Historians may mark the third week of July, 2017, as the date the Republic died.

I’m talking about the BETRAYAL that is about to happen, disguised as an ObamaCare repeal.

This is not a repeal. In fact, the Senators couldn’t even call it a repeal in the official name of the bill, which is called the “Better Care Reconciliation Act.”

We didn’t give the GOP control of both houses of Congress to give us something called “BETTER CARE.” We sent them to D.C. to REPEAL ObamaCare!

This allegedly “Better Care” act is an ENDORSEMENT of Obama’s statist vision for healthcare and health insurance. It may be WORSE. As Sen. Rand Paul points out, this new bill actually FUNDS BIG INSURANCE with taxpayer dollars and is the worst form of crony capitalism! Yes, the bill includes some “good” elements, but it’s just dressing up the pig. This bill stinks and it enshrines a “right” to not only healthcare but health insurance that would cause our founders to launch another tea party revolt.

But why am I saying this could be the end of the Republic?

Because if the GOP passes this bill that ENDORSES and ENSHRINES Obama’s statist healthcare vision, then there will be no stopping the expansion of the Leviathan state. Did you know that the federal government has NEVER BEEN LARGER — spending $400,000,000,000 in a month for the first time in history — and this is with a Republican in the White House and Republican Congress?

And now this GOP Congress cannot do the simple thing we sent them to Congress to do — REPEAL OBAMACARE! Why? Perhaps they are ignorant of the destruction they are causing by not standing up to the entitlement class and saying, “NO MORE!” More likely, they are cowards or just… slimy politicians.

Yesterday, my 14-year-old son asked me what this meant. I told him it means his generation will have to pay the bill, but the bill will be impossible to pay without sacrificing whatever remnants of freedom and liberty remain. By endorsing Obama’s statist vision and perpetuating the entitlement state, the sellout to the socialist state is all-but complete. In exchange for yet another “entitlement” that others must pay for and government gets to provide, we are selling our children and grandchildren into servitude.

Let this NOT be the month the Republic died. Let us stand up and demand that these alleged “public servants” do what they said they would do, and do what we sent them to D.C. to do and actually REPEAL ObamaCare. 100%. Then we can talk about a replacement.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

Rand Paul is saying Republicans don’t have the votes to pass the disastrous Obamacare amendment. And in saying such, he’s sticking with his constant call for a full repeal followed by a stand alone replacement.

That much we should all already know. None of us should be surprised by Rand Paul’s position. He’s one of the few (very few) Republicans actually sticking to his campaign promises. He’s one of the few actually standing by the very voters who put the GOP in power.

But the part of this discussion that’s concerning involves President Trump. You see, multiple media sources are saying the Trump White House may be open to supporting a full repeal followed by a GOP replacement.

“Open” to it? What do they mean “open” to it? This is what Trump campaigned on. This is what he promised us. He promised a full repeal on day one in office, in fact. Why is it even possible that he’s  not open to it? Why is this not something Trump is hammering on day in and day out?

We should all be extremely concerned here. The fact that Rand Paul is now basically the ONLY Republican in Washington openly calling for a full repeal is just bizarre. This after hundreds of politicians ran on a pledge to fully repeal Obamacare.

And the best we can get from the Trump White House is that they may be open to supporting a full repeal?

Wow. My how times have changed.

Where are the champions of small government? Where are the champions of free markets? Where are the champions of fiscal responsibility?

Inquiring minds want to know.

CNN is facing a massive, historic public relations crisis. It’s not a crisis started by a silly satire meme. It’s not a crisis started by a random reddit user. It’s a crisis CNN created by acting as a propaganda machine for the deep state.

And it’s a crisis they somehow manage to keep making worse. Especially now that they’re actively seeking to blackmail private citizens who dare to mock them in public.

CNN is a dangerous fake news media outlet and we all know it. The question is… why do so many large companies continue to bankroll its lies? This in an era where corporations run for the hills anytime a conservative media outlet upsets the left.

The answer is… the center and right in America don’t traditionally push back at companies for supporting dangerous narratives spewed by propaganda outlets like CNN. But that’s all changing. Because right now a boycott is brewing around the #CNNblackmail story. And it is going super viral, very quickly.

Curious as to who CNN’s largest advertisers are? Here’s a list courtesy of MRC.

