If you walk or drive through New York City there is a chance you and/or your vehicle are going to be fully scanned for drugs and guns by an X-Ray van. The NYPD doesn’t deny they use them. They don’t deny they do so without permission, warrants or authorization from those they scan.

They simply say it’s a different world now and people just have to accept that. Plus, they say they don’t scan people and we just need to believe them.

Via NY Post.

The top cop was asked Tuesday about the counter-terror vehicles, called Z Backscatter Vans, in light of the NYCLU’s request to file an amicus brief arguing that the NYPD should have to release records about the X-ray vans.

“They’re not used to scan people for weapons,” Bratton insisted. “The devices we have, the vehicles if you will, are all used lawfully and if the ACLU and others don’t think that’s the case, we’ll see them in court — where they’ll lose! At this time and the nature of what’s going on in the world, that concern of theirs is unfounded.”

He declined to give more specific details about the devices themselves.

“Those are issues I’d prefer not to divulge to the public at this time,” Bratton said. “I will not talk about anything at all about this — it falls into the range of security and counter-terrorism activity that we engage in.”

We did a video explaining this and it’s worth a watch. (See video above)


Apparently promoting traditional family values doesn’t pay as well as shoving the LGBT agenda down our throats…

ABC has just announced that beginning January 2016 they will be dropping the name ‘ABC Family’ in exchange for the name ‘Freeform’ to appeal to the “Becomers” age demographic in an effort to stay competitive with other networks. Dropping their traditionally themed children’s show for the new demographic of individuals between the ages of 14-34, the redesigned channel will now focus on more progressive natured entertainment.

During the YouTube ‘teaser’ trailer Disney makes their intentions painfully clear by describing the newly rebranded channel as:

“Freeform, Free to take whatever shape feels right… In a line that’s nowhere near straight…”

Watch the channel’s ‘teaser’ video below:


Via Disney




This evolution builds on ABC Family’s existing strategy of super serving “Becomers” – a life stage that spans people who are 14-34. The name, look, feel and attitude of the network will capture the nature of the Becomer audience and the modern way this audience generates and consumes media.

Freeform evokes the spirit and adventure of our audience,”…

The name Freeform speaks to the mindset and attitude of what the channel has defined as Becomers. Traditionally, Becomers are in high school, college and the decade that follows and are navigating the wonderful, fun, exciting, and scary time in life when you experience the most firsts – first car, first apartment, first job, first love, first heartbreak – all the firsts that exists between who they are and who they want to become. Becomers represent a life stage rather than a generation.

The audience’s identity and experience are fluid as they explore endless possibilities and their passions take shape…

The network entertains and connects to audiences with bold, relatable programming that celebrates the epic adventure of becoming an adult, from first kiss to first kid…


I once was a fan of South Park’s twisted irreverent humor…then I grew up.

Raping a public figure to death, who does that? Sick, sick, sick.

One does not have to be a ‘Trumpeter’ to recognize South Park’s latest episode titled; “Where My Country Gone” as a disturbingly vicious attack on Trump simply based on the fact that he has elevated the conversation on illegal immigration and strong border security measures.

Because #AmericanLivesDontMatter.

Via the Daily Mail:

Donald Trump was on the receiving end of a vicious take-down by South Park on Wednesday evening, which skirted the borders of decency and taste and arguably crossed them.

In an almost unprecedented attack on a running presidential candidate, the adult cartoon lampooned the Republican and in a shocking finale, showed the billionaire businessman being brutally raped to death.

The inflammatory episode of the satirical cartoon, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, was supposed to attack Trump’s immigration policies and mocked his oft-repeated promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico.
The show had featured Trump briefly once before, back in 2001, but had largely steered clear of mocking him – until now.

Tycoon Trump, 69, has yet to respond to the episode which was entitled ‘Where My Country Gone’. […]

The controversial episode can be viewed at the above link.

H/T J.T.


