men, leading to the imprisonment of one for 7 years. According to prosecutors, the individual identified as 25-year-old Jemma Beale made ‘grotesque inventions’ of rape and sexual assault against the innocent men involved over a

Authorities in Washington are seeking the public’s assistance in locating an individual believed responsible for shooting a man they believed was dragging a dead dog down the road after a brief confrontation. According to reports, locals familiar with the victim stated that he was a ‘free spirit’ that lives ‘off the land‘ and never bothers anyone. “I am

As Nevada prepares for recreational marijuana sales to begin on July 1st, authorities and local dispensaries alike in Las Vegas are preparing for the massive influx of visitors and residents to light up in celebration of our Great Nation’s Independence Day. With July 4th right around the corner, Nevada’s marijuana dispensaries have reportedly stockpiled a two-month

Finally, a judge with a solid head on their shoulders chimes in… A Federal Judge has just blocked one of California’s attempts to infringe on the Second Amendment, citing that the law would turn thousands of law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight. The law in question aims to prohibit residents of California from possessing standard-capacity magazines (which

Ever wonder where your hard-earned tax dollars go? The City of San Francisco now stands to award an illegal immigrant from El Salvador $190,000 after being sued by the individual who alleges his rights were violated when law enforcement upheld their oath. Citing that police violated San Francisco’s ‘sanctuary law’ by turning him over to immigration