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Jenna has covered many live events in very dangerous live situations. These include the Border Patrol/DHS blockade, the Ferguson riots, the open southern borders and many similar scenarios. She has published explosive, exclusive stories uncovering dark plots behind Agenda 21, Obama’s corrupt Middle East agenda and more.

Apparently you’re only entitled to tolerance if you tow the party line… California’s Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Orange County, Jeff LeTourneau has found himself at the center of controversy after being caught on video berating gay volunteers collecting signatures at a local Pride event simply because they were supporting a ‘conservative‘ cause. LeTourneau, a gay individual

While it is no secret that Amazon has been attempting to rise as a serious player in the grocery market for sometime now, Friday the online shopping giant rocked the stock exchange with the announcement of its plans to buy out the grocery-chain ‘Whole Foods Market.’ According to Amazon, they plan to acquire Whole Foods as

Following the medical evacuation of Otto Warmbier who was returned to the U.S. in a coma after being held in a North Korean prison for over a year, the college student’s father Fred Warmbier is now blasting Barack Obama’s inaction. Otto Warmbier was sentenced to 15 year in prison by the North Korean Government back in 2016

Following an early morning riot Thursday at the Trenton Correctional Institution in South Carolina, six barricaded correctional officers have been safely extricated by Edgefield and Aiken County SWAT teams. According to reports, the riot broke out after correctional officers attempted to confiscate a contraband cellphone from an inmate and a fight began. While the officers fought with the inmate

Late Wednesday, the Wando terminal at the Port of Charleston was evacuated following a false claim alleging that a container ship returning from the Middle East may have contained a ‘dirty bomb,’ sparking authorities to investigate out of an abundance of caution. According to U.S. Coast Guard Officials, the incident began following a YouTube “conspiracy

Following Wednesday morning’s shooting in Virginia which left GOP Representative Steve Scalise and others wounded at the hands of a disgruntled former Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe shared some not-so factual ‘gun violence statistics’ in an effort to re-energize the gun-grabber movement. Essentially guaranteeing that you or someone you know will die as a

Wednesday, it was announced that five public officials including the director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the Flint water contamination crisis which lead to deaths of multiple area residents. Speaking on the matter, Michigan Attorney General General Bill Schuette stated to reporters that “The

UPDATE:  Via NBC At least two people are dead in a shooting at a sprawling UPS warehouse and customer service center in San Francisco, authorities confirmed to NBC News. A UPS employee in his uniform opened fire on employees and then “turned the gun on himself,” UPS spokesman Steve Gaut said Wednesday. Additionally, is being reported that

As details surrounding the horrific attack against GOP lawmakers during baseball practice for a charity game continue to surface, former 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is speaking out, condemning what appears to be a politically motivated act of violence. Responding to news that alleged shooter James T. Hodgkinson had worked as a volunteer on his

As the city of Baltimore continues to revival Chicago like there was a race for the title of bloodiest city in America, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis refused to mince words while announcing that all of his department’s sworn peace officers are now being ordered to work ‘mandatory’ 12-hour patrol shifts. Declaring war on crime, the mandatory staffing pattern