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Jenna has covered many live events in very dangerous live situations. These include the Border Patrol/DHS blockade, the Ferguson riots, the open southern borders and many similar scenarios. She has published explosive, exclusive stories uncovering dark plots behind Agenda 21, Obama’s corrupt Middle East agenda and more.

Stephen Yarbrough, a man with no previous criminal history is currently being held on a $25,000 bond for stabbing a man he states he caught red-handed sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl. Being lead to a Washington County, Pa. courthouse in cuffs, Yarbrough stated that while he this is ‘Definitely not a situation I’d like to be in.

Wrong on so many levels… Following convicted child molester Harold English’s release from prison, the victim’s family received heartbreaking news that their daughter’s abuser would be moving into the home next door. While Oklahoma law currently prohibits convicted sex offenders from living in close proximity to near schools or public grounds such as parks, there is nothing that

Pretty sure Obama’s ilk will call this racist or something… Wednesday, during a visit to Iowa President Trump announced that he plans to address yet another highly controversial topic pertaining to immigration, self-reliance. Stating that he plans to soon call for immigrants to be prohibited from receiving public assistance such as welfare for the first five

Wednesday, approximately 300 Islamic State supporting militants stormed a school in the town of Pigcawayan briefly taking students hostage in what the Philippine military believes may have been an effort to divert the focus away from the besieged city of Marawi. According to reports, an intense gunbattle with military forces broke out following the takeover

Six Georgia inmates credited with having saved the life of a deputy during a medical emergency instead of simply running for their freedom are being rewarded with reduced sentences by the Polk County Sheriff’s Department. According to reports, the inmates who were on a work-crew noticed that the unidentified deputy was suffering from a medical

According to reports, an individual ‘known’ to French security forces has been killed by authorities after ramming a vehicle rigged with explosives into a police van the iconic Champs-Elysees avenue area of Paris. As reported by The Sun, the 33-year-old attackers was subject to an ‘S-File,’ meaning he was listed in security documents that pertain to

A trip to a local Starbucks quickly turned violent for one man attempting to intervene in a dispute regarding a latte, leading to that individual being stabbed by a disgruntled customer. According to reports, the incident took place at the Starbucks on the 100 block of S. Northwest Highway after a man become angered over his drink

Following a puzzling crash between the American destroyer the USS Fitzgerald and an Philippine-flagged container ship Friday, U.S. Naval resources with assistance of the Japanese are searching for 7 missing sailors off the coast of Japan. According to reports, while the reason for the collision is still unknown, the massive container ship struck the USS Fitzgerald

Following deadly Grenfell Tower blaze in London which left an unknown number dead in what is believed to have been the result of the property’s management choosing to limit costs over the safety of their tenants, those demanding answers are now mobilizing, sparking fears of riots and mass civil unrest. The blaze, which is believed

Yet another Second Amendment success story… A Tennessee man is being hailed as hero after he bravely held two escaped inmates accused of murdering two correctional officers at gunpoint until authorities arrived. The inmates identified as Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose who had been called “dangerous beyond description” by authorities, fled from custody during a transfer between prisons in