AC Pro
Ace Hardware
Alfa Romeo
American Petroleum Institute
AT & T
Behr Paints
Century Link
Clear Choice
Exxon Mobil
Jos. A Bank
Men’s Wearhouse
Mini Cooper
National Car Rental
National Education Association
Pom Wonderful
Sleep Number Beds
Stella Artois
TD Ameritrade
US Postal Service
Vita Coco
Whole Foods

MSNBC contributor Wendy Sherman turned a lot of heads Tuesday with a strange proclamation about the 2016 Presidential election. In a townhall style discussion Sherman talked about communication from our leaders and how society makes decisions on who we elect.

Her take on it all was very bizarre, and unfortunately, not based on any facts whatsoever. Her view of it all is clearly based on biased personal emotion. And in projecting such a view she spewed something that, quite frankly, we consider absolute nonsense.

During her time speaking Sherman claimed that Americans tend to take two steps backwards after making big historical changes. Electing Barack Hussein Obama as America’s first black President was indeed historical. Sherman seems to be indirectly suggesting here that Hillary Clinton should have been elected for reasons of making history alone. And because she was not America took two steps backwards.

“I believe in my bones…that it was pretty hard to elect a woman after you’ve elected the first African-American president,” Sherman declared. This implies that American voters chose not to elect Clinton based on her sex.

Sherman, a member of mainstream media who should be objective and present all the facts, failed to discuss the plethora of scandals surrounding Clinton. Nor did she mention the disastrous campaign ran by the Clinton camp.

No, in Sherman’s view it was all because Clinton is a woman. And the United States doesn’t like to make history twice in a row.

Or something…

Anyway here it is, folks. Your American media hard at work looking out for you.

Previous Report: Ten Commandments Monument at Arkansas Capitol Sparks Outrage Among the Left, Legal Battles Expected

Not even 24 hours after a monument of the “Ten Commandments” was installed in front of the Arkansas Capitol it has been destroyed.

According to authorities, 32-year-old Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren, Arkansas was arrested Wednesday morning for allegedly driving his vehicle through the monument and apparently it is not the first time he has targeted the ‘Ten Commandments.’

As explained by authorities, in 2014 Reed drove his vehicle through a Ten Commandments monument at Oklahoma’s Capitol, however, he was admitted into a mental health facility for treatment and no formal charges were ever filed.

Additionally, authorities state that Reed streamed the incident online via ‘Facebook Live.

Via Fox News

The organization that raised money for Arkansas’ Ten Commandments monument says the group has already ordered a replacement.

Travis Story is the general counsel of the American History and Heritage Foundation. He says it will likely take a couple months before a new monument is installed at Arkansas’ Capitol after the previous monument was destroyed early Wednesday.

A sheriff’s department spokesman in Oklahoma says a man arrested in the destruction of Arkansas’ Ten Commandments monument is the same man who crashed his vehicle into Oklahoma’s monument in 2014.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Opgrande tells The Associated Press that Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren, Arkansas, was arrested in October 2014 in the destruction of Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has called the destruction of the monument “very troubling.”

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

Over one year after the shooting of Robert ‘LaVoy’ Finicum during the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff the Department of Justice has announced that an FBI agent involved in the incident has been indicted for obstruction of justice.

While the agent’s name will not be released until Wednesday after he appears in court, investigators have stated the individual was a part of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team.

According to reports, the agent is being accused of giving false statements with the intent to obstruct justice by lying about the shooting at Finicum’s vehicle.

Watch footage of the shooting below:

As reported by Oregon Live, the indictment follows an investigation led by the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Justice which has been taking place for over a year.

Via FoxNews

[The standoff] took a violent turn on Jan. 26 when Bundy and other key figures were arrested in on Jan. 26 traffic stop outside the refuge that ended with police fatally shooting Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 54, an Arizona rancher and an occupation spokesman.

The Deschutes County Sheriff said when Finicum got out of his his truck, an FBI agent shot at the spokesman two times, though none of the occupiers said they discharged their weapons. The office was asked to investigate the shooting.

Finicum, who was armed with a loaded 9mm handgun, was fatally shot by state police troopers, the office concluded.

The office determined that one agent fired at Finicum’s pickup truck, striking its roof and completely missing on the second firing.