You would think that a groundbreaking TV show for women hosted by women would do its best every day to respect and uplift women.

Instead, ABC’s “The View” — originally created by veteran journalist Barbara Walters to represent women “of different backgrounds, different generations and different opinions” — has devolved into an ear-splitting bickerfest of elite divas who scoff and sneer at those who do not enjoy their celebrity privilege or share their left-wing ideological values.

This week, the bratty, catty co-hosts’ targets included the young women who competed for the Miss America title. Michelle Collins, a “comedian” who recently joined the show after establishing herself as a Tinseltown “gossip queen,” savaged Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson. As the other anchors giggled out loud at Johnson’s video clip, Collins mocked the Rocky Mountain beauty not for her looks or her politics, but for a lovely, earnest monologue she performed during the pageant’s talent competition.

Wearing her hospital scrubs, sneakers and a stethoscope, the registered nurse recounted her conversations with a patient named Joe in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. When he requested changes in medications and treatments, Johnson explained to him that she couldn’t because she was “just a nurse.”

What she could do was provide kindness and comfort. One night, after discovering him in tears as the condition wore his spirits down, Collins told him he was “not just Alzheimer’s. You are still Joe.”

Joe responded gratefully: “Nurse Kelley … you are not ‘just a nurse.’ You are my nurse, and you have changed my life because you’ve cared about me.” With her voice cracking, Johnson shared her takeaway: “Patients are people with families and friends. You are not a room number or diagnosis in the hospital. You’re a person. … And Joe reminded me that I am a lifesaver. I am never going to be ‘just a nurse.'”

Using her two minutes on a national stage to give voice to her underappreciated colleagues, Kelley made the three million nurses in her profession and their families justifiably proud. And she prompted viewers like me to reflect on our gratitude for the countless nurses in our lives who’ve benefited from their talent, dedication and compassion.

From the nurses in my neonatologist dad’s NICU unit, to the many nurses in my own extended family across the country and around the world, to the hospice nurses who cared for my mother-in-law as she lay dying of stage IV melanoma last fall, to the many pediatric nurses who’ve cared for my daughter this summer, I can’t count my blessings enough.

But Collins, channeling the Plastics clique in “Mean Girls,” cackled condescendingly at Johnson’s unique tribute to her profession: “There was a girl who wrote her own monologue, and I was like ‘turn the volume up, this is going be amazing, let’s listen. She came out in a nurse’s uniform and basically read her emails out loud and shockingly did not win. I was like, that’s not a real talent.”

The naked institutional self-absorption of the shrews of “The View” is the opposite of the nursing culture. Ignoramus co-host Joy Behar, donning her smart glasses, chimed in with a derogatory jab at Kelley’s uniform: “Why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”

Collins dug in further: “She helps patients with Alzheimer’s, which I know is not funny,” she smirked, “but I swear you had to see it. … I swear to God it was hilarious.”

Question: Would these sniveling snobs have attacked Johnson with such callous glee if she had been wearing a Planned Parenthood uniform and holding a manual vacuum aspirator?

But I digress.

After a nationwide backlash that sent the Twitter hashtag “#nursesunite” trending in support of Johnson, “The View” harridans responded with a faux-pology that exposes why the show’s ratings have plummeted and will continue to bleed. (Viewership is down nearly 50 percent among the core female 25-54 demographic this season, and ad revenue has dropped nearly 30 percent over the past year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.)

Collins, who had initially sneered on Twitter that nurses should “prescribe yourselves a Valium and let’s just all relax,” claimed her comments had been “misconstrued.” After insulting viewers’ comprehension skills, she disingenuously told the TV audience: “We love nurses. We adore you. We respect you. You guys are wonderful.”

For her part, Behar confirmed the obvious: She’s a phony, superficial idiot. “I did not know she was a nurse,” she pleaded. “I just was not paying attention,” Behar confessed. “I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.”


