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Star Wars fans are rejoicing this weekend as Lucas Films just released an official trailer for the new movie coming out later this year. The Last Jedi is the name of the next film and it’s set for release on December 15th, 2017.

The trailer is certain to get the Star Wars rumor mill working over time. At the end of the trailer Luke Skywalker is seen saying “it’s time for the Jedi to end.” Wait… to end???

The full trailer is below, followed by a video exploring 8 things you need to know about The Last Jedi.


Let’s face it. A growing number of American universities are caving to political correctness, ignorance of free speech and a cowardly approach to individuals incapable of dealing with the realities of the world.

This is dangerous in the long term because students, at a time when their mental strength should be fine tuned for entry into the American economy, are leaving college incapable of living an independent, functional life. It’s creating a generation of individuals who cannot cope with the realities they will face across the board as they age.

And often times the Presidents/Leadership of these universities play right into the madness. But every once in a while we see something happen that gives us hope. Every now and then we see logic and truth rule the day.

That’s what recently happened at Northern Arizona University. The story began when English professor Dr. Anne Scott discounted a student paper for using the word mankind instead of humanity.

Yeah, seriously.

The professor came under fire for the idiocy, rightfully so, and the topic helped trigger some students into thinking they now need a safe space. Use of the word mankind, after all, should completely derail anyone’s ability to, well, to do life, right? /sarcasm

The students have gone so far on this push for a safe space that they’ve demanded university President Rita Cheng resign unless she gets behind their ridiculous cause. Is Cheng inclined to do so?

Read her statement below and then you be the judge.

“As a university professor, I’m not sure I have any support at all for safe space,”

“I think that you, as a student, have to develop the skills to be successful in this world, and that we need to provide you with the opportunity for discourse and debate and dialogue and academic inquiry, and I’m not sure that that is correlated with the notion of safe space as I’ve seen that.”


In other words, a safe space will remove any notion of discourse, debate and dialogue, all qualities needed to successfully function at life after college. A safe space for students is a setup for failure down the road.

And Cheng apparently wants no part of such nonsense.


Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson has never been one to hold back with his political opinions. Quite the opposite, in fact. He operates without a filter and millions of Americans/Fans very much appreciate it.

Robertson’s opinion has once again put him in the news, this time with his unfiltered thoughts on the way Democrats handled Judge Gorsuch.

In a recent interview on the subject Robertson said Chuck Schumer and Democrats who oppose Gorsuch are “Godless” and “lawless.”

Here’s a full view of his words via Breitbart.

So what you have on the one side is lawless people such as Chuck Schumer and these radical activists on the Supreme Court—judicial activists—and it scares the daylights out of them to have a man who still thinks it’s worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God. Romans 1, Verse 28 says because they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, God gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done. And there’s a list of attitudes and deeds and it reads something like this—this is off the top of my head, but it’s pretty close—it says ‘you give them over to do what shouldn’t be done, to a depraved mind, he said, they become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They become full of murder, envy, strife, malice, and  deceit. They are insolent, arrogant, and boastful. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters…’ It goes through the list and it ends by saying they’re ‘senseless, faithless, heartless and ruthless—they invent ways of doing evil.’ Therefore, that’s the one side of individuals—if you can imagine that—that’s what they’re like, the group that have formed this block against Judge Gorsuch, a guy who thinks it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God. If you think about it, the Ten Commandments are hanging just above the Chief Justice’s head and the reason the Founders said ‘I’ll tell you what boys, when you get to the Supreme Court hang the Ten Commandments over their head’—what the Founders were trying to get people to see then and we’ve lost sight of now, is there is a gigantic difference between the Supreme Court, men being in positions of judging, there is a gigantic difference between the Supreme Court by man and the supreme being, who loves us all. You understand what I’m saying? They hung the Ten Commandments over their head to say ‘don’t forget God in your judging, don’t forget God in your decisions’ because all the Founding Fathers—literally all of them, they went right on down the line. You lose your virtue, that’s Chuck Schumer. When you lose your virtue, your religion leaves, your morality leaves, and the last thing to go is your freedom. Well, we’re on a path here and that’s why it is critically important to get a God-fearing man—a man who is at least conscious of God—on the Supreme Court. Got to have it, or this thing is fixing to implode.

