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Straight shooter. Hughes Springs Texas Police Chief Randy Kennedy has a lot to say and he is not afraid to say it. The most powerful of which is: “You are not our potentate, sir. You are our servant.” “If you try to disarm us sir, then you will cause a revolution in this country to

Obama has been the number one gun salesman of the year for 7 years running, and for good reason. So what better way is there for a gun shop owner to boost sales than to put up a sign saying; “Want to P*ss off Obama? Buy a gun!” Why, the response would be almost Pavlovian.

If you need evidence the courts are not going to stand with the 2nd Amendment on new gun bans popping up around the country, look no further than the Chicago suburb of Highland Park. This is important because local government is violating he 2nd Amendment by banning rifles such as the AR-15 and AK style

Chicago is one of the top 5 most heavily gun-controlled cities in America. In fact, Chicago and Illinois violate the 2nd amendment each and every day? How? Well, I hold a Virginia Driver’s License but live in Chicago. Illinois does not allow me to own or even keep a firearm while in Chicago. I can

The 2nd amendment was designed to be and should be your concealed carry permit. You shouldn’t need to jump through hoops, pay money and then wait for “permission” to practice a right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment. Sadly, the right to keep and bear arms is violated each and every day in many states. There

A patriot with a heart of gold. Carolyn Kellim doesn’t care too much for “executive anus” Obama and his “strange ideas” concerning gun control. The 86 year old owner of KC’s Exchange gun shop in Roseburg, Oregon (location of the Umpqua Community College mass shooting) doesn’t think that Barack Obama has ever carried a gun,

We just finished watching Obama’s press conference following the mass shooting in Oregon and I have to say… it’s downright chilling. Yes, we’ve heard Obama speak out against gun owners and constitutional rights before, but never have we seen him as bold, emotional and angry. In the following video you’re going to see a man

During the Wednesday’s CNN Republican Debate, moderators allotted for very little time for candidate to make clear their position¬†on the Second Amendment. Being given literally zero time to discuss his position on the issue of gun rights,¬†front-runner Donald J. Trump released an official statement pertaining to the matter directly on to his campaign website. Let

I don’t like being lumped in with the “single issue” voter crowd. I like to think I have a much broader view of who I think can and will properly “represent” me from Washington. In the grand scheme of it all, for me at least, it’s about the constitution. Protect the constitution and protect my

Josh Barro isn’t a huge deal. Like me, you’ve probably never heard of him. But he works for the New York Times, an incredibly influential newspaper and wide reach across the nation and globe. So when Barro or any other reporter for NYT goes on national TV to talk about gun control, a lot of