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Our office is full of Cubs fans so this is a video we simply couldn’t resist posting. But it’s not just the Cubs element that has us wanting to see it published, it’s also the fact that there is still hope for future generations when we see parents making their kids work hard before being rewarded.

In this video we see a father and son discussing their hard day of work. The dad then says he has something else for them to do and it will take an entire day to get done.

The kid has no problem with it, thinking it’s probably more work. He then quickly discovers it’s a reward, and not just any reward.

A day at Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play.


Somali Pirates are notorious for using violence and any means necessary to attack and take over freighters, tankers and cargo ships. In response some shipping companies are posting heavily armed security contractors on board and giving them permission to defend the cargo… through any means necessary.

And as a recent leaked video shows, the ability to keep and bear arms creates a much different outcome.

Let’s just say the day didn’t turn out well for the pirates.

Last week included a day in which marijuana enthusiasts celebrated… well… something.

And while we didn’t really cover the day or its events, we did come across a news blooper reel that was quite funny. It takes news bloopers to a whole new level.

You’ve seen news bloopers. Now we present to you the “High News Bloopers.”


As stoners across the nation prepared to celebrate the unofficial pot-smoking holiday Tuesday known as 4/20, a small town Minnesota police department decided to jump in and have some fun of their very own… Trolling marijuana smokers with humorous tweets about undercover operations and ‘discreet traps‘ that they had set throughout their duty area.

Tweeting under the social media hashtag ‘Helpful Cops’ and ‘Happy420,’ the Wyoming, Minn., police department aimed to engage the community in a creative way while raising awareness on a very real issue, substance abuse.

From offering to help in the event that local drug dealers ran out of product for 4/20 festivities to warning of ‘discreet’ stoner traps they had planted throughout the town, the police department had twitter rolling… in laughter.

Video games, chips and soda… Pure genius.

The response to this clever tweet was overwhelmingly positive…

Placing all joking aside, the Wyoming, Minn., police department also explained while substance abuse is not a laughing matter, they chose to use ‘tongue in cheek humor‘ to bring attention to the very real issue, adding there is help out there for those in need.

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

The weather is starting warm up with summer days on the horizon. Which means many will break out the motorcycles to enjoy the open road.

It also means… snakes will hit the road too.

One rider recently had an interesting highway encounter when he came across a snake. Either the snake was trying to hitch a ride or attack the rider in a pretty brutal way.

Judging by the video we’re guessing an attack was on this nasty creature’s mind.

Motorist Brian Steimke of Hesperia California caught a horrific incident on video as he witnessed a semi-truck dragging another vehicle for at least “4 miles” on California’s Interstate 15 going up the ‘Cajon Pass‘ into the High Desert area.

According to reports, Steimke began recording on his cellphone as he noticed a severely damaged Nissan Maxima with the vehicle’s shocked driver frantically attempting to alert the operator of semi that he was being dragged along side of the large trailer.

As the video captures, Steimke and the driver of another vehicle were successfully able to stop the semi and upon confrontation, truck’s operator claimed that he was unaware a collision had occurred.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the Maxima’s driver was miraculously unharmed during the frightening incident.

Watch below:

Starbucks shareholders are probably thrilled with the explosive marketing success of the now internet famous Unicorn Frappuccino. The new drink has gone viral and sent overwhelming numbers of consumers to Starbucks lines all over the country.

What is it? More from Starbucks.

Here for a few days only: The flavor-changing, color-changing, totally not-made-up Unicorn Frappuccino. Magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour. Swirl it to reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink. It’s finished with whipped cream-sprinkled pink and blue fairy powders.

But while shareholders and customers may love the drink, the employees who make them absolutely hate every second of it. And one barista left work, took out his phone and let the internet know how he feels.

Hate to say it buddy, but work isn’t guaranteed to be fun. Sorry you hate making these but the market has spoken. Prepare to make many, many more in the coming days.

And the irony is… your video is bringing even more attention to the drink’s existence.

Movie blooper reels are a hoot to watch. But in the vast majority of cases such bloopers are either played in the closing credits or leaked online after the movie is released.

Did you know that a lot of movie bloopers actually make it into the final cut of the movie? Indeed they do.

And fortunately for us we now have an explanation of some of them.


For more than a decade (11 seasons) the Robertson family brought strong morals, faith, positive narratives, independent thinking and the concept of hard work into American homes. And it was all wrapped up in a hilarious, entertaining and family friendly half hour show aired each week.

The Duck Dynasty brand was and is something to be amazed by. For years there wasn’t a Bass Pro Shop or a Cracker Barrel stocked full of Duck Dynasty products. The Duck Commander facility in New Orleans often has long lines of cars outside full of Americans wanting to see the small operation where it all started. And often times more than 10,000,000 people tuned in each week to watch the family do what they do best.

Be themselves.

It’s a great American story and unfortunately the show is no more. But one thing that will never go away is Phil Robertson’s bold words of wisdom and the family he raised to project that wisdom upon others. With that said, we wanted to be sure our readers consume Robertson’s words as the show slowly fades off the air.


Fun Duck Dynasty Fact #1: Miss Kay’s favorite meal to make is fried frogs, and apparently there are two ways to cook them. Jase recommends soaking them in lemon juice first, and Miss Kay says you can fry them or sauté them in butter to make them extra delicious.

Fun Duck Dynasty Fact #2: Phil Robertson recently ran into his old football friend, Terry Bradshaw, at the airport. When the two men attended Louisiana Tech University, Robertson played first string quarterback ahead of Bradshaw.

Fun Duck Dynasty Fact #3: Contrary to popular belief, the tea Uncle Si always drinks is unsweetened.

Fun Duck Dynasty Fact #4: Jase, Willie and Jep’s wives actually do love their husband’s beards, and prefer them to the “preppy look” the men used to have.

Fun Duck Dynasty Fact #5: The Duck Commander warehouse actually has a store in it. People travel from all over to see the Robertsons, and sometimes hundreds of people are lined up outside at a time. The family claims to know which state is having Spring Break based on all the license plates in the parking lot.

Fun Duck Dynasty Fact #6: Uncle Si’s favorite way to eat dove is with cream cheese, jalapenos and wrapped in bacon, which is probably another Miss Kay specialty.

God Bless the Robertson family!

(Fact Source)

Blue Jackets player Zach Werenski provides a prime example of why hockey is one of the most grueling sports played today. It’s non-stop, physically challenging sport and it takes giants with guts of steal to win.

Zach Werenski is one of those giants. Proof of this unrolled during a playoff game the other day and it was ugly. Werenski was hit in the face with a puck that was passed at full speed.

Directly in the face.

Full video below followed by his twitter post showing the aftermath.


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