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FLORIDA – A wayward goat dubbed ‘Chill Bill’ by officers of the Cape Coral Police Department is receiving his 15-minutes of internet fame after body cam footage of the stubborn critter’s arrest was released online.

According to reports, officers discovered the goat around 5:30 am Wednesday as he wandered along Pine Island Road and instantly became concerned for the lost pet’s safety. Taking matters into their own hands until a Lee County Agricultural Deputy arrived on scene, officers can be heard making light of the bizarre situation during one of the cutest arrests of all time.

“Billy, stop resisting… Get off your nubbs…”

Watch below:

The image of adorable (but clearly confused) service dog featured in the Stafford High School’s yearbook has quickly gone viral online while highlighting the incredible bond service animals share with the humans.

As reported by, being that service dog ‘Alpha’ goes to class everyday like any other student, the yearbook staff at Stafford High the decision to feature the four-legged hero was a no brainer being that “He is a part of this school now.”

Alpha, the black labrador is owned by 16-year-old high school junior Andrew “AJ” Schalk who suffers from Type 1 diabetes and has been trained to alert his human companion when his blood sugar levels are too high or low by giving Schalk his paw.

According to Schalk, Alpha has already saved his life multiple times.

Explaining that due to his incredible senses and training, Schalk states that Alpha is enable to alert him when his “blood sugar is fluctuating through smell anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes before I even know anything is wrong.”

But Schalk isn’t the only one that feels Alpha has become part of their life…

As explained by 17-year-old yearbook staffer Grace Fuller, “AJ has always talked about how much he liked having Alpha at school, and he is here all the time—we see him in class and in the hallways… He is a part of this school now.”

Additionally, Schalk states that “I love knowing that we’re having that effect on so many people.”

Watch below:

Via Fredericksburg

A Stafford student tweeted about Alpha’s inclusion in the yearbook, and that post was shared thousands of times and prompted a Buzzfeed story on Wednesday that has been shared widely on social media.

Schalk started bringing his service dog to school with him last year. At first, he would take him only one day a week to get him acclimated to the new environment. Now, Alpha goes everywhere with him, including on the bus and to class.

When Alpha first started coming to school, Schalk observed many students turning their heads and saying, “Wait, is that a dog?” But, over the past few months, the unfamiliarity has faded, and most of the students recognize him now.

Schalk said everyone has been very accepting of having a service dog around the school. So, he wasn’t surprised when he and Fuller went to his teachers and school administrators with the idea to include his four-legged friend in the yearbook and they were all for it.

Schalk further stated that having Alpha as a service dog and constant companion has “turned my disability into a positive experience,” and that he “brightens the school atmosphere for all of the students—not just me.” 

Good boy Alpha, good boy.

Have you heard of fidget spinners? No one in our office had until a few days ago. And much to our surprise… these things are apparently flying off the shelves anywhere they can be found.

Why? Because thanks to bad parenting and over-saturation of mobile device usage for children, kids can’t seem to keep still or focused. The fidget spinner reportedly keeps the fidgeting down and the mind distracted just enough to maintain some level of self-control.

Or something like that.

Anyway, we wanted to know what pets think of these things. And according to the video below… some dogs aren’t big fans.

Let’s face it, Mondays can be hard and depending on your activities over the past weekend, when that alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning you may be feeling a mixture of emotions ranging from: ‘Where am I?’ to ‘What happened?‘ or ‘Please just a few more hours.’

If this is a feeling you are all too familiar with, hopefully the following video will brighten your day.

According to the video’s description, the following footage depicts the shock and confusion one deaf kitty experiences when its human friend decides to wake it up from peaceful slumber…



His name is Kenny George and you’re tasked with trying to get a rebound on a missed shot when he’s in the game… well… it’s just not gonna happen for you. George is 7 foot 9 inches tall and weighs 370 pounds.

Yeah, he’s a big dude.

Sadly, George had a rough time playing college ball due to his knees not being able to handle his weight. He could only play short periods of time but when he did it was a lot of fun to watch.

But it gets worse. George eventually had a foot amputation due to a staph infection.

So tip of the hat to George for giving it his best shot and we wish him well.

Enjoy the following clip showing what a beast he was due to his gigantic size.

Well, this isn’t something you hear everyday…

An illegal immigrant in the state of Florida has been arrested and charged with the misdemeanor crime of misusing the emergency services number after he called ‘911‘ to request his own deportation.

As explained by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the individual identified as 29-year-old Cesar Sanchez called 911 to arrange his deportation so that he could return to his native country of Guatemala. According to the department, Sanchez explained to the emergency services dispatcher on the line that everything was fine and that “It’s not an emergency. All I want is to be deported.”

Subsequently, Sanchez was located by authorities following the call and charged with misusing the 911 service.

As reported by Click Orlando, “Sanchez remains in custody at the county jail and is set to be arraigned on May 31.” Additionally, it is noted that Sanchez may get the results he was looking for all along as his arrest report states that he “should be held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.


Those participating in a school trip to the stunning mountains of Geiranger ended up seeing a lot more scenery than initially planned. Scenery in motion. Very, very violent motion.

The group was taking pictures and admiring the beauty when they suddenly we heard loud noises. Soon large rocks were  falling down into the Fjord and then a massive rockslide unfolded right before their eyes.

And fortunately for the rest of us… it was all caught on video.


Two dudes were recently enjoying a nice bike ride through the woods when a heart stopping moment forced its way upon them. And it was all caught on camera.

In the video below you see the ride going smoothly, flowing down a trail with beautiful scenery at every direction. All is going well until out of the woods charges a very large bear with the apparent intent to attack one of the riders.

Fortunately the bear backed off, but the video makes it clear this could have been a much different situation and fast.

Looks like circus attendees got more than the bargained for…

During a recent performance at the Buffalo Circus in Doullens, France, spectators were forced to watch in horror as a lion brutally attacked its 30-year-old lion trainer in the middle of the live show.

The incident which once again brings into question the morality of forcing wild animals such as lions, elephants and bears to perform unnatural ‘tricks’ under stressful conditions was caught on video by shocked spectators and will likely provide further fuel to animal rights organizations seeking to put an end to the circus industry all together.

As reported by the Mirror, the trainer who had been working with lions for numerous years was seriously wounded during the incident in which the lion dug its ‘claws and fangs‘ deeply into his neck.

Watch below:

WARNING: Graphic content – NSFW

17-year-old New Jersey high school student Megan Flaherty wanted attention and was ready to do what it takes to get it. Her method of getting it was, shall we say… a little unorthodox.

Flaherty, who reportedly wants to become a funeral director once she enters the full time workforce, decided to arrive at her prom in an open coffin delivered by hearse.

Once the hearse arrived an unknown adult male and her teen prom date removed the coffin, welcoming Flaherty to the event in front of stunned onlookers and cell phone cameras. Obviously the scenario has gone viral.

We would say we’ve seen it all, but in this day and time there is no telling what will come next.

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