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Faced with a low budget and a need for new creative marketing for their company Digital Roofing Innovations, owners Zach Blenkinsopp and Chris McGuire have released pure media gold while outraging liberals across the country.

Creating one of the most viral and outlandish commercials the internet has seen since that of the ‘Texas Law Hawk,’ Blenkinsopp and McGuire decided to offer prospective roofing customers a free AR-15 rifle with every completed roofing installation in celebration of Independence Day.

Watch the Texas Law Hawk below:

Speaking on their controversial ad which features owner Zach Blenkinsopp shamelessly strutting shirtless in a pair of star-spangled women’s size 11 shorts from Walmart and American flag sunglasses, co-owner McGuire explained that the idea for ad came as the duo was “going back and forth on what can we do that’s polarizing.”

Additionally stating that creating a stir on the internet “was the goal,” McGuire explained that “In order to reach your audience, especially with the days of the internet. If you can provide just a little bit of shock value, the world’s your oyster.”

In deed…

“Get a roof, get a gun!”

Watch below:

Following the release of the ad some were quick to call the duo irresponsible, claiming that the video promotes violence and the idea that consuming alcohol while shooting firearms is an acceptable practice. However, Navy Veteran Blenkinsopp stated the following on the matter:

“Obviously I’m a responsible gun owner, so all the shots that we had of me actually shooting was prior to us consuming alcohol and then if you actually look closely on the video, the magazine’s actually empty.”

Via WHNT 19

Using only a $100 budget, an iPhone 7 plus and a little creativity, two young entrepreneurs have thrust their company onto the world’s stage. With all that attention is coming a lot of praise, and a little controversy.

Zach stars in the commercial. He says his outfit was all Chris’s idea.

“He said, if we’re going to do this, it’s gotta be big, loud, over the top,” says Blenkinsopp.

Then there’s the issue of distributing these carbines.

Despite what the commercial may look like, you’re not just going to be handed an A-R 15., It’s actually a multi-step process. First, you’re going to have to actually come to a gun store , fill out all the proper paperwork, and then pay with a 500 dollar cash voucher.

“We really feel strongly that the gun violence question is not our target audience in North Alabama, we’re giving firearms to responsible gun owners that are family people that care about the community and they support the second amendment,” says Blenkinsopp.

Watch the duo discuss their ad below:

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A California news reporter turned into the story herself while reporting live from the annual Ironman Run-Paddle-Chug competition in Hermosa Beach after one of the event’s participants clearly overdosed on #Freedom.

In this epic moment showcasing just how quickly things can go wrong during a live broadcast, KTLA reporter Wendy Burch stood surrounded by individuals engaging in a beer drinking competition on the sunny shores of a Southern California beach only to be hit with an unexpected shower of vomit.

You read that correctly, to the horror of Burch’s colleagues in the studio she was hit with projectile vomit by an event participant that had clearly overindulged in July 4th festivities.

Watch below:


The crew broke for a 10-minute break, but returned for a live report from the beach. Burch grabbed a large man whom she described as someone who had been “clearly training for this event for years,” hoping that he would shield viewers from any graphic scenes nearby.

Little did she know that the move only set her up for disaster.

“What I didn’t notice until later, is that he had a bullseye drawn on his back with the words ‘puke here’ written in magic marker,” Burch continued. “And wouldn’t you know it? Someone took him up on the offer right during the middle of my live report, much to the chagrin of me, our anchors and anyone in Southern California who may have been eating breakfast at that very moment.”

Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time…

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Burch further explained that after being vomited on during her broadcast “it was a wrap” and that drove home to take a hot shower.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren and her ilk in Washington are constantly claiming Republicans want people to die. Republicans throw granny off the cliff, block people from getting organs, ban women from birth control… you know the drill.

Remy and Reason teamed up to draw attention to this verbal madness and it. is. hilarious. 

Very, very well done.

Just about as stupid as you can get…

An Oklahoma man identified as 22-year-old Michael Prince Myers is now facing a shiny-new felony charge after allegedly calling in a bomb threat to the Muskogee Police Department from a pay phone in the station’s lobby.

In this Guinness Book of World Records level fail, Myers reportedly called 911 around 3:30 am from the lobby stating that he had placed a bomb near outside the building and that he was a ‘terrorist.’

Via SmokingGun

Investigators quickly determined that the call was coming from inside the precinct house and collared Myers, who is seen above. Myers, a Muskogee resident, is being held in the county jail for making a telephone bomb threat.

Myers, court records show, was convicted in 2013 on two felony burglary charges (for which he received a suspended seven-year sentence).

View the criminal complaint below:

Listen to the 911 call below: – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

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Authorities in the State of Minnesota are giving credit where it is due and thanking a man with an outstanding warrant for his clever sense of humor.

While the 35-year-old suspect was arrested on his fifth-degree controlled substance warrant out of Ramsey County, the Dakota County Sheriff’s to took Facebook to share the light-hearted exchange the suspect had with his arresting deputy.

Giving the man an ‘A for effort,’ the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office post the following on Facebook:

Via Fox9

It turns out those “Get out of jail free” cards from the Monopoly board game don’t work in real life.

The original Monopoly “Get out of jail free” card comes with the following conditions: “This card may be kept until needed or sold. When not having this card you must wait three turns (unless doubles are rolled on any of those turns) then, after the third roll, you get out of jail AND must pay a fine of $50.”

Honestly, it is just nice to see that everyone involved was able to share a good laugh and walk away safely, hopefully this clever individual receives the treatment he needs to prevent additional legal woes in the future.

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After receiving news that would be enough to bring any pet parent to their knees, Army veteran David Broido refused to allow his limited budget mark the end for his faithful PTSD service dog ‘Bones’ and instead raced across the country to provide his canine companion life-saving care.