That’s pretty straightforward. What are your thoughts?

Florida teacher Veronica Fleming got a lesson of her own when she recently decided to utilize her first amendment right on Facebook. She posted her thoughts on Trump’s agenda to put a stop to illegal immigration, a status update that is apparently not tolerated in the public education system these days.

The update was not really something that could be viewed as extreme. It was simply showing support for the rule of law, something most politicians are unwilling to do. Below is a screenshot of what she posted.

The update, while seemingly mainstream in thought amongst the majority of America’s electorate, was enough to get her reassigned.

Fleming was a computer lab teacher and has been reassigned to administrative duties while administrators “investigate” the issue. We’re not really sure what there is to investigate here but we’re guessing her reassignment will remain in place until she attends some sort of intolerant sensitivity training sessions.


Barack Obama listed seven nations that were most likely to produce terrorists traveling to the United States. Donald Trump pointed at those same seven states.

Barack Obama initiated a full six month travel ban on refugees from Iraq. Donald Trump’s travel ban is for 90 days.

But when Barack Obama listed those seven states and banned refugees coming from Iraq for six months the Hollywood snowflake complex didn’t bat an eye. When Trump does less and for good reason, they’re losing their minds.

Here’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus using her time at the #SAGAwards to blast the constitutional move to keep us safe as un-American.

Photo from Pinterest.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who boasts 8.5 million Twitter followers, just called out Trump’s EPA pick Scott Pruitt in a pretty vocal way on the social media platform:

Attached to the Tweet is an Aerican petition to tell Seantors that Pruitt’s nomination will put our clean water at risk.

But the real question is, why is Pruitt pissing the left off so much celebrities are personally attacking him?

Could it have something to do with the fact that he’s fought to limit the EPA and restore its regulatory power to the states? Is it because Pruitt has sued the agency over its Clean Power Plan, the “centerpiece” of Obama’s climate change strategy?

As Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge reports:

Pruitt has been a very outspoken critic of President Obama’s EPA, has sued the agency on mulitple occassions and has also questioned “the degree and extent of global warming and its connection to the actions of mankind,” having called the “debate … far from settled.”

According to the Environmental Defense Fund, Pruitt previously boasted that he “led the charge with repeated notices and subsequent lawsuits against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their [sic] leadership’s activist agenda.” Moreover, per Reuters, Pruitt led the charge for Oklahoma in restoring environmental regulatory oversight to the states and away for the agency he’s slated to run.

Pruitt was elected Oklahoma’s attorney general in November 2010 and has focused on restoring more regulatory oversight to states and limiting federal regulations.

As his state’s top legal official, he sued the agency is he poised to lead multiple times, including a pending lawsuit to topple the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of Democratic President Barack Obama’s climate change strategy.

Hmm… Does take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Just like the Hollywood left came out of the woodwork to boost Hillary during the election, expect those same actors to come out of the woodwork as political operatives campaigning against anyone who would try to buck or limit the power of this establishment.

Story published courtesy of The Daily Sheeple.

Lefty hack George Stephanopoulos couldn’t hold back an extreme look of shock when Obama responded to his question about race relations in the United States. Stephanopoulos pointed to Obama’s early promise to improve race relations, then suggested we’ve gone backwards instead of forward.

Obama fired back saying race relations have improved.

Yeah, he said that. And yeah, even a liberal like George Stephanopoulos couldn’t hide his shock.

When you watch the video below you’ll catch the entire story, but in summary here’s what happened. During filming of Hunger Games in Hawaii Jennifer Lawrence apparently used some rocks she was sitting on to scratch her butt itch.