More via OregonLive

As Finicum left his truck, an FBI agent shot twice at Finicum, though none of the hostage team members admitted to discharging their firearms, the Deschutes County sheriff alleged. The county sheriff’s office was tasked with investigating the Finicum shooting.

The Oregon investigators concluded that one agent fired at Finicum’s truck, hitting it in the roof and missing on the second shot. A state trooper later described to investigators seeing two rifle casings in the area where the FBI agents were posted. But detectives called to investigate didn’t find the casings, police reports indicated.

Federal law prohibits “knowingly and willfully” making any false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation or concealing information.

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams has scheduled a news conference later Wednesday afternoon at the federal courthouse. His spokesman Kevin Sonoff declined any comment, and Portland’s FBI spokeswoman Jennifer Adams said she was unaware of the matter.

The indictment follows two federal trials against refuge occupiers accused of conspiring to impede U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management employees from doing their work at the refuge through intimidation, threat or force.

We will continue to update on this story as new details surface.

We are all watching Obamacare collapse before our eyes, leaving our finances and ability to get quality healthcare waning. Thanks to the regulations, taxes, and government interference in the healthcare industry, we are now reaching the end of the road. It’ll soon be time for the government to “fix” the healthcare system that they themselves broke.

Don’t expect “Trumpcare” to be the answer either. Regardless of the failures of government-run health care, many are still chomping at the bit for even more government when it comes to their health. With the recent collapse of the 19th Obamacare co-op, there are now only four left for 2018. Minuteman Health of Massachusetts and New Hampshire announced it is withdrawing from the Affordable Care Act exchanges in 2018, leaving only four co-ops in operation.

Watching this systematic collapse is fascinating, in that many still don’t want Obamacare completely repealed.  Minuteman Health claims the problem is inherently embedded into the poorly written law. The major issues is the inability to “redistribute” money to sicker customers from those who are healthier. (Health is impossible to redistribute, so tyrants will instead, attempt to redistribute your morally acquired property.) The company cited big problems with Obamacare’s risk-adjustment program, which is the program that shifts money away from those with healthier customers to those with sicker enrollees. And that isn’t all. Minuteman Health said that the negative impact of this program had been “substantial.” “Unfortunately, the program has not worked as intended,” the company said. “It has been difficult for insurers to predict their risk-adjustment obligations, which has led some to withdraw from the ACA market.”

“The program also unfairly penalizes issuers like MHI that are small, low cost, and experience high growth,” the company said. “The significant relative impact from risk adjustment has been the principal driver of a reduction in MHI’s surplus and capital over 2 [sic] time.”

The co-op was able to grow to 37,000 members since it began in 2014 but said that being subject to certain co-op rules made it hard to adjust its business model to mitigate issues with the risk-adjustment program. The co-op was awarded $156.4 million in taxpayer-funded loans in 2012 and 2013.

The new company, Minuteman Insurance Company, will not be subject to these rules. “Offering our members a quality, more affordable coverage option has been Minuteman’s mission from day one,” said Tom Policelli, CEO of the co-op. “We want to continue that mission in 2018 and beyond through the new company, we are currently working to organize. Forming Minuteman Insurance Company will allow us to address numerous federal restrictions and work to make our coverage available to more people.”

The solution to Obamacare is actually really very simple, yet it’s something that makes statists itchy with discomfort. The government should simply extract themselves from our healthcare, which is a very personal decision. But it’s difficult when so many fellow Americans make demands of each other when it comes to whether or not they have the right to make decisions on their own about their health or body.

Isn’t it ironic that those who scream the loudest “my body, my choice!” are the very same people who demand you get on board with socialized healthcare? The hypocrites really should be saying “my body, my choice! Your body, the government’s choice.”

Via Daily Sheeple.

The Supreme Court will hear and decide on Trump’s travel ban, an executive order designed to temporarily halt travel from several countries that support terrorism. But not only will they hear the case, they have decided to allow the travel ban to be enacted while the full outcome is being determined.

As we all know by now, two Obama-friendly federal appeals courts incorrectly blocked Trump’s travel ban. The federal judges inserted themselves into a decision making process that is constitutionally delegated to executive privilege of the President.

The Supreme Court has essentially approved a stay in their opinion released as part of the announcement that the case would be heard. The stay, for the most part, allows the Trump administration to carry on with the travel ban while the court decides on the matter.

More via AP.

The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration mostly enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, overturning lower court orders that blocked it.

The action Monday is a victory for President Donald Trump in the biggest legal controversy of his young presidency.

The court did leave one category of foreigners protected, those “with a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States,” the court said in an unsigned opinion. The justices will hear arguments in the case in October.

Trump said last week that the ban would take effect 72 hours after being cleared by courts.

The ban would apply to citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

The Trump administration said the ban was needed to allow an internal review of the screening procedures for visa applicants from those countries. That review should be complete before October 2, the first day the justices could hear arguments in their new term.

Some good news, finally.

It just happened folks.

The FBI has apparently declared that the Scalise shooting (at the baseball park) was spontaneous and not premeditated.

This, despite the fact that they found multiple pictures of the ball field in his possession.

They have also declared that he had no particular target in mind.

This, despite the fact that he had a list of Congresspeople on him at the time he committed the offense.

They have further declared that they have no particular motive either.

This, despite the reported fact that he asked one of the people there whether it was Republicans or Democrats practicing, and only after hearing it was Republicans did he go retrieve his guns and start shooting.

Oh, and this “random”, “no known motive” nutbag (at least the last word is accurate) traveled the better part of 1,000 miles in a van from Illinois to Washington DC, rented a storage locker in which he deposited a nice big cache of rounds for his weapons, and then did all of the above.

This is the same FBI, I remind you, that had a Director (since fired) who went on national television and laid out every element of a criminal statute being violated by one Hillary Clinton and then proclaimed that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring the case.”

I’m not sure if it was the Hillary thing, or even the 9/11 thing where the ragheads who would go on to blow up 3,000 Americans were called in by an astute citizen who thought it was damn odd they were paying in cash for simulator time and didn’t want to know how to land.  After all, we were told, 9/11 was a “complex plot” with “lots of moving parts”, especially the ones that were allowed to keep moving and leave the country for their native (guess which one) nation after it happened by one President Bush.

But this, well, it’s just a bit beyond belief, you see.

You have a guy who drives halfway across the nation, rents a storage locker, searches on the Internet for where a 2017 GOP convention might be held, takes pictures of the very ball field where he commits his assault, has a list containing the names of six members of Congress on his person and then to put a cherry on top of all of it directly inquires of a passerby whether it’s actually Republicans on that field before he starts shooting — and is told “yes.”

This, my friends, is all consistent with a random, no-notice and no-motive shooting “incident” — not a plotted, and carried out, act of terrorism against Republicans by someone who in fact belonged to a Facebook group called “Terminate Republicans“.


Via Market Ticker

From the AP:

When U.S. Senate Republicans unveil their plan to overhaul America’s healthcare system, they will face a skeptical public that already does not buy the justification for an earlier version that passed the House of Representatives, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

They’re right to be “skeptical”; Obamacare did exactly nothing to address cost, which is where the real issue resides, and the House bill, as I analyzed, would actually make it worse (which is hard to believe, but true.)

The Senate “attempt” will do the same.

The problem is not “insurance” or “coverage” — it’s cost.

Then there’s this sort of nonsense, which IMHO argues for locking up doctors en-masse as drug pushers:

Nearly one in four people on Medicaid, the U.S. health program for the poor, received powerful and addictive opioid pain medicines in 2015, according to research by a drug-benefits management firm.

One person in four?

Folks, these drugs are responsible for some 20,000 deaths due to overdoses a year which wildly outranks other means of accidental death, save one: car accidents (~35,000)

There is only one way to address health care cost: Attack the monopolist practices of the industry and you need no new laws to do it, since we have a 100+ year old body of said law which, I remind you again, drug and medical firms have tried to shoot down twice at the US Supreme Court (in the 1970s timeframe) and they lost both times.

It requires only an executive either at the state or federal level, which again I remind you has responsibility for enforcing the law, to stand up and do their  job, leveling indictments against everyone involved in this industry that attempts to promote monopolies or restrain trade.

That’s all it will take and the entirety of the health scam will collapse in an afternoon, crashing prices by 80% or more.

You can look right here for what this would mean, and what it would do.

You will note that there is not one hint of any of this in the House proposal, and there won’t be in the Senate version either.  Nor has my phone rang despite the fact that I’ve been to the Hill in the past and spoken with Senate staffers on exactly this point; they know damn well what’s coming, why, and how to stop it.

Via Market Ticker.