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Following weeks of nationwide outrage after video depicting the forcible (and violent) removal of passenger David Dao at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport surfaced online, United Airlines has reportedly reached an undisclosed settlement.

While the mainstream media continues to report the Dao was removed off of an ‘overbooked‘ flight after refusing to accept a travel credit voucher offered if he were to voluntarily give up his seat, the truth of the matter remains the flight was not ‘overbooked.’ Instead, United was attempting to remove four paying passengers to make room for airline staffers need for a different flight at the last minute.

After no one on the flight had volunteered to accept the travel vouchers, Dao’s seat was one of four selected as part of a ‘lottery’ and thus his nightmare began to unfold. After refusing to leave the aircraft law enforcement was notified by United staff, leading to the doctor being physically dragged off United Flight 3411 to complete disbelief of horrified passengers forced to witness the violent incident.

Moral of the story, the case literally comes down to forcing paying passengers to suffer the consequences of United’s own poor planning in terms of staffing.

As a result, United has agreed to settle with Dao and his legal team for an undisclosed amount under the condition that all parties involved keep the settlement amount confidential. Additionally, still struggling with the monumental consequences of this P.R. nightmare, United Airlines emailed passengers Friday that “Actions Speak Louder than Words.”

Attempting to regain consumer trust, United wrote that We can never say we are sorry enough for what occurred, but we also know meaningful actions will speak louder than words.” 

Listing that they will now change policies in regards to passenger removal, reimbursement for lost bags and travel vouchers, United is begging passengers to comeback.

View the email below:

Thoughts on this promise to change? Will you ever trust United again? Let us know in the comment section below.

While it’s easy to dismiss the rhetoric of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as the ravings of a madman, world leaders appear to hold a different view.

With President Trump having deployed a Naval strike fleet to South Korea, China mobilizing over a hundred thousand troops to the border and Russia following suit with a mobilization on their southern border with North Korea, it appears a conflict is imminent.

Whether that comes in the form of a de-escalation should North Korea eliminate their weapons program, or all out war in the form of ICBM’s, Tomahawks and boots on the ground, a resolution to the problem will likely be seen in coming weeks and months.

And while we hope that cooler heads will prevail, it appears, evidenced by statements from the Trump Administration, as well as Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, that war may be the most likely scenario:

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program is deepening after the issue dominated talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Moscow.

He and Abe believe the situation on the Korean peninsula has “seriously deteriorated,” Putin said Thursday after the Kremlin meeting. “We call on all states involved in the region’s affairs to refrain from military rhetoric and seek peaceful, constructive dialogue.”

Source: Bloomberg

Dialogue is certainly one approach, but if a video released by North Korea today is any indication of the kind of dialogue the rogue state wants to hold, then it’s time to prepare for war.

Via Zero Hedge:

The video was released just days after North Korea conducted large-scale artillery drills, showing off conventional weaponry that can easily reach South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It also comes one day after the entire Senate was gathered at the White House to receive a briefing from Trump’s top generals on the situation in North Korea. At the same time, the US sub, USS Michigan, which carries Tomahawk cruise missiles, docked in the South Korean port of Busan this week. The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, along with the destroyers and cruiser that make up its strike group, will arrive in the Korean Peninsula area this weekend.

Should a war with North Korea be initiated it will likely be over fairly quickly, especially since the first order of business will be the elimination of Kim Jong Un by U.S. special forces and China appears to be backing President Trump with troop support on the border.

The unknown in this scenario, however, is whether or not the North Koreans have nuclear capable war heads on their submarines, which could lead to a massive nuclear exchange with South Korea, Japan and the United States. Incidentally, submarine hunting aircraft and vessels were deployed off California’s coast just two weeks ago, with speculation mounting that they were looking for a North Korean sub.

While their nuclear capabilities are limited and the country likely only has a handful of such weapons, it really only takes one and the entire world could be throw into panic.

Perhaps even more alarming is that North Korea has sent two satellites into space, with some positing that they could hold EMP-capable nuclear weapons on board. Should such a device be detonated 200 miles over the central United States it could render our entire grid infrastructure useless. Researchers have theorized that such a scenario could lead to the deaths of 90% of Americans within one year due to starvation, disease, and civil conflict.

Such scenarios throughout history have often been an event horizon of sorts – no one really knows what comes out the other side, which is why we urge our readers to prepare for the worst just in case.

Courtesy post via SHTFPlan and Mac Slavo

Thursday, a senior officer for the United States Navy issued a dire warning to lawmakers that the developing threat of North Korean aggression towards the U.S. is not only ‘real,‘ but the ‘worst‘ he has ‘ever seen’ during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr., Commander of U.S. Pacific Naval Command stated to lawmakers that it is only a matter of time before rogue North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has the capability of striking the U.S. with a nuclear warhead and that while this is doubt in regards to his capabilities today, the day in which he does is rapidly approaching.

