Bill Ayers

Maybe this is old news to some, but it’s downright shocking to me and I’ve only just learned of it. A tweet over the weekend took me to a book on that appears to have been written for children. The subject? A guide to anarchy. The book is called “A Rule To Break: A

This is really quite a freaky clip of Bill Ayers. From my view, what he’s saying is that his communist ways are on the horizon and we can either embrace it as positive change, or we can “hold on to and become more reactionary, more racist and more militaristic” in refusing to accept it. If

Mom always said I’d be known by my friends… It appears President Obama’s mom didn’t pass along that little gem.  I must admit though, I do find it more than a little disconcerting that he’s gotten a pass from just about everybody on this character issue.  I understand the media pass, but I can’t, for