A study conducted by Trends Research Institute revealed that about 80 percent of those questioned said they would be willing to accept a reduction in pay if they could work fewer hours to spend more time with their families. It is a lovely thought, but how realistic? Working less usually means earning less — hardly

Q: Since childhood, I have been a “stream-of-consciousness” type of person who has had to fight the urge to say everything that’s on my mind. I have learned to control it in professional or educational settings, or where silence is required, such as in a theater. Since I’ve been conscious of having to control what

To live long and live well, exercise with weights. A cardinal feature of growing older is the inexorable and progressive loss of muscle that is replaced by fat. An average person gains a pound of weight annually from age 20 to age 60, the majority in the form of fat. But even for those whose

Q: I’m writing in regard to my great-grandson’s behavior. It seems he has to have a timeout a lot. My daughter wonders if he’s bipolar. Are there any foods to help with behavior problems instead of drugs? Couldn’t a blood test determine if he’s lacking certain vitamins or minerals that are making him act out?

Consignment shopping is an excellent way to purchase kids and baby clothes, often brand new and for less than one-third of the retail price. And most cities now have specialty consignment shops for babies, children and teens. The consignment process is simple. If you are a seller, the store sets its criteria for accepting merchandise

DR. WALLACE: My boyfriend broke up with me because he wanted his “freedom.” But I had given him complete freedom. He could have done anything he wanted. My only stipulation was that he couldn’t have a roving eye. I think that’s being more than fair. We are both high school seniors. Well, it seems that

Q: As grandparents, we are concerned about the divorce rate. In our family, three marriages have ended in divorce. Last month, our youngest granddaughter, at 17, accepted a ring from a man who is 19. We like him, but we believe they are too young to marry. She is a high school senior, and they

DR. WALLACE: I’m a 19-year-old girl with everything I could ever ask for. The guy I’m dating is a mature, handsome, sweet, wonderful guy who is a great Christian, and he is a terrific influence on me. This is the happiest I have been in a long time. My dilemma? He’s 17. My close friends

My family is terribly upset that I’m dating this guy. My mom keeps telling me never to ride with him, even if he only had one drink. So far, I haven’t taken Mom’s advice. His parents like me and keep telling me that I’m a good influence on their son, and they believe that, in

Q: I am one of a few workers in a doctor’s clinic who schedule appointments with patients in person and on the phone. One of my co-workers does not speak clearly or concisely, so people have to keep asking her to repeat herself until they can understand what she is saying. The three of us