Explaining that he has ‘no doubt‘ that Jong-Un seeks to develop nuclear ballistics that he could use against South Korea and the United States, Admiral Harris stated that he believes ‘America’s future is linked’ to the Pacific.

The dire warning came only one day after the Trump Administration invited all 100 U.S. senators to a highly-sensitive meeting to discuss the developing threat posed by North Korea.

“The crisis on the Korean peninsula is real—the worst I’ve seen… There is some doubt within the intelligence community whether Kim Jong Un has that capability today or whether he will soon, but I have to assume he has it, the capability is real, and that he’s moving towards it.” Admiral Harris stated.

Via FoxNews

Harris said he believes “America’s future is linked” to the Pacific, even noting a possible migration of Islamic State militants back to the region as U.S. forces push to regain former ISIS territory in the Middle East.

But Harris said that North Korea remains “the most immediate threat” to U.S. security, as they “vigorously” pursue strikes and launches intended to target Australia, South Korea, and the U.S.

“Kim Jong Un is making progress and all nations need to take this seriously because their missiles point in all directions,” Harris said. “If left unchecked, they will match the capability of his hostile rhetoric.”

“His rhetoric is going in one direction and his capabilities are approaching the lines of his rhetoric,” Harris said. “Where those lines cross, I believe we are at an inflection point and we wake up to a new world.”

Despite the gravity of the threat North Korea continues to pose, Harris voiced confidence in U.S. defense plans, and said President Trump and Defense Secretary Mattis have made it clear that “all options are on the table.”

“We want to bring Kim Jong Un to his senses — not to his knees,” Harris said. “I have the forces in place to fight tonight if necessary.”

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Ok, we have all seen the bizarre trend of ‘high fashion‘ designers placing their own spin on low priced items and selling them for ridiculous sums of cash (like ‘fashion jeans’ so severely distressed Goodwill wouldn’t even sell them), however, this IKEA bag remake takes the cake.

In an effort to stay fashion-forward in terms of trends, the luxury designer Balenciaga recently released a ‘new’ oversized, blue, twin-handled tote bag with a whopping price tag of $2,145… Just one problem, the high fashion bag was simply a blatant knock-off of IKEA’s signature Frakta tote bag sold at the home furnishing store’s checkouts for only 99 cents.

No joke, see for yourself.

As expected, the users of Twitter began to point out the obvious right away.

Naturally, IKEA decided to join in the fun themselves…

As Reported by Bored Panda, IKEA enlisted the assistance of Stockholm-based Swedish creative agency ‘ACNE’ and released their very own guide on how to spot an imitation of the “original Frakta” tote bag.

IKEA even went as far as using the free publicity courtesy of Balenciaga to promote their tote bag as ‘the original’ in affordable ‘blue‘ fashion.

Well played IKEA… Well played.

A Delaware family left grieving the loss of a loved one has filed a lawsuit against the Rockford Center, alleging that if the psychiatric hospital had admitted their family member the day he arrived for help he may still be alive today.

The heartbreaking case centers around the death of 38-year-old Clay McInnis III, who reportedly struggled with bipolar disorder and had a history of suicide attempts.

According to McInnis’s sister, on March 28, 2016 McInnis had gone to the Rockford Center attempting to receive psychiatric while openly admitting he viewed himself as a “danger to self/others” on the hospital’s registration form.

As the surviving family members have alleged in their lawsuit, staff at the center reportedly denied McInnis’s request for assistance, telling him that he must return the following day to begin an outpatient treatment program.

As reported by the media outlet Delaware Online, the offer of treatment came too late as McInnis was found hanging from a tree outside of the facility on March 29th.

The lawsuit filed by the victim’s sister states that due to medical negligence on behalf of the staff at the Rockford Center, McInnis committed suicide just outside of the facility’s entrance. Reportedly, McInnis had hung himself from a tree with his belt.

Making the case more disturbing, medical records indicate that McInnis had not been evaluated by a psychiatrist before being told by staff to return for outpatient treatment.

Via Delaware Online

McInnis was instructed to return the following day to begin an outpatient program, according to his medical record referenced in the suit. Instead, the Elkton, Maryland man spent hours walking in and out of the center’s lobby, the suit said. The next morning at around 4 a.m., he was found hanging from a tree across from the 128-bed hospital’s entrance, a belt wrapped around his throat.

“It was a breach in the standard of care for failing to either admit Mr. McInnis for in-patient care or to transfer him to another hospital for in-patient care,” the suit says.

“We are filing the lawsuit because we want to know what happened,” McInnis’s older sister, Meghan McInnis-Dominguez, said in an interview, the first time she agreed to speak publicly following her brother’s death.