These pampered, out-of-touch women earn multimillion-dollar salaries to represent their gender. What is their talent? Sucking up to other celebrity women, coddling Democratic politicians, faking on-set chemistry and camaraderie while squabbling about who sits where or who introduces what segment, and bullying any guests who dare to express unorthodox views.

No amount of chair shuffling can fix the collective Narcissistic TV Personality Disorder that plagues this spoiled “View.” It’s time to pull the plug.

Michelle Malkin is author of the new book “Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs.” Her email address is


Liberty News TV is back in action with a new episode hitting on multiple topics. Today’s episode focuses on Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s command of the polls, the NRA’s explosive new TV ad and the Muslim refugee crisis.

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Video below.

Race-baiter Al Sharpton is getting the boot from MSNBC’s weekday lineup to Sunday mornings. According to MSNBC president Phil Griffin, Sharpton’s show “PoliticsNation” will air for the last time weekdays on October 4th before moving to the graveyard of Sunday mornings.

Couldn’t happen to a guy, but I digress…

In a memo sent to network employees, Griffin stated “I want to congratulate Al and his team. For four years they have done a terrific job bringing his voice and a big spotlight to issues of justice, civil rights and equality. And as many of you know, The Rev never missed a show… I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with a Sunday morning newsmaker program.”

Via Politico

The 6 pm hour will temporarily be filled by “MSNBC Live,” the channel’s weekday news program. A permanent replacement will be named “soon after” Sharpton moves, per Griffin.

Sharpton broke the news of his new timeslot to the Daily News.

“I never wanted to be a weeknight pundit. I wanted to be a Sunday morning newsmaker,” he told the News. “I wanted to be Dr. Martin Luther King, not Larry King.”

Well congrats Sharpton, you have become neither of those men and hopefully soon you will become completely irrelevant all together. Everyone make sure not to set you DVR’s so that you can miss every episode.


Impowered by their recent victory in South Carolina, the left is now seeking to erase and rename pretty much anything that references the Confederacy. From parks to military bases, flags and license plates the left is waging a war on American history in the name of political correctness.

Here is a brief overview…

Via GP

First they came after the Stars and Bars.

Now the left wants the US military to rename several bases named after Confederate generals.

confederate generals
Confederate generals Braxton Bragg, John Bell Hood, George Pickett and A.P. Hill, left to right, are among the Confederate generals who have U.S. military bases named after them. (Stripes)

Stars and Stripes reported:

What do these US military bases have in common?

** Fort Bragg
** Fort Rucker
** Fort Hood
** Fort Lee
** Fort Benning
** Fort Gordon
** Fort A.P. Hill
** Fort Polk
** Fort Pickett
** Camp Beauregard (Operated by the Louisiana National Guard)

They are all named for Confederate generals. There’s been talk for years about whether this is appropriate, and now in wake of Charleston and the South Carolina Confederate flag, it’s coming up again.

Do you think these posts should be renamed to honor people who fought in the U.S. Army exclusively? Vote, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Here are the polling results so far:
military bases vote

Think they would get the point when the majority of individuals believe this controversy is idiotic? Nope… Next up, parks and license plates.

Via BaltimoreSun

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called for Maryland to stop issuing specialty license plates with the Confederate flag, and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has moved to rename the popular Robert E. Lee Park.

The calls for change came as some South Carolina leaders demanded the removal of the Confederate flag from the grounds of the State House in Columbia after nine black people were killed last week by a white gunman in a historic African-American church in Charleston.

The killings sparked renewed debate nationwide about the role of Confederate symbols in the modern era.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.52.24 AM


This is just the tip of the iceberg… We are already aware that Walmart is currently removing products featuring the Stars and Bars from the list of products they sell, however, Walmart is not the only retail giant caving to the PC crowd. According to CNN, the following retailers have picked a side in this battle as well…

Walmart, Amazon, eBay and Sears all announced bans on the sale of Confederate flag merchandise, amid an intensifying national debate over the use of the controversial flag.