Bones, whose full name is actually ‘Dr. Indiana Bones’ according to his GoFundMe page was given the heartbreaking diagnosis of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) during a routine check-up and would subsequently require the amputation of his rear leg to survive.

Unwilling to let Bones die simply because the price of surgery was outside of his budget, Broido sprung into action finding the a veterinarian across the country providing the life-saving care for far less than quoted in the state of California.

With the help of two friends that quickly started a fundraising page, Broido dropped everything and loaded his vehicle for a four-day road trip to Philadelphia.

Via Fox29

Army veteran David Broido, from California, is used to his Pit Bull service dog Bones caring for him and helping with his PTSD.

“He has been trained to do stuff like remind me to take medication at night time before I go to bed or occasionally wakes me up from less than pleasant dreams. He’s very good at that. Paws me in the face,” he told FOX 29.

“Pretty much every dog owner’s worst nightmare and bad reaction. I turned into a faucet of course and became a mess on the floor,” David said.

The former member of the 82nd Airborne Division says he’s not working currently and has limited finances so you can imagine his surprise when he says two friends put together a GoFundMe page raising money for the medical procedure outside of Philadelphia at a place with a more reasonable cost than what he was quoted out west. In fact, they made a cross country caravan out of it, hitting the mountains, the desert and riding across the midwest– fearing it could be their last trip together.

Speaking in regards to the trip, Broido told media that “In case the worst news was delivered when I got here, I wanted to make sure that we got some really cool adventures so we stopped some places.” 

“We saw some people. We had a great time,” Broido stated.

Image via GoFundMe

More via GoFundMe

David is a former U.S. Army combat veteran who is disabled and suffers from PTSD. He is now a special makeup effects artist living in Los Angeles, California. Dr Indiana Bones is not only his service dog but his best friend and partner, and it is hurting David that the doctor, his best friend, is in pain.

I am setting this campaign up to help him out, as David is in no financial position to pay for a major operation, and at this point, after biopsy results, the only possible way to save the doctor’s life is an amputation surgery of the entire rear left leg.

Upon finding this information out, to save costs from having it done in L.A., without hesitation, David packed his SUV, and spent the next four days driving Dr. Bones across the country to his hometown outside Philadelphia, where they are both awaiting surgery for Dr. Bones at a well known facility with one of the best board-certified veterinary orthopedic surgeons in the bunch that was able to offer trheir [sic] services at a mch [sic] more manageable rate.

Thanks to the kindhearted nature of animal lovers across web, Broido’s GoFundMe page has far exceeded the initial goal of $6,000, reaching over $6,800 by Wednesday.

According to Fox News, Bones underwent surgery Tuesday and is said to be recovering.


10,000,000 people. That’s more than watch any cable news program. Bill O’reilly, the former king of cable, would draw less than 5,000,000 on his biggest nights. And, of course, Fox News spent tens of millions annually on his show alone.

But 10,000,000 people watched a 13 year old girl named Callista Clark cover Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High On That Mountain.” The video (original Facebook post with 10,000,000 views here) was shot with a cell phone, had no production value and solely featured the beautiful voice.

And it worked far more than they could have every anticipated.

The video was posted on June 12th and the student already has nearly 250,000 following her page.

Once you see the cover video you’ll know why. Saying it’s amazing would be understating it.

You’ve probably been told your whole life that monsters aren’t real, but you might be hard pressed to believe that sentiment after reading this story.

A Florida resident came upon a grizzly scene on his rural property earlier this month, after one of his pet goats went missing. Scott Dame, who lives in Naples and runs a pest control business, went searching for the animal with his family. It was the second goat that had gone missing on his property over the course of three weeks.

His 10-year-old grandson was the first person to find the goat, which was in the clutches of a massive 12 foot python. Scott then raced over to the snake, and promptly shot it with a pistol. But that wasn’t enough to slay the beast. If you have a strong stomach, check out the footage Scott shot of the encounter with his cell phone.

As it tried to slither away, he shot it several more times until it finally expired. “Although I have dealt with a lot of snakes over the years” he told FOX 13 “I never expected this huge exotic snake in my own yard.”

As you might expect, the goat did not survive. However, Scott expressed gratitude over the fact that the snake was finally dead. “We were all sad about the goats but at least it won’t get any more.”

Courtesy post via SHTFPlan and Mac Slavo

A Brooklyn brewing company is gearing up to launch their new ‘Gender Neutral‘ craft brew lager at this year’s NYC Pride March ‘Human Rights are Gender Neutral’ party in an effort to capitalize on the thirst of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The Brooklyn-based craft brewer, known as Threes Brewing is set to release the new flavor on June 22 at the NYC Pride celebration and explains the lager is part of the company’s effort to ‘to make a difference about issues we care deeply about.’


According to the Threes Brewing website, a portion of the proceeds from the pale lager with a lemon zest ‘will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign,‘ and pre-sale for the confused brew will begin on the June 14th.

As Heat Street has reported, one of Three Brewing’s other beer flavors “includes “Temporary Identity,” could potentially be interpreted as an homage to the gender-fluid.” Additional Threes Brewing beers include “I Hate Myself,” “Constant Disappointment,” and “Echo of Nothing” which all could potentially pay homage to the social justice warriors if you think about it.

Can we just skip to booze without the extra side of gimmicky social politics already?

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The weather is warming up and so are the back yard grills. And once those grills are heated the juicy steaks begin to sizzle.

To get to the cooking stage, however, you need to remove the packaging. And for a lot of people that means dealing with a sometimes bloody mess as the meat is removed from the packaging.

But did you know that juicy red stuff isn’t actually blood? Turns out it’s something completely different.

And a video explaining it has gone viral. Enjoy!