“You don’t want any other family to go through this,” explained the assistant Spanish professor at the University of Delaware.

Wilmington attorney Randall Robbins, who is representing McInnis’s estate, said the family is still trying to piece together why McInnis wasn’t admitted to Rockford after he showed up to the 24-hour facility voluntarily. McInnis appeared to have insurance coverage, Robbins said.

Thoughts on this case? Let us know in the comment section below.

Bill O’Reilly was successfully removed from media power and the left is now focusing its efforts on Sean Hannity. But unlike O’Reilly, Hannity is gearing up with an army of attorneys to fight them tooth and nail.

In his opening monologue last night Hannity unloaded on ‘liberal fascist’ media outlets for their dishonest, slanderous reporting of false claims against him. Hannity spent nearly 5 full minutes blasting the left and their attacks on anyone who doesn’t fall in line with them.

It’s a must-watch segment. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Nordstrom is taking a lot of heat for their ridiculous fake mud jeans that come in at a whopping $425 price tag. The social media blowback is enormous and we don’t really need to beat that dead horse.

But what about the men who drop nearly $500 on these idiotic jeans? Oh, don’t worry… they’re in the crosshairs of criticism as well.

As can be so epically seen in the following video published by YouTuber Regis Giles.

The Multnomah County Republican Party registered for Portland Rose Parade this year and for the pro-fascist group ‘antifa’ that move is simply unacceptable. The antifa group appears to want our world ruled by a bizarre mix of anarchy and fascism, so having a Republican group opposed to their agenda out in public is just not an option.

So what action did antifa take to ensure free speech is shut down during the parade? A threat of violence, of course.

And it worked.

Set to march in the parade’s 67th spot this year was the Multnomah County Republican Party, a fact that so outraged two self-described antifascist groups in the deep blue Oregon city that they pledged to protest and disrupt the April 29 event.

Then came an anonymous and ominous email, according to parade organizers, that instructed them to cancel the GOP group’s registration — or else.

“You have seen how much power we have downtown and that the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely,” the anonymous email said, referring to the violent riots that hit Portland after the 2016 presidential election, reported the Oregonian. “This is nonnegotiable.”

The email said that 200 people would “rush into the parade” and “drag and push” those marching with the Republican Party.

The 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association, the group who puts on the parade, let antifa win the day. The parade has been cancelled.

“Following threats of violence during the Parade by multiple groups planning to disrupt the event, 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association can no longer guarantee the safety of our community and have made the difficult decision to cancel the Parade,”

Interesting times we live in, folks.

Republican members of Congress and their staff members hate Obamacare, right? Not so fast. Turns out many members of congress and congressional staffers like the fact that their insurance policy isn’t an insurance policy at all. In that, insurance is by design supposed to cover something that might happen, not something that already happened. If it does, then it isn’t insurance.

The new GOP amendment to Obamacare (We refuse to falsely call this a repeal and replace plan like so many others are doing) allows states to put in waivers to push pre-existing conditions and ridiculous things like gynecology for men into high risk, pricier coverage pools. Makes sense, right?

But here’s the kicker… it looks like Congress intends to exempt itself and staff from the waiver program. Meaning that if a staffer lives in a state where pre-existing conditions were waived into high risk pools said staffer would still have pre-existing conditions covered under the general exchange plans.

More here.

House Republicans appear to have included a provision that exempts Members of Congress and their staff from their latest health care plan.

The new Republican amendment, introduced Tuesday night, would allow states to waive out of Obamacare’s ban on pre-existing conditions. This means that insurers could once again, under certain circumstances, charge sick people higher premiums than healthy people.

Republican legislators liked this policy well enough to offer it in a new amendment. They do not, however, seem to like it enough to have it apply to themselves and their staff. A spokesperson for Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) who authored this amendment confirmed this was the case: members of Congress and their staff would get the guarantee of keeping this Obamacare regulations. Health law expert Tim Jost flagged me to this particular issue.

Huh. Imagine that.


Wahib Sadek Hamed is a Muslim immigrant who recently got a full dose of Texas justice when he assaulted an officer and screamed terror related proclamations during a traffic stop. Hamed was pulled over for reckless driving after witnesses said he threatened a woman with a knife. Following the traffic stop he immediately become violent with the officer and spat on him as the officer attempted to control the situation.

Hamed was hit with a taser on multiple occasions until several citizens came to help the officer place him under arrest. And it’s a good thing he was arrested, too because he had an AK-47, several other firearms and a lot of ammunition in his car.

Of course, having firearms and ammo in the vehicle in and if itself isn’t a crime. But when you’re assaulting people, making terror related statements, driving recklessly and being violent towards law enforcement it becomes a whole new situation.

All of this was caught on camera and the video report below lays it all out in great detail.

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