Turns out these were “sacred rocks” and not just any rocks. Had Lawrence told the story without mentioning the sacred part no one would care. But because she referenced them as sacred rocks many Hawaiians got bent out of shape over it.

And yes, Lawrence was forced to apologize.

Here’s the story one reported called “the whitest story ever told.”

Dear America,

Whether you voted for Trump or not, surely you can join me in admitting the past few years have been devoid of optimism. We’ve been pessimistic on the economy, on the social foundation of our country, our standing in the world, our concern over potential for war, our healthcare, our jobs and generally speaking… our future.

For some of you Barack Obama may be a likable character. While many of us believe he’s corrupt and wrong in his way of thinking, it’s understandable that many of his voters found him to be generally likable. For those who do, the truth is he betrayed you. He betrayed all of us.

His healthcare law was sold to you as a law that would make healthcare affordable and wouldn’t change the plan/doctor you have. Most of us are now finding that was a lie. We’re losing our plans and doctors, and costs are skyrocketing.

His economic policy enriched the mega rich while crushing jobs. His environmental policy has pumped billions of our dollars into the pockets of special interests, killed off jobs and did absolutely nothing for the environment. His tax policy is painful. If you pay taxes you know this to be the case.

He spends money like it grows on trees. For him it’s not an issue. He lives in the high castle and will never have to worry about money. But you and I? Yeah, it’s an issue.

He dragged us nearly into world war with Russia. He collapsed the Middle East in a way that has rippled across the globe.

We can disagree on issues, but surely we can agree this hasn’t been a good situation. Something has to change. Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to change anything. She was going to take Obama’s burning agenda and throw gasoline on it.

We now have an opportunity. Donald Trump has his flaws. We all have concerns about it. No secret there. But his plan is something we should all get excited about. That is, of course, provided he actually follows through with it.

Trump is likely to relax tensions with Russia. He’s likely to pull back our nonsensical involvement in the Middle East. He’s likely to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s likely to initiate a tax and economic policy that WILL invigorate business growth.

For businesses, Trump has a plan that will help create spenders. And for consumers his plan will help us earn and retain more financial stability.

This is a good thing. It’s good for liberals, conservatives and independents. It’s good for America.

Not long ago there was a time when Americans were optimistic, hungry for success and excited to work hard for it. We’ve exiting a period of time where that mentality has been non-existent. We’re entering a time where it can exist again.

We’ve got a mess on our hands. There is much work to do to clean it up. But it can be cleaned up, and we can flourish as a result of it.

That is, if we unify and optimistically strive for success as a nation.

It’s time, America. It’s long overdue.

Let’s make America great again.

-Eric Odom

No, this is not satire. No, this is not a story that originates in The Onion.

This is 2016. Obama has been President for nearly two full terms. And the world has lost its mind.

We need not looking any further for proof outside of the fact that a feminist just claimed she was sexually assaulted while playing a virtual reality game. The sexual assault was, as she explained, “virtual” as well.

Meaning, she wasn’t actually touched. There wasn’t another person actually in her presence.

No, these were virtual hands virtually touching her.

From The Sun.

She wrote: “In between a wave of zombies and demons to shoot down, I was hanging out next to BigBro442, waiting for our next attack.

“Suddenly, BigBro442’s disembodied helmet faced me dead-on. His floating hand approached my body, and he started to virtually rub my chest.”

The woman (who was not named) went on to describe the horror.

“Everywhere I ran, he appeared beside me, ready to grope as soon as the zombie wave was over.”

Eventually, the woman tugged off her helmet after just three minutes in VR.

“It felt real, violating,” she added.

“The public virtual chasing and groping happened a full week ago and I’m still thinking about it.”

There you have it, folks. A new world of sexual assault claims coming via… virtual reality.

Sadly, some don’t seem to understand the virtual part.

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