The announcements are the latest indication that the flag, a symbol of the slave-holding South, has become toxic in the aftermath of a shooting last week at a historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina. Gov. Nikki Haley announced in a Monday afternoon news conference that she supports removing the Confederate flag from the state capitol grounds.

So when will this nonsense stop? It won’t…

Once the left is done going after this piece of American history they will move to erase the next thing they find offensive. However in the mean time, it is likely the left will push retailers to ban anything resembling the Stars and Bars and rename every US park and military base after Great American freedom fighters such as Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal.

Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

In February, Brian Williams went from reporting the news to becoming the news himself. After revelations about Williams’ pattern of embellishing stories came to light, mainstream media giant NBC News was subsequently thrown into a full blown intergy crisis. As a response the network suspended Williams and has since struggled to regain the public trust of their tarished brand.

Four months later, NBC has struck a deal with Williams that is not without further public humiliation for the troubled newscaster. According to media reports, Williams will be allowed to return to the network, however, he will not be returning to his throne on the Nightly News. The conditions for Williams’ mid-August return are as follows:

Williams will receive a demotion and a substantial pay cut from the 10 million dollars a year he once received. Reportedly, Williams will now earn less than 10 million dollars over the course of the next 5 years. Lastly, Williams must now embark on an apology tour and appear on the Today Show to discuss the controversy.

But after all of the damage Williams has done, is this punishment enough? How can a network truly place a price tag on the value of public trust, let alone assume that the public will ever trust Williams again?


The broadcaster announced on Thursday that Mr. Williams, 56, would not return as the anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” but as an anchor of breaking news and special reports at the cable network MSNBC. He starts in mid-August.

Mr. Williams will earn less money in his new role than at his previous job at “Nightly News,” according to two NBC executives with knowledge of the agreement, who spoke on condition of anonymity. One person characterized his pay as “substantially” less, but would not be more specific. Under a contract Mr. Williams signed in December, he was reported to be making at least $10 million a year over five years.

His return also comes with restrictions. Mr. Williams will not be allowed to appear on the “Nightly News,” according to another executive briefed on the plans, even though he will otherwise be allowed to fill in on breaking news stories on NBC when Mr. Holt is unavailable.

Mr. Williams has kept a very low profile for the last four months and hasn’t strayed far from his Manhattan and Connecticut homes, spending a significant amount of time in the gym, according to two people with knowledge of his routine. He reported to NBC headquarters on Thursday to attend meetings and apologize to the “Nightly News” staff, one NBC executive said.

In a statement included in the news release, Mr. Williams expressed his regret publicly. “I’m sorry. I said things that weren’t true,” he said. “I let down my NBC colleagues and our viewers, and I’m determined to earn back their trust. I will greatly miss working with the team on ‘Nightly News,’ but I know the broadcast will be in excellent hands with Lester Holt as anchor. I will support him 100 percent as he has always supported me. I am grateful for the chance to return to covering the news. My new role will allow me to focus on important issues and events in our country and around the world, and I look forward to it.”

Thoughts on NBC’s move to place Brian Williams back on air, specifically in a capacity where he will be covering breaking news and special reports as an anchor? Let us know in the comment section below.

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If you don’t already know, you probably won’t believe the number of cozy, top-level relationships that exist between the news media and Obama’s Washington, especially the Obama White House. Relationships that call into serious question whether the new House panel investigating the Benghazi coverup can ever get a fair shake.

Remember Mike Morrell, the former interim head of the CIA, one of the top administration officials in the middle of the Benghazi talking points scandal? Well, guess what? Morrell is now a top analyst for CBS News. That’s right — from being caught in a compromising position regarding the talking points to being employed by CBS as a news analyst. SWEET!

And that’s only one of the many disturbing relationships between the people who report the news and the people on whom they’re reporting.

Norvell Rose exposes the media scandal surrounding the Benghazi scandal in today’s LNTV report: